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  • Memorial ride planned to honor DUI crash victim

    Jan 6, 2016 | via ABC Action News 

    Members of the Cchristian motorcycle group Fastlane for Christ are planning a memorial ride of Matthew "Jif" DeRemer on Jan. 16. The group's founder and president, David "Moto" Bishop, said DeRemer said they affectionately gave the biker call sign "Jif" because he loved peanut butter. Moto said he will never forget the first time Jif came over to his house.


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Lutz Law

What are the chances my DUI can get dismissed I refused to blow but failed the FST?
I'm a Firefighter if this will persuade the judge at all also this is my 1st offense
You have not given enough information to form an opinion. Without facts we cannot apply the law. The chances of getting...
How can I go about suing the PA DMV?
They have wrongfully suspended my license 7 months ago and I have to keep renting a car because I cannot get a Florida License, to take out a loan to get a car, I keep having to fax in documents (I live in Florida now), and they keep saying they never get them, but it costs money from Florida to fax them every time. I told them the fax number and they confirm that is their fax number. But they never get them. I am spending $1,000 per month renting due to I can't buy a car. Do I have rights to sue? I Don't know what lawyer could handle this. You would think I had a DUI. It was a traffic ticket that was PAID but they suspended my license anyway.
Your best bet is to repost this question in the PA criminal or traffic section. A PA lawyer will be in the best...
Plea bargaining a DUI ?
Someone I know has 4 DUIs in a 2 year period. I have noticed in the court docket that there has been a change of plea. Can you plea bargain DUI conviction for a lesser sentence, and just what is the normal penalty for fourth DUI in KY? Isn't there some mandatory jail time there?
You need to post this question in a Kentucky forum. We are Florida attorneys, and it is improper for us to comment on...
I have a Florida hardship license and am going through a divorce. Can I drive to pick up my children for my every other weekend
DUI, hardship license for six months. Florida.
Sorry, but the answer is no. Under Florida law, you are allowed to drive only for up to four things. These include...
If this is my first Dui is there anyway around getting the interlock device?
Had a DUI 2009 and I just became eligible to get my license not my hardship in August of this year. This is my first Dui and I have met all my court requirements as far as taking the Dui course and paying all the fines and court cost. My question is the only thing I'm having problems with is the interlock device I have to have to put on the car. I can't afford to pay for the installation and the monthly fees, is there any way around me not having to get the interlock device? Also the reason I had to get the interlock is because my B.A.C was over a certain limit
The short (and long) answer to this frequently asked question is "no". DHSMV will hold your driving privileges hostage...
Can an office do a field sobriety test after a car accident & informing the office having bad balance due to surgery in the ear?
car accident a tree was hit. No alcohol or drugs in vehicle , was not pulled over , no one saw the accident. vehicle was not operable and total lost. Yes, to request for a lawyer. Officer still continue insisting on a field sobriety test and explained bad balanced due an inner ear surgery. status on person bad balance over weight 300 lbs at 5 feet 8 inches, high blood pressure, inner ear surgery and was in an accident without seat belt.
An officer can request field sobriety tests, but the fact you advised him of your inner ear problem should have been...
Do I have to report a WA state "Negligent Driving" (reduced DUI) conviction to my FL car insurance company?
I am a Florida resident and driver. I got a "negligent driving 1st degree" conviction in WA state, a misdemeanor reduced conviction (still alcohol related) stemming from a DUI arrest with a BAC of .09. This was 15 months ago. I took care of everything with the courts, but forgot to report to my car insurance company. Am I obligated to report it to them?
If you had a FL DL then WA will inform FL and your records will reflect the charge. You can obtain a copy of your...