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  • Growing up in Compton: A woman's story

    Thursday Jan 28 | via San Francisco Bay View 

    I grew up in Compton, California, a city where law enforcement was not on your side. I can remember times when our house would get shot up and my mother would call the police only to have to wait for hours on end, and sometimes they just didn't come.


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  • Man shot to death in Lynwood

    Tuesday Jan 26 | via Press-Telegram 

    The shooting in the 2700 block of Norton Avenue took place about 4:40 p.m. Monday, said sheriff's Deputy Sara Rodriguez. Witnesses told deputies a black SUV pulled up, a man got out and shot the victim numerous times, then got back in the vehicle, which left headed west on Norton Avenue, Deputy Kelvin Moody said.


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  • Driver of red Chevrolet Camaro in fatal Hawthorne cr...

    Thursday Jan 21 | via The Daily Breeze 

    Alfredo Perez Davila appears behind glass for arraignment at the Airport courthouse on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016, for killing San Pedro resident Benny Golbin while allegedly participating in a street race ending in Hawthorne on Friday, Jan. 15, 2016. Anthony Leon Holley, 40, of Lynwood turned himself in at the Hawthorne police station about midnight Tuesday.


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Lynwood Law

My son is 20yrs old that got a DUI becuz an empty container was in the car. They gave him all the test which he passed,arrested
what do we do know he spent 16hrs in and released.
He still may be getting a violation for open container. Regardless you need to speak to an attorney about his case, and...
How can I get Lega advice when the DMV is trying to garnesh my $ and Charge me for a car I never owned or purchase ?
I received a letter 2011 that I owned and awe $ on a Vehicle since 2007 which I never owed and went to DMV and asked and tey can't tell me anything but to call a 1800 number that they Hardly answer, Then I send letters to.DMV and Tax franchise cause they keep taking my state tax check and copies of DMV printout and Never heard a Response or letter I went to there Investigations centers and tey also don't know that I have to wait but this is the 2nd time they tried to garnish my checks what can I do?????????
I am not 100% clear as to what is going on with your issue. It appears that the DMV is taking out money for an...
My girl was charged with assault 4 we have a kid she is on probation from a dui 5 yrs ago can the kid be taken away?
she had a charge for assault 4 on me, witch was bull but we have to go with it anyways, she is on probation for a dui wich took place about 5 yrs ago,the state is charging her and my question is can the state take away our child from us, even though i am not pressing charges but the state is against her
There is always a chance but if the current DV case is severe and you are not seeking prosecution the chances would be...
I was arrested for a dui court did'nt file case dmv suspended license how do i get my lincense back
i want to know how to get my lincense back
You don't until the period of suspension is over. The criminal action and the DMV administrative penalties are similar...
Would I be able to qualify for DACA, if I get my DUI expunged?
In 2010 I got my First and only DUI, I paid my fines and did all that was required by the Court in the state of California. I have a high school diploma and have been here since I was 6.
Congratulations on taking care of everything. While we could assist in the filing of the Petition for Dismissal per PC...
2 dui
I've had 2 bench warrants for dui and I didn't go to court , both are misdemeanors its been 2 years since it happened I just never went to court if I go with an attorney can I get detained.
We've answered your question before in a slightly similar form. You could be remanded.
Hire an attorney? Odds of winning dmv hearing?
Was arrested for 1st dui, breath test .11 and retested at station breath results .12. Went to court for initial court date. Police Paperwork hasn't been submitted yet. Should I hire an attorney? DMV hearing is in 2 weeks. Trying to avoid a double suspension. Odds of winning dmv hearing? Help I'm very overwhelmed.
No one can give you odds of winning. While there could be a rising blood alcohol defense for both the DMV and criminal...