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I have a DUI from 1991 and to get a drivers license I have to get an interlock in my vehicle and do I fall under the new law
I think it should be grandfathered but i'm not sure
asked and answered duplicate post, find out why your license was suspended and consult a local attorney
I have been charged with a dwi which i blew under the legal limit and I need to get a passport with this limit me to do so?
I was charged with my second dwi after I got my drivers license back, I blew a .03 and .04 well under the legal limity in NM. Will I be able to get a passport
A DUI conviction does not effect your ability to an obtain a US passport. For alternative ID, you might want to...
I've never had a drivers license, I got a dwi/dui before I turned 18 with no license.
Recently, I was pulled over again, speeding. The cop said I was "revoked", but I've never had a license. I also did a year of supervised probation for the prior dwi. It was supposed to be on my sealed juvenile record. How did this cop find on my record that I had a dwi related arrest but not see that I'm not revoked because I've never had a drivers license? Also, after the fact of taking care of my probation, dmv will not let me get a license without having a vehicle registered in my name with an innerlock, but also I can't register a vehicle to my name with a revoked license charge. Does this sound right? It doesn't to me. It was discussed during my court appearance for the dui charge, that it wouldn't be on my permanent adult record if I did the probation.
your right to drive on the public highways is revoked.
Should an officer perform a urine test on the side of the road where they pulled you over, then issue you a citation for DUI MJ
My husband & I were pulled over in Arizona, we live in NM, for window tint too dark, and trailer ball obstructing license plate, the officers gave my husband a urine test on the side of the road, telling him if he didn't give urine then and there, then they would take him into custody. My husband gave urine then was issued citation for DUI (marijuana). I also needed to relieve myself, so the officers on site (all male officers) allowed me to use the restroom while being watched by the male officers on the side of the highway. No urine was taken from me. I was issued citations for possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia. The officers transported me and my husband to the nearest town and impounded our vehicle. Consent was NOT given to search
Sounds to me like the cops may not have had probable cause for the search (taking his urine) so they coerced him into...
How can they measure the amount of impairment when accused of dui (marijuana)
the numbers for dwi is .08 how is marijuana measure for the amount of impairment
Most states do not have a level. They have to rely on the officer's training. There is a formal program to become a DRE...
Unable to use ignition interlock in New Mexico due to Emphysema. Calibration at lowest setting. How do I get this waived?
I was charged with 1st DUI...state has law for ignition interlock to be kept in car for 1 year for first offense. Due to my health/COPD I am unable to start my car. Who can I speak with to get this requirement waived. My case is with an attorney and he says he specializes in DUI but does not have an answer for me aside from an enormous addtional fee. The case is being tried in the magistrate court, can this judge waive the interlock? I still have the MVD hearing...can the legal department at the MVD waive this requirement? Please help...I was so very disappointed that the attorney I chose not only could NOT help me with this...he failed to inform me about an appeal that I could have tried prior to all this.
There is no law that allows the judge to waive the interlock requierment. MVD can be asked to drop the revocation,...
What are my chances of getting of probation early?
I plead guilty to a DWI on February 25, 2015. I have completed my community service, paid all the fines, went to dwi class, went to a victim impact panel, passed every test, and have been compliant with everything required of me. I am filing a motion with my attorney on August 25th, 2015. That is half way through my full year of probation. I am currently on unsupervised probation and I am just waiting for it to beveryone finished basically. What are my chances of getting off early? And how long does it take for a judge to reply to a motion? My judge is Yvette gonzales.
You really ought to ask your attorney about this!! He or she knows all of the facts!!