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Am I still obligated to take random urin analysis if it came back unsubstantiated for drug addicted parent with neg urins provid
They want me to participate in urins even after seven voluntary tests were negative and it's unsubstantiated drug abuse adult
If you are ordered by a court for drug tests then you have to complete them.
I have a DUI from 1991 and to get a drivers license I have to get an interlock in my vehicle and do I fall under the new law
I think it should be grandfathered but i'm not sure
asked and answered duplicate post, find out why your license was suspended and consult a local attorney
Can I get my license back if my dwi case was dismissed
I was unable aware I had to go to a dmv hearing 10 days prior to my arrest I thought it was 10 days after I was charged. I called and asked if there was any way I can request a hearing but the lady was really rude and said no to bad you have to get an interlock
It is 10 days after your charge. How can you request a hearing 10 days prior? Were you planning on getting a Dwi? I'm...
Can employer terminate employee that got arrested only for DWI on business trip in personal vehicle after work hours?
out-of-town to work 8-5 got pulled over at 1am
It depends. New Mexico is an at-will employment state. That means that, absent an employment contract that provides...
I've never had a drivers license, I got a dwi/dui before I turned 18 with no license.
Recently, I was pulled over again, speeding. The cop said I was "revoked", but I've never had a license. I also did a year of supervised probation for the prior dwi. It was supposed to be on my sealed juvenile record. How did this cop find on my record that I had a dwi related arrest but not see that I'm not revoked because I've never had a drivers license? Also, after the fact of taking care of my probation, dmv will not let me get a license without having a vehicle registered in my name with an innerlock, but also I can't register a vehicle to my name with a revoked license charge. Does this sound right? It doesn't to me. It was discussed during my court appearance for the dui charge, that it wouldn't be on my permanent adult record if I did the probation.
your right to drive on the public highways is revoked.
How can they measure the amount of impairment when accused of dui (marijuana)
the numbers for dwi is .08 how is marijuana measure for the amount of impairment
Most states do not have a level. They have to rely on the officer's training. There is a formal program to become a DRE...
When can I leave the state I got a dwi in, to the state with my residency?
I live in California and I was on vacation to nm and I got a dwi. So the officer put down wrong info and the system says I'm from nm, which I used to live 4 years ago. Now I'm waiting for my case to get to the courthouse while I need to get back home. How can I speed up the process?
That’s an easy one, my friend. Hire an attorney (an EXPERIENCED DUI attorney) and have him or her file a motion to...