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Can I submit an affidavit of non-ownership for a DUI that happened in 2008 after already having interlock installed since Jan.
First offense DUI in Sept. 2008. I completed all classes, requirements, and fines. And opted to sell my car and didn't drive until I bought a car finally in January of 2016. At which point I was told I still needed to have an interlock for 2 years. Something has bugged me about this ever since, and I mentioned it to the Interlock provider during my monthly appointment last week and they said I could have submitted a DR 2056 (Affidavit of Non-Ownership) since I didn't drive for so long and that they don't tell you about it so, basically they can make more money off of you. Is it still possible now that I know this, to submit that form and NOT have to complete the full 2 years of interlock even after having it for almost 9 months?
Without looking at your DMV paperwork, it's hard to say for sure. There are two instances when you have to install an...
Can i have a lawyer request a retest on my blood level to see if it will go down? Even though i was convicted 6mnths ago?
I have a dwai. My alcohol lvl was .195 Can i have a lawyer request to retest my alcohol lvl and if it were to go down would that change my blood lvl according to the dmv? Since it was .195 i have to have interlock for 2 years. If its requested retest and went down would the dmv change my length of time accordingly?
I will answer your questions in order. Yes, your lawyer can request a retest. Yes, if it goes down, that evidence...
Can i some how clear my license in colorado. Meaning forever surrender my licence n Colorado to get my license n nevada?
I got charged with a dwai in the state of Colorado. My alcohol lvl was above .17 which now requires me to have interlock for 2 years. I want to move to another state. I have had interlock for 6 months now. Im planning to move to nevada. I dont plan on moving back to colorado. Can i surrender my license in colorado having them "red line" my licence in their state. And release my right to obtain a license in any other state? And if i chose to move back to colorado then i would have to get interlock again to drive in their state.
No. The Driver's License Compact means that the states will share your information and your restriction will continue...
What is the statute of limitations in Colorado for a DUI? Can the Dept of Motor Vehicles take my license if I was never cited?
Never was cited for a DUI I should have received in Colorado on 10 October 2014. There was an accident.
Not sure what you mean by "should have received." You might check both with the DMV and the court of the jurisdiction...
In colorado when doing a blood test for a DUI do they always test for drugs? And is it a felony?
I have not had anything on my record before this is my first DUI.
It is up to the requesting police officer to tell the lab whether to test for alcohol alone or alcohol and other drugs....
Arrested DUID. no alcohol. I was very nervous : panicked. failed roadside maneuvers. I had a recent total right hip replacemen
SSDI. Severe anxiety obsessive-compulsive disorder Agoura phobia posttraumatic stress disorder. Are these reasons a judge might allow me to serve a 30 day sentence at home rather than in jail?
Those are good reasons, but you may be putting the beer wagon before the horse. You haven't been convicted yet, have...
Likelihood of a plea bargain to reduce reported .167 to sub .15?
First ever arrest for anything. No property damage, children in vehicle, etc.
I'm not sure what you are asking. I assume that you are inquiring about a BAC level, but plea agreements with the...