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Louisiana Crime

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  • Vote: Councilman to become Memphis' 1st white mayor ...

    3 hrs ago | via WXOW-TV La Crosse 

    While scientists have documented cases of tiny flies infesting honeybees, causing the bees to lurch and stagger around like zombies before they die, researchers don't know the scope of the problem. Paul Prudhomme, the Cajun who popularized spicy Louisiana cuisine and became one of the first American restaurant chefs to achieve worldwide fame, died Thursday.


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  • Deadly shooting on a Louisiana interstate leaves one...

    Monday Sep 14 | via Daily Mail 

    Heartbreaking scenes in California as 400 homes are wiped out and scores of farm animals are killed by raging wildfires that have blitzed 115,000 acres and forced 4,000 people to run for their lives Tearful 'Shawshank' prison worker breaks her silence claiming she helped inmates escape because they threatened her family - and says she was forced into sex act by killer fugitive Stay away from the grave, Amanda Knox is told by Meredith Kercher's family after she said she wanted to pray there Twitter backlash for Entourage star Adrian Grenier over his 9/11 tribute to Iraq's war dead - as users brand it 'classless' and a 'slap in the face' to terror victims Clooney says history will 'laugh' at Trump: Movie star takes aim at The Donald over his 'idiotic' Mexican immigrant comments Scott Walker blames Obama's 'absence of leadership' for recent attacks on cops and says the president must speak ... (more)


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  • No jail time for Natchez ex-teacher after guilty plea

    Friday Sep 11 | via KNOE-TV Monroe 

    A former teacher at Cathedral High School in Natchez who pleaded guilty to inappropriate contact with a student has received a suspended jail sentence. 28-year-old Brett Hinson was arrested in June and charged with sexual battery.


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  • Rutgers' Kyle Flood to coach opener; 5 players arrested

    Sep 3, 2015 | via ABC 33/40 

    An Oklahoma man is accused of creating bogus social media accounts and claiming he'd been kidnapped to try to get his ex-wife's attention, and later bombing her house in Louisiana. The white man accused of killing nine black churchgoers during a Bible study will face the death penalty, according to court documents filed Thursday.


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  • More than 23,000 Cannondale bicycles recalled for fa...

    Sep 3, 2015 | via KMPH-TV Fresno 

    The U.S. Coast Guard says part of the Mississippi River has been closed as crews investigate and clean up an oil spill caused by the collision of two tow boats. Part of the Mississippi River was closed as crews investigated and cleaned up an oil spill caused by the collision of two tow boats, the U.S. Coast Guard said Thursday.


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Louisiana Law

How long dose the state of Missouri have to erang you one a dwi charges before they have to drop them
My boyfriend got pulled over by a state trooper and they gave him a bac but they are trying to charge him with a dwi can they do that
Sure, they can do that. What he needs is a criminal defense attorney to investigate all the facts and circumstances and...
I am on parol and I jus got three tickets dwi drug paraphnelia and drivin without plates in a friends car all misdemeanors
I just got out the end of may last year done good completd everything she ask since then am d then this happened
You need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who practices in the city or county where this happened. Your...
If a parent gives a minor permission to drink away from home Is the adult the minor was with able to be punished by law?
On my birthday I had my daughters sister over and she called her mom and asked if she could have a beer and her mom said yes so she got one... am I responsible?
Yes, you could be charged criminally with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
Manslaughter from DUI
Grandson served 1 yr. in Missouri DOC for DUI and friend was killed in accident. He served 1 yr. of a 2 yrs sentence. He has 5 yr. probation and wonders if he can get hardship license so he can get a job?
Contact the license authority and they are the best people to answer that.
What should I expect from a 2nd dui offense?
I had my first dui within the past year and my lawyer got me off with unsupervised probation, I just got my second one a week ago, and I am wanting to know what to expect whenever I go to court. I know the maximum you can get a year so is that what I should expect to get?
Not necessarily. Retain the same attorney you had for your first DUI and discuss the facts with him or her. There may...
If I have warrents can I go take my drivers license test without being arrested?
My licence expired in April and I know I'll have retake the written and driving portion, but I have warrents and I would like to know if I can get a new license without getting arrested.
The first thing a state does is suspended your license or your ability to obtain a license when you are a FUGITIVE....
How do i get or write on the petition reinstatement of my licenses i have server all my suspension year ago
have all my receipts and satop paper i know i need interlock device but got to get judge order of reinstatement first
The best way would be to hire an attorney to write and present the petition. This is not a self help project and you...