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Pulled over for dui, had me breath into little device got .24. A hour and twenty min later had me breath into another device
For a reading of .15. Numbers so different is that significant
Yes. There is no way you are going to eliminate .14 BAC in a little over an hour. You need to consult with an attorney...
What is the consequence if a minor is cited to having a party, without parents knowledge, and alcohol is being consumed?
I'm in Santa Clara county, California
Consequences to who? The minor or the adult?
I do not have a license and got a DUI? Should I book my DMV hearing or should I try to receive my license before my DUI hearing?
I have no DL and got a DUI for 0.05 or more. The officer violated multiple procedure which makes me feel like I could win. No chemical test rules were read, I asked for clarification and there was none. I did not refuse tests. I showed room where results could be tampered with that caused "probable cause" I was vocal about these issues so they could understand but they did not care. I was hostile in taking the chemical test but proceeded to be "cooperative" when I asked information for clarification he stated I talked to much. - I wanted to know consequences for refusal - Why I was required to take the test - Concerned because I already showed proof that I broke the zero tolerance law but he did not clarify still and simply responded "they will force you if you refuse."
First, you should request the hearing regardless. You have 10 days from the date of arrest to request the hearing, if...
I am on a dui misdemeanor informal court probation, in santa clara county, am i subject to search?
Most probably yes. You should look at your sentencing sheet to see what it says.
If I have a dui and I'm in probation can I travel
i live in California. Want to travel to vegas can I or I can't ?
You need to ask your Probation Officer. Good luck.
Why would my husband get a court date a month away for a dui??
My husband turned himself in Jan 26..had a court date Jan 27 and was remanded. I checked website and it shows it doesn't have a court date until Feb 27..When I called clerk's office they stated his charges were past DUI and driving without license ..And he had a no bail warrant.. I understand we need to pay the fees..We were behind but we did go all court dates..I'm a little lost on why they are keeping him soo long for a court date?!? How much time can he serve?!? Is there anyway I can help him. DUI was from 2010.
He probably got an offer for admitting a probation violation that he rejected so it was set for a hearing.
How to I get my license back from a DUI that happened three years ago?
Hello, I got a DUI back in October of 2013 and was officially convicted on January 27th, 2014. It was not a wet reckless (I don't know if that makes a difference?) After tomorrow it will officially be three years after. I did not attempt to get a restricted license or get my license back during this time as I had no car. However, I am now looking to get a car for school and thus get my license back. I know that an SR-22 is required for three years after conviction but is it three years from conviction or three years after getting your licence back? If I no longer need an SR-22 what steps do I take now to get my license back?
Call 916 657 6525 to see what you need to reinstate. YOu likely have to pay a fee and MAY have to do a 3 month alcohol...