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How long after being discharged from the hospital can a person be charged for drunk driving?
I was involved in a 3 car accident. Long story short. The guy who caused it (he was charged with DUI) hit another car (car 2) which caused that car to come into my lane and I hit car 2 a second time. The guy in car 2 died at the scene. I broke my femur and was taken to the hospital where the detective drew blood after I gave my concent. I admitted to leaving dinner and having drinks but told him I didn't believe I was drunk. A week after the incident I was released from the hospital and the detective came down and explained what happened and informed me I was not at fault and that the other guy was being charged, he never mentioned my results of the blood test, but now the man who was killed his family is suing the restaurant where I was drinking claiming they over served me and I'm partially at fault for the death. Should I wait to see what else happens or should I contact the detective?
You need to immediately contact your insurance company and inform them of the facts that you discuss. The person who...
Can I get my money back for having to bail myself out of jail, after been falsely accused if a DUI?
I was pulled over. The officer have me a breathalyzer and I passed. He assumed I had something else in my system so he arrested me. My family begged him to give me a drug test but he refuses to. We paid a lot of money to get me out of jail and to get my car back that he got towed. The next day I went to the clinic to get a drug test, and it came back negative. I also kept telling the cop that I didn't get any sleep since I got off that morning at 6.
No, you do not get your money back if you paid a bail bond company to post your bail. That is the fee the bail bond...
What can I do about my case if I have witnesses, and a lot of proof that I was falsely accused.
I have three charges against me. 1.)resisting arrest 2.)obstructing govt. Operation 3.) A DUI. I was seen getting pulled out of my vehicle, and I begged the cop to let another cop do my breathalyzer test because I didn't trust that particular cop. Even after I passed my breathalyzer test he still arrested me claiming I had something else in my system. My fiance and sister constantly begged him to do a drug test but he claimed that they don't do drug tests. I went to the clinic the next day to do a drug test and it came back negative. After I was bailed out I went to the courthouse and the lady in the probate office had me sign a self bond. She said there was two warrants on me. For "obstructing govt. Property, and resisting arrest." Although a bondsman signed my bond for all three of my charges nobody seemed to understand why I had two warrants on me. I kept asking them what if I had got pulled over, but they didn't care. I had to pay a bondsman, a tow company, for a drug test, and a court few. I know I'm innocent and people keep telling me I can get my case dropped, but what can I do about all the money I had to pay?
The first thing you should worry about is hiring a criminal defense lawyer that handles DUIs. Get the criminal matters...
I've missed 3 test with Baldwin county color code in Baldwin county,Alabama
Was out of town with my company on a job and missed 3 test.I Broke down and finally told my boss I had to come home and why and he fired me!Am I going to go to jail when I report this time? Thank you
Not necessarily. It depends on several factors. Are you on color code for probation, PTI, or simply on bond for an...
What is a court referral report show case hearing? What am I facing since I'm on pretrial intervention and failed one drug test?
I been on pretrial intrevention for a year now and I have to take random drug screens cause of color code. I failed a test back in may and now I have a court date sept. 28th. What is fixing to happen? Do I need a attorney?
There are a number of possible consequences, ranging from entry of judgment and imposition of sentence to intermediate...
I got my first dui this month what should I do
Bac was.18 I was upfront and polite with the officer I don't know what to do get all lawyer or please guilty
Do not walk into court and plead guilty. You have many options available to you that could keep this DUI off your...
So my first question is does the CRO let you know if you failed a drug test and what happens after?
I was arrested for a DUI in March I got put on pretrial diversion and youthful offender. I'm under 21 and blew a .05. I've done my 40 hours of community service and my classes. At my last drug test my CRO got quiet but didn't say I failed would they have? She let me make my appointment for next month. I should of passed no problem but I'm nervous cause her mood seemed to change and it looked like she didn't check one of the boxes. Should I stop worrying or contact my lawyer?
They may or may not let you know on the spot. Usually, it's my experience, they will. Each CRO and court may have...