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What kind of charges am I facing?
I have a failure to appear for a dwi many years ago and it was the second in a 10 year period.
It is a crime to fail to appear for criminal charges so you could be charged with that offense. In addition, you still...
Saf-C 6302.02  (a)  All breath samples shall be... and shall be collected at the direction of the breath test operator.?
"shall be collected at the direction of the breath test operator" seems very loose, it seems to imply that the "breath test operator" could instruct you to blow into the device whilst your head your is secured in your .....? I am seeking clarification as to wether documented procedures exist for these instructions. Thanx in advance
I do not understand your question's full context. The quoted portion of the statute is just saying that the subject of...
I am wondering if there is a good free website to look up NH case law and trial transcipts?
I have been charged with DUI and can not afford an attorney (will have PD at trial but must rep. myself at ALS). Also I can not find any procedural guidlines as to how the "tester" should give instruction for the breathalyser, is that part of police procedure that is protected ?
A very good place to find case law regarding ALS is on the New Hampshire Department of safety website under compendium...
Can I take dui classes online if I no longer live in New Hampshire?
I got a dui over 10yrs ago. Been a stay at home mom so haven't drove but paid all my fines in NH just didn't take classes but have an AZ license as well. It got suspended six years after my dui in NH because of the unresolved classes I did not take. Im trying to clear this up because I do need to drive now but AZ says my license is cancelled indefinitely since 7/03 because of the NH alcohol classes. I have no other convictions or tickets. Any advice or information would be appreciated. I don't know where to start.
In California, you can only take online classes with the permission of the judge. NH may have similar laws but you'll...
If a girl is extremely intoxicated to the point of blacking out, can she give her consent to sexual intercourse?
Several of us stayed at a hotel so as to not drive drunk. A guy I was dating was invited back to the room by my friends (total five). He had his friend leave and during this time. I was unconscious from too much alcohol (very unusual--I 't drink).He had sex with my friend and then when he tried with me,I woke up and started crying. I realized that was why he wanted his friend out of the room.He posted that he had "the best night ever" while in the meantime I was at the hospital. When I found him on top of him, I tried to get him off and he is telling people I am violent and crazy. He kept pouring alcohol into my drink. I take full responsibility for trusting him but how is this OK? . I went to ER & they did rape kit because "I lacked capacity to consent" What can I do?
I assume you made a police report? That is really what you can do right now. Obviously you don't want to get yourself...
I was stopped for DWI while parked in break down lane in Rye,NH by state trooper around 6pm
I have a prior DWI in NH in 2006. I just got my license back last year with a 5 year probation attached. I dont know what the means.
A DWI subsequent offense is serious. You should retain an attorney right away. Regarding a probationary license,...
My daughter was arrested in NH for DUI but was asleep in the drivers seat with the keys on the passenger seat? Is this legal?
She had been drinking. Blew a .10 at the police station. They never read her her miranda rights either. She was asleep in the car at the time when the cops knocked on the window and woke her up.
Yes, it is legal. No, they are not required to read Miranda warnings unless they intended to question her while she...