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What are my options for dui small amount of marijuana?
i got stopped for a headlight being out, the officer asked if i knew then asked me to step out of the vehicle and asked me if there was anything in the car he asked this because i had flake on my clothes and the car had a smell to it. he asked if i had anything in the car i said in the center console all i have is bowl, and grinder and less than .1 gram of marijuana he searched my car got it asked me to do a sobriety test to see if he could let me drive away in freezing temps and high winds so standing on one leg was bit difficult. This is my first offense of any thing other than a speeding ticket when i first got my license i work full time go to school full time and have a newborn what is my best case scenerio?
DUI & Small amount of marijuana are two separate offenses either of which can lead to a license suspension. You need an...
What kind of penalties can I expect for a first-time DUI offense in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania? Court date: January 20
On the night of Thanksgiving Eve, I was pulled over after a police officer said I was idly sitting over the white line on the street at a red light, two intersections in a row. I had a friend in the car who had marijuana with her (I took one hit from a joint, before driving). The officer said he smelled the marijuana in the car, but found nothing, I was asked to perform the sobriety tests and felt I passed them all easily. I had no issues completing any of them. However, I was given a breathalyzer and blew a .14 and was arrested. I had never been arrested before or anything and never had a DUI. In the police report, it says I admitted to smoking from a pipe (which is untrue, because I've never smoked anything from a pipe). Anyway, what kind of penalties am I most likely facing?
Hire an attorney. You are looking at a possible loss of license and significant fines plus jail. You may be eligibke...
I was given a PBT before field sobriety tests is this legal?
i received an under 21 DUI over the weekend and the first thing i was asked was not for license and registration but instead how much alcohol and marijuana had i used that night. i said none. shortly after i was asked to get out of car and given a PBT it was not until hours later (2+) at the DUI center after my blood was taken that i finally was asked to complete the field sobriety tests in some room. Also, my blood was taken at least 2.5 hours after i was pulled over isnt there some kind of rule about that. im looking for anything that could get my case dismissed my job depends on it!
The best thing you can do is retain a criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUI cases. There are many options...
Will i be charged with another underage drinking and am i eligible for ARD program also how long will my license be suspended
i am 18 and from PA. this weekend i was pulled over a few hundred feet from my home because of a broken headlight. The officer asked me to step out of the car and breathalyzed me. i believe my bac was close to .14 or so. i was charged with my first under 21 DUI The arresting officer was actually very friendly and helpful. He explained the ARD program to me but i am worried i am not eligible because of 2 underage drinking violations from my past. i am also worried that i will be charged with another Underage drinking on top of the DUI (even though the officer said that wouldn't happen) All in all it was about 2 plus hours until my blood was taken and i have not received those results yet.
Retain a criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUI cases. You should qualify for ARD even with your prior...
Is it possible to have a license suspension for DUI in PA shortened? I don't qualify for an OLL, I am serving a 36mo for 2 2nds
I have 2 2nd DUIs w/ a total 36 mo suspension. After house arrest,I will be living w/ my boyfriend in York count in a very rural area. I want to continue to work fulltime and continue with school (BSN) but he is a single parent, no where near any public tranportation & it would be an impossible burden. Is there any hope of reduction or type of hardship license? A way to get time served or credit some other way?
No. The suspension is mandated under the law. There is no means by which a suspension may be reduced. You may...
How do i get a 1650 wavier package
7 years ago I got a DUI in California. i was visting from canada. I now am trying to move to the USA Pa. and I can not get a Penn license because of the DUI 7 years ago. I was told to get a 1650 package
The 1650 waiver packet is for lifting California DMV holds related to the failure to complete a DMV-approved alcohol...
I want to apply for my citizenship. Will dui first offense will I be affected
I was arrested for dui in Pennsylvania which I have been enrolled for ARD programme
To apply for Naturalization, you need to establish that you are of "Good Moral Character." Clearly, if this is a first...