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How to get license back after DUI?
DUI happened 10 years ago. License was revoked and everything was taken care of at the time of the incident (fees paid and probation requirements met) what are the chances of getting license back after ten years with no trouble since the incident? What will have to be done to get it back?
The process of license restoration is complex; however, there is no reason you should not be able to get your license...
Can I violate my probation if I don't get my G.E.D even if it was a requirement?
I had to get 1000 hours of community service, drug test , go to classes, and get my G.E.D. I've passed all my drug test , I've gone to all the classes , I've completed some of my community hours but I don't think I will pass all my classes to get my G.E.D
That is a violation if it was ordered, you will probably not be released from probation or any of its conditions until...
I am facing my 3rd lifetime OWI charge in Macomb County. It is being charged as a misdemeanor. Prior 2 convictions were over 10
I am facing my 3rd lifetime OWI charge in Macomb County. It is being charged as a misdemeanor. Prior 2 convictions were over 10 years ago. I had my license revoked due two within 7. I was granted the restricted license through AHS hearing with interlock, had it for two years, then was arrested for 3rd DUI still did not have my full license back. Would I be eligible for sobriety court?
Have you ever been to the sobriety court before? If not, you may be eligible as it's generally intended for repeated...
Fta dwls
My boyfriend went to jail for 93 days for a suspended license. Then the judge put out a warrent for failure to appear for dwls because of his fines. Could he go to jail? He did his full 93 days so im confused.
That would be unusual for him to be sentenced to the full 93 days for DWLS. In any event... if that's the case, he...
Ho w long can the prosecutor withhold evidence on a dui case?
My husband was arrested for a dui second offense. Our attorney requested the police report and a copy of the data master logs from the county. On our first court appearance we still had not received either. We were adjourned for 30 days. On our second court appearance, we still had only received the police report. The judge would not adjourn it again, so our attorney set a date for trial. How long can the prosecution withhold that information and will we actually go to trial?
This is a question that should be really addressed to your attorney, and it is inappropriate to use this form to second-...
What are the chances I can get my probation ended early?
February- DUI BAC .16 April- sentenced to a year probation, a restricted license, one-time class, 2x weekly AA meetings, 2x weekly random alcohol testing, 2x monthly drug testing, along with continuing the therapy Slow start with the AA meetings due to anxiety (could have proven by getting a doctors note) I had missed one testing. A lot gone wrong in the first month, but since then I have been fulfilling the requirements I attended the class and provided proof I have not missed a testing, I also have not tested positive Attending all AA meetings and therapy If I pay off my fees ($400), how likely is it I will be able to end my probation early? I know it's early to even think about this, but I'd rather pay a lot of money than have to drive to a testing facility on random days.
One year probation for a DUI is not very long at all. In California, where I practice, DUI probation is typically 5...
I just got a DUI in the middle of planning to study abroad this Fall for a semester.
I haven't yet completed my study abroad application and am not sure I want to pay the app fee if I'm going to need it for court fines. It is my first offense in Michigan, yet I blew high. Should I continue applying? I am receiving scholarships to study abroad. I have a 3.8 gpa. Will any of this help my case? I also would need to get a VISA. Could I be denied if convicted for a DUI?
I would respectfully recommend you consult with an OWI Specialist like myself, to ensure all your available defenses...