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  • Official Trailer for Chilling Investigative Document...

    Friday Dec 1 | via 

    "I read all the police reports, and I said 'this man is innocent'" IFC Films has revealed a trailer for the documentary titled Killing For Love , originally Das Versprechen in German, about a controversial 1985 murder trial. The story goes that in 1985, a couple was found brutally murdered inside their home, and the daughter was arrested as the prime suspect.


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What happens at probation orientation ?
Orientation is Wednesday I would like to know what will happen and will they drug test us that day or schedule a date to come in. THANK YOU
Based on the practice area, I'm assuming that you were convicted of a DUI/DUID and/or were ordered to attend VASAP....
Is there anyway I can get this dropped to a "wet" reckless?
So I was pulled over last night for going over the white line. The officer asked me to step put of my car and proceeded to do Field sobriety tests on me. I did inform the officer that I had just had a shot at the bar 15 mins prior to him pulling me over. He asked how much I had drank last night and I told him the truth 3 beers and a shot of Jager. He placed me under arrest for a DUI. I've never had one before but looking into it seems like Virginia is very strict. When we got down to the Station he asked me to do a Breathalyzer test which I agreed to. My Bac was .11. This is my first DUI charge, just trying to figure out my options. Thank you
The best way to get a dui dismissed is on an illegal stop. Touching or crossing a little over a line once may not be...
Can CPS give me a at home supervised drug test
They had a complaint about me doing drugs
Did you get a dui? Is there a criminal case against you? Anyone charged with any crime needs a criminal defense...
How do I report someone that is driving on a suspended license?
I know someone who has a suspended license but is driving all the time. It's worse they they drive with a couple of children in their vehicle. Is there any way I can report this?
You could report them to local law enforcement. It's possible that they are lawfully driving under a restricted license...
What to do to get license back
Got first offense DWI one year ago. Went to vssap office and was told my case was turned back over to court and it was up to court about getting back in to vssap. What must I do?
It sounds like you didn't go to VASAP when you were supposed to, so they returned your case to the Court as non-...
What Do I Do About Wrongful DUI Conviction?
I've had something that's been bothering me for a while. To make a long story short, I went out with a friend for karaoke, met a European guy who seemed very nice and kept buying me drinks. When my coworker left, he offered to drive me. Since he rode with friends, I let him take my car. I wasn't aware of how drunk he may have been, and he not only wrecked my car, but he left me at the scene and told me not to say anything because of something about being deported. I wasn't sure what he meant or what was going on, so I stayed and ended up getting charged and convicted of the 1st DUI because I was at the scene, and the car was registered to me. I've had a perfectly clean record. I never said I was driving, but my mistake according to the judge is saying I didn't drive. What do I do?
If it has been more than ten days since the general district Court trial, you learn the lesson to not take...
What is considered drunk in public under Virginia code 4.1-308?
I live in a apartment complex and I saw some college students who live in the same building outside in the parking lot working on their car and drinking beer from a can. Would this be considered drinking in public under Virginia code 4.1-308? If they then get in their car and drive away could I call the police knowing they have consumed alcohol before they drove off? What would I tell the police? Would they have the right to stop them?
I am not licensed in VA, but I looked at the code section you cite and yes, it does seem to be a violation of 4.1 308....