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How soon after an arrest for dui does the blood sample have to be taken?
In my case, 3 hours elapsed between the arrest and the drawing of the blood at the hospital. Is this time excessive?
That is toooooo long! Hire a criminal defense attorney who deals with DUI cases to maximize your chance of a dismissal!
In the state of TN, how long can one be held without an arraignment?
My uncle was arrested Sunday afternoon for DUI in Loudon County, TN. He was taken to the hospital early Monday morning & placed in CCU. He hasn't been arraigned, & they will not give us any information on his condition nor will they let us see him.
Normally, the nationwide standard is you can be held 72 hours without arraignment. But there are exceptions. If...
Can DUI charge stick if never pulled over but in vehicle being gassed without keys in ignition
And never had police car behind me
The DUI charges just might stick. I think this is a duplicate post. You cannot resolve this online and need to...
Can I get this Dui dismissed?
On a Friday night I allowed a friend to drive me home who told me he had a valid driver license. I had been drinking and turned over my keys to him. Well he went got my car and picked me up and on the way home a state trooper pulled us over. Next thing I know they asked me to step out of my car, put me in hand cuffs and said I was being arrested for consenting to allow a person to drive my car who has suspended license and they gave him a 2nd offense dui. I didn't know his license was suspended and I thought that I was doing the right thing by not driving with drinking. The police officers charged me with DUI no BREATHLYZER nor Blood test was given to me. No test was given to me. I wanted to know if I can get this dismissed considering I thought I was doing the right thing and not drinking and driving. He lied to me saying he had license and sober.... Can I get this DUI dismissed?
You are unlikely to get it dismissed if you represent yourself. Also, if you are your own lawyer the things you say to...
Can I somehow be able to use pretrial diversion since DUI and DWI are mostly interchangeable words?
I was recently arrested for DUI in Tennessee, and I am 18. This is my first offense, and was going to use Pretrial Diversion since this is my first offense ever, but TN law states pretrial diversion can not be offered for DUIs, but can for DWIs. I did let them take my blood, but was never breathalyzed, so I don't know what my BAC was at the time. My arraignment is tomorrow.
No - they are not interchangeable. In Tennessee, there is no DWI for adults. DWI applies to minors only. And don't...
Do I have a chance of getting the charge reduced. If not, can I serve the 45 days on weekends or some other way for work/college
Hi. I just received my 2nd dui charge in Tennessee. My last one was 8 years ago. It's a physical control issue. An officer did a wellness check while i was sleeping it off in my truck and had my keys on me. My BAC was .14.
It is certainly possible to get the charge reduced. Although, recent case law has gotten much more favorable toward...
Can I acquire an Alcohol Permit in Chattanooga, TN with a DUI?
I'm trying to get a serving job (preferably at a bar atmosphere) in Chattanooga. 2 years ago, I got charged with a misdemeanor DUI less safe in Cobb County, Georgia. In Cobb County, I'm not allowed to acquire an alcohol permit because I have the DUI on my record, but other counties in Atlanta don't require that so I haven't had trouble finding jobs down here. But since I'm moving to Chattanooga, will I run into problems with that if hired?
This is not a criminal defense question; It is an administrative / regulatory / licensing and possibly even an...