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DUI and jobs
How soon does an employer find out about a DUI. No court or arraignment dates have been set but dmv hearing is coming up. 23,accident with minor injury to my passenger.he left the scene with parents and said he was ok with a swoll eye. still got booked for bodily injury and blowing .092. Pretty much don't believe I can be saved after reading a small percentage of people win their hearings. Can the dmv prevent you from getting another job even though they are not the criminal side? And how soon does the dmv notify my current job if I lose hearing?(just my luck the officer was already at the scene when it happened so had probable cause) Any advice helps thanks
Why would the DMV notify anybody? What type of job do you have??
Dui question as minor
I got 2 dui when i was 16 and 17 i am now 20 is there anyway for me to go to court and have a judge remove them from my driving record since i was a juvenile? Cause its holding me back from this job im currently in. Any information would be appreciated
No. The judge has no power over the DMV. Only time removes anything from your DMV driving history and you'll be...
How to reduce first time DUI penalties.
I cannot afford a lawyer and the court determined i do not qualify for a public defender for some reason. I talked to the DA yesterday and asked if i can have all the discovery (except audio and other evidence taken by the officer) and i did receive everything, but i will be defending myself and i have no prior history. how can i get this reduced?? please help. incident details: i crashed into the sidewalk, due to excessive speed on a curved road. no injuries, arrested and 2 hours later blood was drown which came back at .16. field sobriety says i only failed 1 of 3 test.
You won't get that reduced. Period. Neither would an attorney. Sounds like a DUI. Period.
When can one request early termination of probation for first offense DUI? Does time count from time of accident or conviction?
I was convicted of a first offense DUI on June 2014 in LA County. The accident occurred September 2013. All terms of the probation have been met since January 2015, judge granted a year for all items to be completed.
It is usually best to wait until you have completed half of your probation before requesting an early termination of...
I forgot to schedule my dmv dui hearing. What happens now?
Hello I was arrested for a duo but I wasn't driving I was parked at the gas station waiting for my ride to come I admitted to driving myself to the gas station but I got drunk in the gas station parking lot while waiting. Then I forgot to setup my hearing. What should I do?
You should still try to set up the hearing, but you may be denied and get a default judgment entered against you...
DUI police report
DUI with accident the police report says I blew .092% and blood test says .10%. Dmv phone hearing is in 19 days and still haven't had arraignment for court yet. The attorney who I talked to pretty much said my only hope is that there is a mistake in the paperwork. really don't have much money right now and he wants to charge $9000 to do the whole case. Another attorney I talked to said he can do the dmv hearing for a certain price and handle the court case for more. Should I even waste my time with the dmv hearing it sounds like my chances are slim to win I believe he said a 16% chance
There are many different factors that if present could help you in your case, mistakes in the paperwork is just one....
Is there a statue of Limitations as far as DUI's go in Calif.? How long does a DUi stay on your Record? Multiple DUI's?
My boyfriend has 4 DUI's on his record, 3 of which were misd. and one felony, no kind of injury's or reckless driving however 3 of them were for alcohol and the last one was a DUI for under the influence of meth in 2002. It has been 13 years since his last DUI. The DMV told us that there was no statue of limitations for DUI's and gave him a list of things he had to do before he could even think about applying for a license.
Convictions wil stay on his record permanently. We don't know what the list of things is, but if he wants his license,...