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  • Bellevue man who killed brother takes his identity

    Wednesday Mar 25 | via Seattle Post-Intelligencer 

    A South Korean man who was deported after serving time for killing his brother in 1984 was charged with weapons violations after authorities said he used the dead man's identity to buy guns. Junne Kyoo Koh was convicted and sentenced in 1985 in the shooting death of Sang Kyoo Koh, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Seattle.


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Do courts and PO check AA slips?
Hello! I was wondering if anyone has ever seen the courts or PO's checking AA slips? Like calling the AA meetings, Or is it illegal to do that?
In CA the court always looks at the AA slips but I have never heard of them calling the individual signors to each...
DUI for marijuana, should I hire a lawyer?
I got arrested in Washington state for a marijuana DUI and was wondering if it is necessary to get an attorney. After taking the sobriety tests I admitted to smoking hours earlier and I had my blood drawn after getting arrested. This is my first offense, and the cops wife was in the car at the time of arrest for a ride along. Also, I'm not sure if it's relevant, but I am from Colorado and my license is CO state issued, and I am 20 years old
You should definitely hire a lawyer to represent you. DUI's can be successfully fought and won, or at the very least,...
I just got a DUI and reckless driving and i got letter from the USCIS i have appointment . Should i go or no
I know that i wont qualified anymore for DACA since i got a DUI
You need an attorney that is excellent at criminal defense and who understands all of the immigration consequences. You'...
I have 2 felony charges of possession of cocaine and 1 dui and 1 deferred dui I completed my 5 years probation and all cont.....
Requirements for the deferred both my duis were in 2008 and my 1st possession was 06 and second in 07 I have a Canadian girlfriend is there anyway I can get into Canada even for a short time?
If you are no longer on parole or probation i think you can visit Canada. The Court would have no restriction on your...
What can be done about False Statements made by Washington State Patrol Troopers in DUI cases regarding PBT certifications?
Recently I have analyzed hundreds of WSP DUI investigation reports and the PBT certification database and found hundreds of cases where troopers swore they performed the PBT tests in accordance with the State Toxicologist Protocols, but the devices were actually expired and out of certification. This was reported to and acknowledged by the WSP who also stated there is no factual information that suggests the troopers knowingly used the devices while expired and subsequently a process for tracking PBT devices has been established. Since the PBT evidence was the prima fascia basis achieving probable cause and arrest for most of the cases is there nothing that can be done to hold the WSP accountable or require them to notify the courts or convicted parties? Something doesn't seem right!
PBT evidence is rarely if ever a basis for establishing probable cause in a DUI because most courts have ruled that PBT...
Wa st resident. lost cdl ( dui personel car). I was not fired but no work is available with out cdl. am i eligable for benifits
I told employer immediatly. I was not fired and was allowed to drive dump truck all through the legal process (about 3 months ). But now with no cdl there is no work with the employer. Just wondering if im eligeable for unemployment benifits.
You need to see an employment law attorney to discuss your situation. Since having a CDL is a condition of your...
I applied to renew my DACA and i got letter for biometrics appointment but now i just got a DUI and reckless driving .
I dont know if i should go. But it says in the letter if i failed to appear my case will be abandoned.
You definitely should appear at your biometrics appointment as well as immediately consult with a competent and...