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How can i handle a dui warrant in las Vegas but now living in California ?
I went to my first court date for the dui but never went back for a follow up case because i ended up in california which now I'm a resident and i have no money for a lawyer can i turn myself in out here in california
Retain a criminal defense attorney Las Vegas. I'm sure there are quite a few out there.
I was convicted of dui in 2008, will I be able to get a class A drivers license for work?
completed my dui classes and paid all fines and I no longer have any open cases. the job I am applying for requires me to have my class A license in California with in 6 months of hire.
If it was only your first conviction you can get a commercial driver's license.
Is there any alternatives to doing group dui classes for someone with mental disorders. I am a multiple offender.
I have multiple dui's from 99, 04 & 07. I have enrolled in several programs but was terminated from all of them due to missing group classes. As of 2012 I'm now sober but finding out more about mental disorders I have and one of them being Bipolar and social anxiety, which was keeping me from being able to go to the group classes. I want to fulfill my obligations to the courts and DMV, but the group classes are a problem for me. is there any alternatives I could take or do in lu of this? I have a one year old and family have since moved and i have no means of getting around. Any advice on what i can do.
You should contact your attorney about this. The DMV is more rigid on the class requirements than the court, so it...
Can i get a reinstatement for 1 offenders dui class even if its been 1 month since i had to call?
I have a fellony for another reason but this is the second time i have to get a reinstatement on the class since i miss because of work..can i get a second chance?
Yes you can and you will but you might need to return to court. Contact your attorney.
I am under informal probation under a dui case.i was caught with drug possesion twice before my upcoming dui case
i have 4 months left of my dui informal probation. later during my pobation time my home was searched and i was charged on sales of pending comming up. I left the state for a vacaction and was charged with possesion of narcotics as well while on vacation out of state.
Please let us know if you have a question. One thing for sure, you need to retain an attorney and get into a treatment...
If you get a 2nd dui does the 10 year roll off period restart with the 2nd conviction date?
I got a dui in 2004 and another in 2011. I tried to get the 2004 taken off because it's been 11 years. Mandatory actions told me the duis stay on for 13 years and since I got a 2nd dui in 2011 the roll off period restarts from that 2nd conviction date and both dui's will be moved in 2024. Is this correct? Where can I find this information if it is correct?
What are you trying to accomplish? It's hard to quarrel with the Mandatory Actions Unit.
Is a dmv hearing nessisary if I took a plea deal for a wet and reckless
Today I accepted a wet and reckless charge. I was informed by the public defender that I would not loose my driving privilege. So if that is the case would it be pertinent to cancel my dmv hearing?
The DMV hearing and the court hearing are two different things. The court may not cause you to lose your driving...