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What penalties will i face. i have no money, what will happen if i can't pay my fines?
hello, in september of 2014 i was arrested for dui and driving with a suspended license. i was arrested 18 months earlier for dui. in may of 2015 i lost my job of 28 years. i was a 1099 person and could not collect unemployment. i also lost my license in june of 2015.
I am very sorry to hear of your difficulties. In Massachusetts, we have a "Community Service" option. Generally, any...
Is there any way I can forfeit my MA. drivers license and privileges while my case is pending?
I am currently a Massachusetts resident. I've been working in NY for the past six months and have been in the process of moving to NY permanently. I recently got charged with a DUI in NY and at the time I had a valid MA. drivers license. I still plan on moving and hopefully continue to work in NY. My suspension in NY would be for a year, but due to the Drivers License Compact the RMV of Massachusetts would suspend my license for several years. I would like to serve out my suspension in NY and afterward attain a valid NY drivers license. Is there any way I can forfeit my MA. drivers license and privileges while my case is pending in order not to have a hold in the state of Massachusetts a year or two from now?
Typically you can walk into any DMV and voluntarily forfeit your privilege to drive; how that will specifically affect...
What is MA RMV going to do?
I have a MA license with a CWOF in 2012 for OUI and have just refused a chemical test in RI
You should not be worried about the RMV, you should be worried about violating the terms of your CWOF. Depending on...
Should I be concerned about getting a DUI and how long do they have to file etc? How do I read the codes on the report?
I was in a car accident 5 days ago where i was injured pretty significantly. I was less than a quarter mile from my home when it happened. I hit a bump/frost heave that made my car jump. The car swerved and i was having a hard time regaining control when I hit some ice. The car then crashed into a ditch and into a tree. Airbag was deployed and I ended up with a concussion, lacerations and a couple of significant broken bones. I definitely lost consciousness for a bit and was quite confused when I came to. The EMT had asked if I had been drinking and I told him two glasses over the past four hours with dinner. I was in and out and after all my care, in the morning the ER trauma team came in explaining that my BAC level came in at .13. The dr explained how this could happen and said i could be a "cheap date" and told me it was her job to ask if i needed help etc. She added that it was strictly confidential and that unless the information was subpoenaed, it was confidential etc. I picked up the police report and even talked to the officer and he never mentioned alcohol etc. Now I'm looking at the reports and there are codes next to the BAC test and susp alc susp drug etc.
You probably don't need to worry about those codes. Usually just to the right of the BAC there will be a number. If it'...
Corpus delicti rule in relation to a dui case
Hi, i have a friend who was arrested for a dui and he made some incriminating statements after his arrest. He said something along lines of " I've driven drunk many times and never been caught" would those statements be deemed inadmissible in relation to the corpus delicti rule because the state can't prove that he has driven drunk except the time he was caught driving drunk? He is scared that will be an aggravating factor should he be found guilty. But dosent the state need to prove his statements for them to be admissable should the case go to trial under the corpus delicti rule?
The state may not need to prove that these previous drunk driving incidents happened but may try to introduce the...
I have been charged with an OUI DRUGS AND LEAVING THE SCENE FROM PROPERTY DAMAGES. The police didn't arrest me, I was taken to the hospital and a few days later received a criminal summons which I mailed back asking for a hearing. I was under ambien a new prescribed medication from my doctor. Unknowingly I grabbed the keys and my two children and we're heading to the pharmacy and I hit a light pole down the street. I called my sister to the scene, once she arrived I told her I was not feeling well and crossed the street (accident happened a few houses down) and when I got to my driveway i fainted. In the hospital they found alcohol in my system which I don't recall drinking nor grabbing my keys or anything that happened.
Failing to appear in court when summoned can result in a warrant. In a case such as the one you describe it is...
Can I get denied employment due to a CWOF from a DUI?
One year ago I was placed on a CWOF for a DUI in Massachusetts. Since then, everything has been taken care of: I completed all my classes, paid all my fines, got off probation, and everything was dismissed. Fast forward to now- I was offered and accepted a new job, pending a background check. It's taking a while to hear back about it (about a week), and I'm wondering if the CWOF is going to ruin my chances of this job? It's for a retail store, so nothing too serious like childcare or law enforcement or anything like that.
Since 2012, when Governor Patrick pushed through CORI reform [much to his credit], people with CWOFs have been able to...