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Is ex's girlfriends dui while on probation for theft grounds for custody
Relocation custody case, I'm in De custodial parent in Pa. Live in significant other convicted of theft,received 1yr probation then 2 weeks after sentence got dui 16+bac 1st offense and leaving scene of accident. With new custody law will this be grounds to continue fight for custody of 12yr old child that wants to be with me? She was charged with theft by ex. She stole his meds while he was in treatment for his cancer.
The DUI gives you grounds for filing an ER Petition For Special Relief/Modification, but does not guarantee a final...
DUI and general impairment questions
If you were charged with DUI and general impairment 1st offense and also DUI and general impairment 4th offense and you lost the trial but are appealing, if it went back to trial could you be charged with two different sentences for that?
The question is confusing and needs to be clarified before an answer can be provided. It may be better to consult with...
My buddy just got a 4th d.u.i. he also has a pending case of driving without a licsence. how much time is he looking at?
also he recently just served prison time and did the s.i.p. program for a d.u.i
DUI imprisonment consequences vary upon prior convictions. If all 3 priors are felony DUI's (Aggravated DUI) or if he...
Are police required to put the blood alcohol results in the police report in a dui charge
I am being charged with a dui but there is no blood alcohol level or anything on the polive report is is required
The short answer to the question is, YES. Having said that, the BAC is a required part of the State proofs, and there...
DUI Charges
Got pulled over due to high beams on. Police officer turned around and followed me. As I came off the bridge he said that I touched the yellow line. I was looking for a radio station and I was also on a 2011 flood road that has not been fixed. Officer came to the car and smelled alcohol, yes I had 3 individuals in the car that had been drinking. Got a DUI. Does not have a BAC on record although during questioning I was placed on tape and had a panic attack and cried profusely on tape. An attorney said that it looked as if I was drunk crying. I wasn't I was having a panic attack. The officer did not ask if I needed any medical assistant left me sit there and basically hyperventilating and crying profusely. I was thinking of my children, what to become of the future. Scared of being there.
While a good deal is unclear from you wrote it appears you may have some valid defenses. You should not say anything...
Please advise if there is a statue Of limitations on a dui
I was arrested 9/9/2014 for a dui. However I was in my vehicle with an open container however the truck broke down and I was sleep in the vehicle because it was not operational. The police had to physically push the truck to my auto repair man shop which I was parked across from. The police never witness me driving nor did anyone report I was driving just that I was sleep in the car. I was fleeing from a domestic alterations and the drunk broke down. The police admitted to forgetting to file chargers and file over a year later. What can I do? ???
Get an attorney. Fight the case. Statute of limitations on a DUI is two years. They do have a time limit on filing...
I got pulled over and charged with dui metadone and dui xanax and reckleless driving times 6 i have bin clean 15 years methedon
the guy that called that followed me to where the cop was waiting lied. he blow his horn at me at a blincking red and yellow and callrd police my 109 year old was in the back pleas help
I am not sure what your question is. If you are asking if you can be charged with DUI for a prescription drug, the...