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What are the chances my DUI can get dismissed I refused to blow but failed the FST?
I'm a Firefighter if this will persuade the judge at all also this is my 1st offense
You have not given enough information to form an opinion. Without facts we cannot apply the law. The chances of getting...
How can I go about suing the PA DMV?
They have wrongfully suspended my license 7 months ago and I have to keep renting a car because I cannot get a Florida License, to take out a loan to get a car, I keep having to fax in documents (I live in Florida now), and they keep saying they never get them, but it costs money from Florida to fax them every time. I told them the fax number and they confirm that is their fax number. But they never get them. I am spending $1,000 per month renting due to I can't buy a car. Do I have rights to sue? I Don't know what lawyer could handle this. You would think I had a DUI. It was a traffic ticket that was PAID but they suspended my license anyway.
Your best bet is to repost this question in the PA criminal or traffic section. A PA lawyer will be in the best...
Plea bargaining a DUI ?
Someone I know has 4 DUIs in a 2 year period. I have noticed in the court docket that there has been a change of plea. Can you plea bargain DUI conviction for a lesser sentence, and just what is the normal penalty for fourth DUI in KY? Isn't there some mandatory jail time there?
You need to post this question in a Kentucky forum. We are Florida attorneys, and it is improper for us to comment on...
I have a Florida hardship license and am going through a divorce. Can I drive to pick up my children for my every other weekend
DUI, hardship license for six months. Florida.
Sorry, but the answer is no. Under Florida law, you are allowed to drive only for up to four things. These include...
Can a probation officer take a mothers children from her because she cannot afford to yet pay for court ordered dui classes?
My friend has been told that the tampa probation officer will take her children because she doesn't have the money to pay for dui school.
I hope this is not legal in Florida. It would be best for you to ask an experienced criminal defense attorney in...
How do I consolidate two different citation number that are from the same case.
I was involved in a DUI crash in 2004, the accident happened at 11pm, I received one citation on the 5/1/04 around 11 something at night and then the other citation was written after midnight on 5/2/04, this is making my driving record look like I have 2 separate DUI's one on 5/1 and the other of 5/2. I was told that I need to get them combined. How do I go about doing this?
If these cases are closed, there is not much that you can do. Are both cases involving a DUI charge? You can be...
Person operating a motorized bicycle was struck in a hit and run. Police arrived and charged him with operating w/o a license
Also charged with BUI. Driving w/o license not valid by definition of motorized bicycle. Person incarcerated two days. Refused breath test. Hit and run driver unknown. Independent witness present. Bike was properly lighted. Is the refusal a valid refusal? The person knew the bicycle was not a motor vehicle did not require a drivers license and was familiar the drivers license says motor vehicle. In the 6th Circuit. Legal argument and best course of action? THANK YOU
Not clear if you are inquiring about the tickets or the injury claim, but appears to be the former. Good a good lawyer...