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On probation in one county and got a dui in a neighboring County will my probation find out about the dui or no. ?
So I'm on probation for some drug related stuff. Almost done but I just got a dui in the county next to mine. Scared of I tell my P.O. I'm go in to violate and who knows what well happen. Wondering if there's a chance she won't know about the dui I'm the other county and I could just deal with it separately.
There is a pretty reasonable chance they will find out about it and if your PO is not informed then They are very...
How much jail time for a second DUI with enhancements in Santa Barbara, CA?
A friend just got her second DUI in less than 10 years. She also hit 2 parked cars and a tree. Her charges are: DUI .08%, Aggravated .15% or higher, Hit and Run and Prior DUI emhancement. At her court date, she pled "Deny" for both Hit and Run and Prior Enhancement. She's now in rehab for a 90 day program and I'm wondering how much jail time she might get because someone I know who works for the DUI program said Santa Barbara doesn't give jail time for a second offense. That doesn't sound right to me at all. All 4 charges are midemeanors.
It's good that you're concerned for your friend, but she must have a lawyer based in what you've described. Please...
Can a drunk in public citation be mailed after the fact?
I picked my boyfriend up when he was very drunk. Police officers were there but they didn’t issue him a ticket or arrest him and let him leave with me. The officers have his name and date of birth. Should he expect a ticket in the mail or any sort of citation?
Theoretically, the DA could file charges against your boyfriend anytime in the next year. But in practice, based on...
What happens if someone has 3 warrants & was arrested for dui?
My friend & I were on our way to Santa Barbara for vacation we got pulled over because my friend was over the speed limit they took him out the car and found alcohol on him & they ran his license and found out he had 3 warrants. He was taken in yesterday 11/5/17 & has court the 8th how long can he be in jail for?
This cannot be answered from the information given. The duration he can be held will depend on what crimes the...
Wwhat will happen at my first court appearance for a dui ?
wasnt in car, had no keys, 25 ft away from car when officers arrived, charged dui, was arrested released 6 hours later
Your first court date is an arraignment, where you will be formally notified of the charges against you. If you haven't...
How long to hear from DMV re: scheduling APS hearing?
pulled over for unclear reasons. officer said i did "well" on roadside tests but my roadside PAS was "exactly 0.08" (sounded suspicious). blood test was done > 1 hour later, have no clue what the results were (but felt 100% sober the entire time, for what its worth). its been over one month since ive requested the APS hear and have yet to hear of a time/date - is this normal? Whats the likelihood of a plea deal down to a lesser charge (if i hire an attorney)? is there any way other than the APS hearing (as it may be set aside assuming below < 0.08) to get my blood test results? thank you
Your blood tests results will become available at the arraignment date. However, I'm guessing the arraignment date has...
Passenger in a car pulled over for DUI, was searched & 2 clean, packaged, unopened syringes found? Was charged with misdemeanor.
As a passenger in a car pulled over for DUI, my son was searched & 2 clean syringes, packaged & unopened were found. No drugs were found & syringes were bought over the counter at Walgreens. Is there a defense against the possession of drug paraphernalia charge?
Yes. Speak to a lawyer. There are a couple of issues here.