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13 years ago, I was charged with my 2nd DWI. I was released on a PR bond because the jail was crowded, and went home. I hired a lawyer and went to court once every three months for a year, and they just kept resetting the date. I moved after a year, and only recently came back to TX. What i'm wondering is, if I hire a lawyer, what are the chances I could get it wiped out? No jail time, no fine, just quashed? I can't even remember getting the DWI, I had run into a ditch and was asleep when they pulled up. Unfortunatly, the keys were in the ignition, hence the charge. Being that it's so old, do I have a better chance now of getting it quashed? Would I be able to get just probation? I haven't had a license since that date either, and it is really tough on my family me not having one. Thanks!
Your chances will undoubtedly be better if you surrender. I cannot tell you how it will turn out. 13 years is a long...
i didnt sign a form to be blood tested nor was my statement on meth addmission that i was on meth accepatable ifirst driving wreck and charge any advice
Whether you were on meth or drank alcohol you could be considered guilty of DWI. The question is, did you lose your...
I went out Thursday night at friends & drink until 12:00am and did not drink Friday but I went out Saturday & drink 2 beers. (50 hours later from Thursday) Feeling sick but not knowing why. Got a DWI on the way home and my blood was bright pink (don't know how high triglycerides at that time), but 2 weeks later it was still 4,789. I don't see how the reading from my blood good be accurate on the alcohol level due to so much fat in my blood. Can it even be used in court or can this DWI be thrown out due to my blood work . High triglycerides hold alcohol for a long period of time like a week or longer. Could it be holding acohol from thurdsay night?
If you have been charged with DWI, you need to get a lawyer in your area who is familiar with DWI defense and is...
I have 2 misdiminor DWI's & got another one & been charged with a felony DUI. District attorney is going back to 1 DWI to one that I got in 1986. I was 18yrs old & still in school. Judge said to the DA (or you kidding me we are going back that far)? DA is offering me 4yrs. TDC & we pick druy in 2 weeks if we do not agree.
The rules of judicial ethics prohibit a judge talking privately about the substance of the case with one side (the...
Got a DWI in 2012 & district attorney went back to 1984 & 1986 charged me 3rd felony DWI. I was 18 yrs. old on first DWI when I had run out of gas on side of road so I took keys out & threw in floorboard & went to sleep. 4 or 5 hrs. later a city cop pulled up & gave me a DWI. I pled quilty & only paid $300.00 fine. 2nd DWI driving truck run over sign in town went home 5hrs. later my friend drove us to the store while pumping gas city cop pulled up My friend came out of the store told officer he was driving they arrested me for DWI.I pled quilty cause it was only a 300. fine again. Now DWI's or more serious.Is there anyway to get old charges dropped? By taking lie detector test or something? If I was not quilty? I was advised to plea quilty dueto cost back then ¬ to be used againstme
You can hire a lawyer to review those old cases to see if there are any issues which could be raised on post conviction...
When my husband was 18 yrs. old he got 3 DWI which 2 was deferred and 1 was not. 27 years later he got another DWI. Can the law go back and use the DWI that was not deferred 27 yrs. ago and charge him with a felony DWI?
I was on probation and driving under the inlfuence with a suspended license. I had an accident and was taken to the hospital. No other persons or vehicles were involved. They did do a blood test at the hospital and know that i had alcohol in my system
Looking online, it appears that TX has a 2 yr statute of limitations on Misd. and a 3 yr sol on felonies. You need to...