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Can I be charged with DWI after the fact, no arrest was made?
My tire popped and a cop pulled up behind me, I was drinking and stupidly agreed to take a breathalyzer and failed 0.18. He did impound my car but did not arrest me, he allowed me to go with a friend. Am I off the hook?
Technically, you're not "off the hook", as the officer can issue a ticket after the fact (note, though, that...
Brother got a DUI in the state of CT about 4 months ago, this weekend he was charged with AB w/ a DW in MA can charges affect ea
Being that the states border one another. (DUI in Somers CT and AB in Hampden MA) I am not sure how this will all play out. My concern is that he is to stay clear of any issues, and AB with a DW seems to sure present an issue. My other concern is that one of the assault charges is against me, his step sister and we currently live together. I did not want to press charges, however the police told me the state was pressing them on my behalf??? Obviously they can do that, but not quite sure what all this entails. Any help advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time Sincerely, Jenn
Your brother can discuss those issues with his attorney(s). You can choose not to cooperate; something you can...
Likely sentence for...arrested for DUI on a suspended license in unregistered vehicle.. this will be 11th offense?
Ex arrested for DUI while license suspended for previous DUI in different state. He was operating a vehicle that was unregistered and uninsured. This will be his 11th arrest of this nature (dUI). What will his minimum punishment be most likely?
I have no idea what MA minimum punishment for an 11th DUI is but whatever it is if he is found guilty then you can...
I am moving to Florida,Can I apply for a hardship license in Florida while my Massachusetts license is suspended for 2nd dui?
I will be moving to Florida soon,once I become a resident am I able to apply for a hardship license there? Massachusetts has suspended my license,it's been 6 years so far and I have 8 more to go before I can get it back.I was only convicted of a 2nd dui but the RMV punished me as a third offender.I have a 2 year old and another child on the way I am trying to obtain a hardship license in mass first before I move,but was told I can't transfer a hardship to a different state and don't want to do it all for nothing.I am being told different answers by each lawyer I've contacted both in mass and florida and no one can give me an answer.I am trying to take care of my life and children and really would appreciate knowing what it is I have to do,thank you.
You will have to repost this question and ask a FL attorney. A MA attorney won't be able to answer based on FL's laws.
I got a dui 4 yrs ago in colorado. Got put on probation and completed 3.5 yrs. Had 2 months to go and fled to massachusetts
Completed 3.5 yrs of probation originally got 2 yrs and 30 days in jail. Completed the jail and have had 1 on 1 counseling and a weekly class with probation. Enrolled in class 3 days after the dui. I have had clean drug tests at least 6 a month for a yr. Recently failed for opiates and was told to report to a program the next day. I had 2 months left on probation but got scared and left and moved to Mass. Since being here I've enrolled in a Intensive outpatient program and have been attending meetings everyday in hopes to complete probation here in mass. probation has contacted my bfs family trying to find out where I am. I couldn't deal with the probation officers threats and thinking I was lying when I wasn't. The pressure was to much. I was scared but im trying to handle it here. It's easier to stay clean without the pressure of my mom who is nuts and the probation who thought i was just a liar. I start the IOP ON Monday but the probation is saying I have a nationwide warrant and the people in contact with me will get punished as well. My dui was for not using my blinker. Is there really a nationwide warrant or a colorado one. Will I be extradited?
You're going to need to contact a Colorado defense attorney to see if he/she can help you with that warrant there, and...
Does massachusetts require a breathalizer a motor boat
I have a breathalizer in my car do i need one in my motor boat in massachusetts
The law requires interlock on any registered vehicle, but excludes installation on motorcycles. Though I've not...
In ma i have to call in for random drug tests today i called and they said i had to go in.....what happens if i miss this
On probation with random drug tests the recording told me to come in
You will be in violation of the terms of your probation and might be subject to being surrendered. If you don't go in...