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  • NM Officials Say Fire Chief's Exit Tied to FF Alcoho...

    Saturday May 13 | via FireHouse.com 

    May 13--Village of Loving officials allege former Loving Fire Department chief Dennis Onsurez looked the other way in the possible misuse of public funds and alcohol use on village property. Loving Mayor Pro Tempore Serapio Parraz said the department had abused its village-issued gas cards and said improper purchase orders were filed under Onsurez's watch for at least a year before the council stepped in.


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I am attempting to obtain a New Mexico Driver's License but was told i had to talk to DWI unit due to TX DWI 10 years ago
Main detail is that I was not permitted to obtain DL without talking to DWI unit. Have current ND DL and have not had any subsequent charges on driving records. Completed multiple courses post TX DWI including ankle monitor for alcohol.
Sounds like you had best follow their advice--speak to a TX attorney in the county where the court sits: either...
What can I expect?
I was stopped for a "turn signal not coming on", even though it did, last night. I have a work restricted license and was leaving from the local grocery store and the officer cited me for having a suspended license and sent me to court. I have played this game with the court 5 other times for the same citation. Just want to know if that will leave an effect on the decision and whether or not I should fight it.
Should you "fight" it? Yes, and no. If you plead Note Guolty and ask for a court date, the officer may consider (...
If my dui is cleared thru the court can the dmv still require me to do the interlock
I failed to comply with my dui terms and was given jail time for each condition i was given including not doing the interlock
Yes. A license revocation period can extend past a court's jurisdiction over the individual. As evidence of this,...
I got a dui in Texas and have two priors in New Mexico last one was in 1998 I live in New Mexico would this count as a 3rd?
Got stop at a cross walk cop was directing traffic and decided to stop the traffic for the pedestrians and got in front of the my car and said I almost hit him and got pulled over then arrested I blew .16
Most likely no, since the last one was 16 years prior. However, Texas could make the terms of the plea bargain really...
Dui about 6years ago was convicted did all my classes just never installed the interlock is there any way of getting my license
Completed all classes just never put the interlock in a vehicle is there any way of getting my licence back
You'll have to get an ignition interlock license for a period of time (depending in the facts of the dwi). After that...
Can I get a MN occupational license and use it out of state since I work in New Mexico and Texas?
I currently live in New Mexico and was cited for a OWI in Wisconsin with a Minnesota's drivers license. I was convicted and I am under the impression that I will soon lose my license once Wisconsin notifies Minnesota. If I go back to MN to obtain an occupational license will New Mexico recognize that as a legitimate license?
New Mexico no longer has occupational licenses. Instead our Department of Motor Behicles issues Interlock licenses....
Can a judge charge me with any offense from a .0057 BAC
I had a court hearing for a simple speeding charge. The judge ordered a breathalyzer during the hearing because the bailiff suspected I was intoxicated. My BAC was .0057. I am curious about the grounds for the breathalyzer and if it was in fact irrelevant to my case considering the speeding ticket was from a week prior to my hearing.
You can be held in contempt of court for showing up intoxicated. However 0.0057 is less than one-fourth of a beer, one...