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Car impounded for Baiid violations, what costs can I expect.
Had one Baiid violation for .05 reading. Resulted in 3-month extension. I now had in one period two separate violations for .05 reading. If they impound my car for 30 days what cost might I expect.
You need to hire a local criminal defense attorney as soon as possible because this situation can go from bad to...
What it means for my DUI case if PBT was .09 and Breathalyzer at station was .06
When I was arrested for DUI, the PBT showed a .09 but when I blew at police station for implied consent breath test it dropped to .06 in a matter of a little over an hour. What could this mean for my case? I only performed the HGN in terms of FST.
It means the case could crumble if you hire a strong defense attorney who cross examines the state witnesses.
I have 5 DUIs. Can I ever get my license back in Illinois?
I have 5 DUIs over a 30 year period. I aquired the 4th and 5th in 2008. My understanding is I lose them for life after the 4th one according to the booklet the Secretary of State puts out. Is this written in stone?
Four DUI convictions are required. Supervision not a conviction. Reckless driving is not. Yes it is written in...
Do out of state DUIs carry over?
So, my girlfriend was arrested yesterday afternoon for driving while under the influence in Rockford, IL. This is her 3rd DUI, but it is her first in the state of Illinois. She had gotten 2 DUIs almost back to back in Michigan about 2 years ago, but was able to walk away after 10 days in jail and without probation. To date, she owes the state about $6,000, and technically has a warrant out for her arrest in Michigan due to unpaid fines. I'm curious if the DUIs will carry over, because right now her bond is set at $300, and that seems awfully low for someone with her DUI history. Isn't a 3rd DUI supposed to be a felony, anyway? She had gotten into an argument with someone and fallen asleep in the car (which just so happened to be in the middle of a parking lot). Someone noticed her passed out in the car and called the police, who then knocked on her window and proceeded to question her. They got her with 5 charges: DUI ALCOHOL/INTOX COMPOUND/DRUG; POSSESS DRUG PARAPHERNALIA; POSSESS CANNABIS 2.5-10 GRAMS; DRVNG UNDR INFLU/BAC 0.08; TRANSP/CARRY ALC LIQ/DRIVER. I know she had a bunch of opened containers and cans in the car. What is likely to happen if she is not bonded out?
Convictions from other states carry over to other states. You know she needs to get a dui attorney, help her do that....
Can I get an extension if my case is closed? Will my fine Go to collections ? Will I keep my licesnses?
I received a DUI I went through classes and court they Gave me from October of 2015 till may of 2016 to pay 2000. I have almost 1000 paid. I have shut downs at my job and they go for sometimes the whole month I also have two kids and just got finished filing bankruptcy.
I feel for you, and perhaps the judge will too. You may get an extension, because your circumstances are...
What are my options as a parent of an adult child killed by drunk driver?!?!?
My son was killed by a drunk driver. I'm being told that because my son was 25 and a father of 2, I am not allowed to sue the person who caused the accident nor his insurance company.
Is there a wife? If there is, she can sue. Also, the children can sue - but the mother would have to be involved....
I was granted an RDP from the SOS in IL. I can drive to and from work from 8 to 6 Monday thru Saturday.
What are the chances of me being charged with a violation if I never have any BAC violations at all but I go to the store after work or do various errands but nothing that that is too far beyond my driving time? Will the State make me explain this?
You have a restricted right to drive. You are not allowed to run various errands and whatnot simply because you want...