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  • Morning News: FOP president, city manager tangle ove...

    Nov 9, 2017 | via Cincinnati CityBeat 

    Morning News: FOP president, city manager tangle over police accountability; taxpayers could be on the hook for 4th and Race FOP President Dan Hils says Cincinnati City Manager threatened him in a 12-minute phone call about efforts to delay police officer testimony before the Citizens Complaint Authority. A newly released phone call between Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black and Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police President Dan Hils reveals deep tension between the city and the FOP on police accountability measures, even as the two work to refresh the city's historic Collaborative Agreement on police reform.


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Loveland Law

If I have a 8 year old warrant for an OVI, am I able to get a drivers license without being arrested at the BMV?
I had an OVI in 2006. I paid all fines off but did not complete 10 days in the Talbert House so a warrant was issued.
No. You will absolutely be arrested. Contact the Court where the warrant was issued to make arrangements to turn...
How should i format the written explanation I must send to the Board of Nursing regarding two OVI's?
I had an OVI in 2008 and 2010 I want to inform the board that I no longer drink but do not think it appropriate to include being a member of a twelve step program. Not sure how the statement should be written.
The best way to do this is to have an attorney who has handled these types of issues draft one for you. I usually...
I was put on probation for underage consumption when i was 20. I am 21 now and have drunk on my birthday.
I am wondering will i serve all 178 days or they will reduce my time because i am 21 now?
You will have to serve all the time.
Non-Reporting Probation
My boyfriend and I moved out of state for a few years. When we met he was on reporting probation and we let the court know we were moving. We have since moved back. He is now on non-reporting and he has tried to contact his P.O. and she has not answered. We ran into her at a gas station and said he needed to talk to her because he had not told her he had moved back. Is this going to be something she will violate him for? We did not know that we needed to inform her since there has been no contact since he has been on non reporting.
He will need to go back and review the terms and conditions of his probation. Most probation terms do include updating...
I have a warrant for failure to go to court for a driving under suspension will it show up on a fingerprint background check?
I am Getting a fingerprint background check done the warrant is in Kentucky and I live In Cincinnati Ohio will it still come up on my background check ?
Possibly. Why not get the warrant cleared up?
What can happen if third dui was one year apart from the second dui?
I got a dui a year ago and now I caught a 3rd dui it's been a year apart what will happen to me?
You need to hire an attorney asap! A third OVI in ten years is an unclassified misdemeanor and could have up to a year...
I am a Registered Nurse and have a question about HIPAA violations and how long it takes to find out if I am under investigation
Over a year ago I worked for the VA hospital in California as a nurse. I did something stupid and started dating an ex-patient. He asked me to look in his records, which I told him I could not, but did (unfortunately). He would get mad and threatening, so I would give in. Then he and I got engaged but since he was abusive and controlling, I broke it off. Then, because he was bitter and mad, he went to my bosses and complained that he was a target of elder abuse and that I had violated his rights and looked in his chart (6 times). I ended up resigning and he went to the IG to complain. I then ended up getting a Restraining Order because he wanted me back and I wanted nothing to do with him. He made death threats, it got ugly. I moved out of state where he can't find me. It has been just over a year and I have not heard anything from the VA OIG (Office of Inspector General) where he complained, nor from HHS. I am still scared of this man and what he threatened, that he wants me to lose my nursing license. I have not heard a word and want this to be over. I am wondering how long it takes to hear there is a complaint or an issue with my license/go to jail etc. Please help! Thanks.
I would start by contacting a criminal defense attorney in the city where this took place. He or she can possibly look...