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Will there be a MANDATORY jail sentence for second no insurance arrest within 5 years in KY and d.u.i. first offense
I got pulled over in Bullitt County Kentucky I had blown on the breathalyzer over the legal limit .11 was what I blow and I also didn't have insurance and it was my second time for no insurance first time for DUI
It really depends on the prosecutor. I would recommend hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.
II drppped dirty due to medicstions im on?
I gave every prescribtion to my probation officer prior to drug test. She wrote them down. And all the false positives thst could occur. It came bsck positive for a number of differemt drugs. Im not dirty. Im not using drugs. So she sent me hine and said ill call you in a week or two. Someone please help. I need to know whst i should do. Thsnk you so much. I need any and all advice. Im sick over this
Help with what there appears to be no problem................................................
Punishment for driving on a suspended license due to DUI's, traffic violations?
A friend was pulled over three times (in two different counties in KY) and arrested for open container and RX in a bottle not labeled properly. He had cleared the hurdles of the DUI charges but due to the ticket and RX they revoked his hardship license - which he needs to run his own business. The next day (after the hardship was revoked) he was pulled over for a traffic violation and ticketed for suspended license. Hours later he was in an accident and ticketed again for the suspended license. What is he facing in Jefferson County, Louisville KY for these violations? Jail time, fines, extended probation, loss of driver's license, etc? Thanks for your input!!
There is a potential for all of the above. He needs to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent him. There is no...
How and where can I expunge my DUI, 1st Offense?
The DUI occurred in December 2009. I plead guilty in January 2010. I fulfilled all of my requirements and have no charges or tickets of any kind since then. I now live in metro Louisville, on the other side of the state from where this occurred. I know laws regarding expungement have recently changed in KY. What do I need to do, where can I do it and when can I proceed with expungement? The charge was from a State Policeman, not a local policeman. I'm not sure if this makes a difference. Again, this was my 1st offense and I have no other charges of any kind on my record. Does this need to happen in the county in which it occurred, or can it be done in Louisville? Thank you in advance for your time.
You need to contact and hire a local KY attorney to assist you with this. That person will be able to tell you what...
What is the penalty for an employer to falsifying a drug test in order to hire or keep employees?
My husband was fired because he damaged a piece of equipment at work and was drug tested and came up positive for marijuana. The turn over there was horrible because people kept coming up positive for marijuana. They started falsifying drug tests, having a clean person provide a clean sample. Other employees have damaged equipment and property without having to take a drug test. One employee was hired and the drug test was taken for him and he wasn't even present. He feels like he was singled out. Most employees would test positive for marijuana including the Branch Manager
I don't see a crime here. Might have a civil case, but I don't see a crime.
I have a dui .11 in west point .This is first time I have dui. What should I expect to happen to me?
I don't have money to hire a attorny.
Then bring proof of your finances and ask the court to appoint an attorney.
Can I get in trouble for volteering information I heard but no involvement
Someone I known was busted for drugs a lot of drugs!
With absolutely no wrongdoing? - no.. but mistakes do happen....