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I’m a first time offender of theft of 1116.10 a felony with no criminal back ground what can I exspect of bail or if I get on?
The police officer that I talked to said that I wasn’t under arrest at the moment but he said he will give me unreasonable doubt and that I should just turn myself in when he come back from his vacation. He said I could turn myself in early before a warrant is out so he could process me, but what I’m wondering is will turning myself in before a warrant is issued look good on me, I have two jobs, no criminal record prior to this soon to be one and don’t know that’s good enough for a low bail and not having one some advice would be lovely.
Turning yourself in is always better than being arrested during a traffic stop or at your home. However, you should...
How to get early termination of house arrest in West Virginia?
I'm on home confinement for a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge. It is my first offense. I've never been in any trouble in my life. I have a job oppurtunity that I cannot take while on home confinement. It requires me to travel out of state for 2 weeks at a time. I haven't had any violations. I have only been drug tested twice and I did fail, but my levels of THC have gone down. I have been 100% clean for 41 days. What are my chances of getting an early termination?
How to get early termination? - motion the judge for early termination. What are your chances? - That, as attorneys,...
Arrested for dwi in NC, but a resident of WV?
I was arrested for DWI in NC while on vacation. My driving privileges in NC are revoked for 30 days. If convicted, driving privledges will be suspended for 1 year from conviction date. I have hired an attorney in NC to fight my case, but if convicted my understanding is I'll be treated as if the DWI occurred in WV. If this happens, will I be eligible for interlock after 15 days as in WV, or will this be denied to me because my suspension is for 1 year in NC? This is first offense, Breath test of 0.13, no agrivating factors, and no property damage.
You will probably want to consult an attorney in WV as well, and don't wait until the NC case is done and over with....
Interlock fail consequences ?
I have recently gotten a fail on my interlock. It was a false positive, but let's assume the dmv thinks otherwise. I am not on probation. I did not retest as it was a start up violation. I just switched seats with my wife and let her drive. What will the DMV penalize me with? Thanks
Generally speaking, no, but contact a local DUI attorney for more information
What could happen being caught driving on 2nd offense suspended licence while being on house arrest.
My good friend has outstanding fines I guess and 2 months ago got caught driving on suspended 1st time. About 30 min ago he had a minor vendor vendor, no damage done to vechicles. But he is on house arrest but allowed to work. He just got arrested for driving on suspended license for 2nd time. I'm courious at how long jail time, if any, he may have to do.
Third offense suspended is when jail time becomes a potential penalty. My strong advice is that you get the old...
What will happen in a preliminary hearing for 3rd driving revoked for dui
I have a preliminary hearing for driving 3rd offense driving revoked for dui and a felony with 1 to 3 years pending I don't have a criminal record other than driving offenses do I have a chance of getting it droped to a second and the felony droped with house arrest or sentence suspended and givin a lower charge and punishment
Those scenarios are certainly possible; however, the #1 thing is getting in place an experienced well trained dui...
When one pleads a no contest to a "implied consent" in 1996 would one be required to take the aforementioned DUI class?
Refused breathalyzer....went to jail....posted bond later plead nolo contendre to implied consent
No way to know if this person would have to take the aforementioned class as no lawyer on this web site has your case...