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When will South Carolina find out about my North Carolina DWI?
I was convicted of a second DUI in NC in March 2011. At the time, my SC license was suspended for a DUI I received there. My NC suspension ended 3/4/2015 and I paid the restoration fee at a NCDMV on that date. However, South Carolina has never been notified of this NC conviction in 4 years. Will SC find out when I go to a SCDMV to finally restore my license (I waited out the 4 year NC suspension even though the SCDMV said I was eligible for license restoration in February 2012), 4 years after the conviction and suspend my license again from the date of notification rather than the date of the NC offense in March 2011?
Good question and it is equally good that you appreciate it is still possible. It is hard to say when this will...
What to do if someone gets a letter from DMV about a suspended license if never has had one?
Someone that never had a drivers license was taken to jail and charged for DUS and got a letter from DMV about a pardon for people with suspended license, what will happen the first week of march. That person is scared to be taken to jail if showing up @ DMV, because never had a license to show @ the entrace of DMV office.
In AL if you've never applied for a license, but get a citation while driving, the state issues what's called a file...
Driver License suspended in Florida DUI; Moving to South Carolina
My brother got his driver license suspended in Florida for a Hit and Run while intoxicated. His charge was lowered to a DUI with damage to property. His license was suspended for 5 years, 1 year probation and some fees. It has been more than one year and he is done with his probation. While he was in probation his lawyer assured him that he could get a hardship driver license in FL. He never tried to get the license back because he didn't have any money. Now he is moving to South Carolina and I wonder if he could get license here. My understanding is that there is no hardship driver license here..... but there is a restricted license. Is it possible for him to get a license here in South Carolina? do we need to higher a lawyer? or just go to the DMV and see what they say? Thanks
You will most likely be able to apply for a restricted license without the assistance of an attorney. If you have...
I have a wet reckless in ca will it show up in south Carolina if i move out there
I have a wet reckless in ca i havent ben able to take care of it due to financial reasions of i move to south Carolina will i need to complete everything out there or will it not show up due to it being another state and them not having that judgement out there
Assume that it will show up. You can't run from things like this. If you haven't completed everything you will have a...
Is my expunged, nol prosse dui still on my driving record? Shouldn't it not be?
I was charged with a DUI in 2012 but it was declared nolle prossed and I received the order for the destruction of arrest records. My license has been reinstated. The DUI was in South Carolina but I have a Florida license.
Contact the Clerk of Court in the county the DUI happened. I doubt that the DUI was nolle prossed, probably dropped...
Had DUI in Dec 2013, had class, has SR22, DL Feb 2014, now my lic is suspended Oct 24, is this correct
went to court paid fine, took required classes, took out SR22 and received a license that states expires in 10 years. Last week I received a letter from DMV stating my license were suspended. I have talk to several state workers and no one seems to know why or give me an decent answer why.
My suggestion is to reserve an appointment at the DMV and then go there in person, with all your paperwork. Meet...
Will I be able to get SC license after DWI record in North Carolina (license reinstated there). Will I have to get SR 22?
Licensed suspended in July 2013 per DWI conviction. License can be reinstated in July 2014. Looking to move to SC for a job in Winter/Spring 2015. Will I have to get SR 22 to have a license in SC, even though it wasn't required in NC?
The general rule is for a restricted license, you'll need an SR22, but the rules could be different in SC