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I think it should be grandfathered but i'm not sure
asked and answered duplicate post, find out why your license was suspended and consult a local attorney
I was charged with my second dwi after I got my drivers license back, I blew a .03 and .04 well under the legal limity in NM. Will I be able to get a passport
A DUI conviction does not effect your ability to an obtain a US passport. For alternative ID, you might want to...
My husband & I were pulled over in Arizona, we live in NM, for window tint too dark, and trailer ball obstructing license plate, the officers gave my husband a urine test on the side of the road, telling him if he didn't give urine then and there, then they would take him into custody. My husband gave urine then was issued citation for DUI (marijuana). I also needed to relieve myself, so the officers on site (all male officers) allowed me to use the restroom while being watched by the male officers on the side of the highway. No urine was taken from me. I was issued citations for possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia. The officers transported me and my husband to the nearest town and impounded our vehicle. Consent was NOT given to search
Sounds to me like the cops may not have had probable cause for the search (taking his urine) so they coerced him into...
the numbers for dwi is .08 how is marijuana measure for the amount of impairment
Most states do not have a level. They have to rely on the officer's training. There is a formal program to become a DRE...
Campus security guards don't have the power to make an arrest...I was very compliant when they told me to get back in my car....20 minutes later a police officer shows up and arrests me...I feel like my rights have been totally violated..P.s. I did fail the breathalyzer, I was over the limit
Many factors go into a conviction, but campus security can certainly testify that you were driving, if they saw you driving.
I have a dui from 1991 and they ( DMV ) says that I have to have interlock for at least six months because the new law requires me to .. so I thought maybe I fall under some kind of grandfathered law since it was 22 years ago, I am really confused. Can you please help, I just got arrested for revoked license because of this new law
If you did not have a license was it still suspended from the 1991 conviction? If any case you need to at least...
Policer officer is charging me with two open container he forgot in my car?
DUI's not usually based on open containers. Normally they are base on your driving, field sobriety tests and...