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What will happen if I plead guilty to aggravated dui and driving while license suspended ?
I don't want to go to jail for it but they said it's a felony I want to stay away from jail
If you don't lawyer up, you'll get crushed and, even at best, you're looking at some jail time. What is the...
Can I file a counter suit for a DUI / Who should I file against?
During a dispute between a "friend" and myself, police were contacted. According to the police report, I had bloodshot eyes and a "strong odor of alcohol on person." The officers that came to the scene 1) did not ask me if I had been drinking, and 2) returned my keys and wallet to me. I was picked up by a friend who took me somewhere to calm down. I returned later to pick my car up and drive it home. That same night/morning, the officers came to my apartment and a guest opened my door. They asked me to step outside, which I did voluntarily with no keys, no wallet(/license), no glasses (restricted license), and in pajamas. They informed me they came to my residence because they were investigating damage I had allegedly done to previously mentioned "friend's" apartment (can be proven false). I told them I drove home. I then was given a field sobriety test, which was not recorded (no car lights). I was taken to jail. Car impounded. They wanted bail, but after the person that let me make a phone call overheard the situation, I was released on a NTA. **There is no evidence of me drinking & driving other than odor, eyes
DUI in Macon County would be "people v. D. Driver". There is no one to counter sue. You win your case and you can...
Is jail time necessary?
Second dui. Accident but no one was hurt. I blew .25 on breathalyzer. I'm offered by states attorney. 18m probation, plus the usual fines and classes. Also offered 7 days in jail, or 2 days in jail and do 240hrs community service. Just wondering is the jail time necessary. It seems like a good deal. I just think it would be hard to do 240 community service hours in nine months with me working full-time, ten hours a day? Thanks for your help.
Be grateful that no one was injured in this DUI collision. Otherwise, you could be looking at penitentiary time versus...
Can your probation officer violate you for a failed urine test from dcfs if they notify him ?
If you got involved with DCFS a few weeks ago and they drug test you and fail and your already on probation for nothing that has to do with this this DCFS situation can your probation officer violate you for that if they notifies him ??
Repeat Question. Please see my earlier answer. If you're slipping get into a program.
Can my boyfriend's p.o. violate him for a dirty drop from someone else?
Dcfs had him take a drug test, he is dirty. Will they call his p.o and notify him of the dirty result?
Depends on why DCFS is involved. Unlikely they tell anyone if there's no court case.
How can I get a DUI walking ?
I got a DUI when i was walking about 15 feet away from my vehecle and the keys were not in my possession. I never admitted to driving and I was detained for possible DUI before they charged me. I was charged finaly because a witness said they saw me driving. what are the chances of this sticking
If you are charged, there is always a chance of it sticking. Get a lawyer as soon as possible and do not discuss the...
What does no sworn report in a DUI case mean?
I got a DUI in 2004. I am trying to get the process started to get my license back. For my DUI evaluation, they requested a copy of the sworn report. We received confirmation from the circuit clerk that there was no sworn report. What does this mean for me or my case?
It means the statutory summary suspension was rescinded. It can make someone otherwise not eligible for an informal...