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Failure to comply with an ignition interlock
I receive a letter regarding that I need to appear in court due to a high bac
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I am applying for a restricted license in California, I have a DUI, I have a clothing company and need to go many places.
Is this possible with a restricted license? I go to stores and sell. Also I live in New Mexico and the SR22 Waver is not possible in New Mexico, In California I stay at my daughters residence. The DMV sent me a letter saying I could apply for a restricted license in California. Is this legal, I go to California at least once a month.
DMV rules can be confusing and even more so when dealing with DMVs from multiple states. I would suggest contacting a...
I got a DUI in California, live in New Mexico, no SR22 DUI WAVER allowed here, if i get my calif license back can I drive in NM?
California Court requirements met except i week more online Tom Wilson DUI counseling 9 month program, then done. Received an offer from California DMV to apply for California restricted license. If I get California restricted license can I drive in New Mexico? And is the DUI in California then over when I get my restricted license?
If you get a CA restricted license, you can drive in New Mexico. You should also apply for a New Mexico driver's...
Can I avoid an interlock in NM after having a valid FL license subsequent to my Colorado DUI? FL license has since expired.
I received a DUI in CO in 2007. A couple years later I received a normal FL driver's license. Since then my license has expired, and after moving to NM they are requiring an interlock device. Is this possible to avoid? Any help is much appreciated.
I am not licensed in New Mexico, so out of respect for any answer offered by an experienced attorney licensed in New...
I won my dwi dmv case, but got a deferred judgement for six months in court with a dismissed charge if complete my conditions.
In the conditions I have to have the interlock in the car for six months, I had the interlock installed and I went to my interlock license dmv is not showing that I have to have an interlock license. Since I won the dmv hearing do I need to have the license? The court will not file until the end of my probation stating that it was dismissed. Can the dmv come back and force me to have the interlock again after they receive the dismissal?
If the conditions say you have to have an IID then you have to have an IID.
Can I get jail time for blowing .05 in my interlock and I wasn't drinking?
I used mouthwash and sprayed body mist n hairspray on my hair before I blew.
Why would you use mouthwash right before you blew in to an IID? Hairspray isn't going to do anything to an IID. You...
Can u get a driving on suspended license and dwi if u never had a license
I have been convicted over driving on suspend license and a dwi even though i have never had a driver's license
Yes, you can. The MVD can suspend/revoke potential privileges, and therefore revoke your future license.