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Three years ago I got a dui ticket and my hearing keeps getting postponed, for serquel and I AM still can I still be guilty.
I had a one car accident the cops are trying to say that I was high at the time of my wreck from seraquel . my bac 84.5, my achlol level was 0.0 I been waiting three years to find out if I am guilty, I am still driving well on my meds and have had no more accidents.
Its possible you can still be found guilty. Seems strange to have gone on this long. I assume you have an hired...
If a policeman writes up your charges on his report incorrectly, is that enough for your case to get thrown out?
Thank you.
No. Very few police errors will result in a complete dismissal of charges. It's better to hire an attorney who can look...
My grandson is 20 and in college. He was cited for under age drinking while being a passenger in his friends car who is 21.
He was the only one cited, an LCB agent was in the parking lot of the club. He had an open can of beer. Will his driving license be suspended if he pleads guilty?
The answer to your question really depends on the traffic laws in your state. You should contact an attorney who...
I was arrested for DUI, I refused to submitt to any testing without a warrant and I refused to answer questions, Trial ?
I was pulled over by Pennsylvania state trooper, my registration was expired by 15 days I was waiting the new sticker in the mail. Nevertheless I refused to answer his questions (ie where are you going where are you coming from) I declined his offer of a breathalyzer stating I wouldn't submit to ANY testing without a warrant... I've never had a drivers license so I got the summary with regards to that. I'm poor and a PD is my only viable option (and we know how that goes) so I thought I'd seek input on this site, thank you in advance for any insight.
There are too many facts not given here to give you any reliable advice. While refusal DWIs are generally easier to...
Dui for Prescription MED...How would it show & where can you look it up?
Why would it say ...DUI...unordinary charge ??? That is what someone said yet I show DUI...Ajudicated ? Whats the difference...I am now without a lawyer.. Can someone get a an office job with this background?
Sorry to hear you are without a lawyer- one could quickly review your docket to answer these questions. Ajuducated...
How long can you push back a court date? i got my second DUI last night. This is my senior year of college and i work a lot!
Since I am driving all over creation to go to school and work, I can't afford jail time or a license suspension. How long can i push back the court date? I need at least a year before being prosecuted so i can finish schooling and find a new living situation since i live on my own and pay for my apartment.
Would love to see you go before the court and tell the judge that you don't have time for him because you "work a lot" -...
Does the CRN and Drug & Alcohol assessment (because of refusal) have to be completed before the ARD application is submitted
and a decision made?
It depends upon the county but generally those items need to be completed before you will be accepted into the ARD...