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How long does the state of wa hold a license under the need to complete drug and alcohol treatment after a dui?
I committed a dui 6 years ago, to my probation officer and I, I had completed treatment but the proper papers were not filed by the association who ran the drug and alcohol treatment. nearly 6 years later it still has a hold on my license and the association says I must complete treatment again.
You have to file the paperwork showing that you completed or are doing your alcohol/ drug treatment. So even if you...
Will I be able to travel to another state whil out on bond? My husband and I have had our anniversary trip planned for months...
I was arrested for dui, currently out on bond, my husband and I planned a trip 4 months ago, we leave next week...
Typically, pre-trial release in non-felony cases do not include geographical limitations. The only caveat is if you...
What do I need in order to fly to Canada on business without risk of being turned away if I have a Reckless Driving on my record
In 2011 I was arrested on DUI charges (lane travel) and in 2012 pleaded guilty to Reckless Driving in Washington State, which is a gross misdemeanor. My lawyer won my civil case and I never had to have a 'blow-and-go', although my driver's license was suspended for 30 days after pleading guilty to the Reckless. Upon recommendation from my lawyer I purchased the WSP WATCH report to get full detail of the arrest and charge. Neither item makes mention of a DUI. The 'convictions' lists Gross Misdemeanor - Reckless Driving and the Arrest lists nothing under 'Arrest Offenses' and 'Reckless Driving' under Disposition. 'Sentence' lists: Jail: 364D, Jail Sus.: 363D, Supervision 1Y (bench probation), Fine: $741. This is the only thing in my history. So I read that a reckless driving charge in the United States is most equivalent to the charge of "dangerous operation of a motor vehicle" in Canada, and you can be denied entry to Canada if this is on your record. The article made mention of a "Wet Reckless" and a "Dry Reckless", but I'm not sure if this applies to my charge as no DUI 'rider' is on my report. Please help me determine what I need to do to travel to CA on business.
I am in a deferred prosecution with Washington state and have a question about the interlock requirement.
I have called the dol twice and heard the same answer but I would like to hear it from an attorney as well. I hAve an interlock scheduled to come off on the 14th of next month and the dol told me I do not need to first provide 4 months worth of compliance to the device due to the deferred. Is this accurate? Not that I couldn't provide the compliance but I want to know if I should expect to wait on paperwork before I have the interlock removed or if I can just go in and have it taken out.
Do not need to first provide 4 months compliance or You must first provide four months?
I was charged with a DUI in the US but I am a Canadian citizen. Does that affect my drivers license in Canada or just the US?
I was arrested in Washington, went to jail, blew over and had my car impounded and have a court meeting tomorrow. What am I looking at ? Does the DUI follow me to Canada?
I am not licensed in Canada, so out of respect to any experienced attorney licensed there who answers your question, I...
I am considering entering a Deferred Prosecution in WA for a second offense DUI. Will DOL action on my license be overturned?
I am considering entering a deferred prosecution for a second offense DUI. Originally I did not think the circumstances around my arrest were justified so I intended to fight it (plus, it is my legal right to do so) I think I could go through with the program. The DOL handed down a 2 year revocation of my license and I was wondering if that revocation would be overturned by the court for entering a deferred prosecution.
Unfortunately, the DOL and judge are not connected in a way to lower the revocation. You must file a notice of a...
Do courts and PO check AA slips?
Hello! I was wondering if anyone has ever seen the courts or PO's checking AA slips? Like calling the AA meetings, Or is it illegal to do that?
In CA the court always looks at the AA slips but I have never heard of them calling the individual signors to each...