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  • Graphic History: Illustrated Tales of Nevada's Past

    Sunday Nov 22 | via News 88.9 KNPR 

    Michael Ogilvie, Sean C. Jones, Matty Newton, Connor Langton, J.D. King, Joseph Watson, Gary Mar, Rick Sealock, Craig Schaffer Sometimes, the past is best served as a big bowl of doodles, so welcome to our second Illustrated History edition , featuring Dario Herrera , various obscure figures of the past , an intimate recollection of the valley's movie theaters , a doomed mammoth and five wild historical moments that took place in Las Vegas hotel rooms . January 17, 1942: Clark Gable, crazed with worry, paces his room at the new El Rancho hotel.


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  • O.J. Simpson Trial Witness: 'O.J. Simpson Is Guilty'

    Tuesday Nov 10 | via ABC News 

    Kato Kaelin, a key witness who testified in the infamous 1995 O.J. Simpson criminal trial, said he now believes the former NFL star murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Kaelin, now 56, sat down for an interview with Barbara Walters for her Investigation Discovery series, "Barbara Walters Presents American Scandals," which airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET.


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Lovelock Law

I've been convicted of a 2nd DUI in Nevada, in 2008,is there a statue of limitations? Or should I just turn myself in, and roll
The dice. I moved back to Nevada, with this hanging over me. Am I still facing 6 months (max)? And thank-you for your time.
You were convicted.. did you not do what you were suppose to do? More info is needed, asker.
I lost my DMV case for a DUI in CO but I won my criminal case. I now live in Nevada and want to know how to get my DL back.
I am unable to live in Colorado because I couldnt afford it.
You'll likely have to satisfy all of the CO's requirements to get your license back. You might have to go to a school,...
Took a plea deal fora DUI - SBH but after getting about I'm wondering if i should explore other options.
I got into a accident and someone suffered a broken bone in their leg(person recovered fully in 4 mons). My BAC was a .11 This was my first DUI, or any arrest.. The accident was caused by a problem with my brakes which my lawyers were suppose to investigate.. At my prelim my lawyer waived the hearing and told me that the DA offered a standard 2-20 but agreed to cap their argument at a 4-10. They convinced me that this was a good deal and said they can argue for the min 2 yrs.. Once i was released I found out that my car keys were still in my property, so my lawyers never checked out the car, they told me that a unmaintained car isn't a excuse. But I had someone work on my brakes 2 months prior. Sentencing is end of FEB and i'm wondering if i should keep fighting or accept the deal.
If you are not happy with the deal you should talk to your attorney first. They can explain it further. If that...
What steps should I take to appeal a DMV license suspension request?
My license was recently submitted for suspension by the metro police department due to a DUI I was charged with although I wasn't even driving my car when NHP had showed up. I refused the breathalyzer because of stories I had heard not to mention I wasn't driving. I told the officer this and they had still arrested me without reading me my rights. How can I beat this case and file an appeal for the suspension since I don't have the quoted $2000 from the lawyer I had consulted?
So, tell me about NHP... did you admit to driving ? How did they come upon you? Generally speaking, if you argued...
DUI question -PLEA DEAL.
If I was arrested for my 3rd DUI last week (I know it's a felony). Is there anyway for the DA to enter a plea deal that doesn't involve SOP? Do you ever see it reduced to a 2nd offense and community service and other court ordered things? Just wondering because I go back and forth between work here and in California. Thank you:-) **We are going to hire an attorney but just wanting to know if any attorney's have seen this already.***
It is possible but not likely. By law, a prosecutor is not supposed to plea bargain a DUI case down without an evidence...
Coming back to my contry after a DUI in USA?
Hi, I got a DUI in Nevada, got bailed out, and the officer told me that it is mandatory court. I was in nevada for 6 weeks, that being my last days. I dont live anymore in my country. What would happen if I dont arrive to my court appointment?
Any time you do not appear for a court appointment, you will have a warrant for you. It is unlikely that they will...
3rd DUI
Is there other ways around prison time for 3rd DUI? What if my job doesn't align with the Sop? Thanks
It is not clear what your job's standard operating procedures have to do with your DUI. If you got the DUI while...