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Can I get community service and a fine on my 3rd
I'm homeless with a 13 year old daughter ..I'm on felony probation but they didn't take me to jail when I told them.. But my friend was a mile and a half away from her house. And me knowing I have no license in a dui class and on felony probation ,I tried to get us home save because she would of had a accident if I didn't drive
A third DUI comes with mandatory 120 day sentence , plus whatever the judge might through in for the parole violation....
Should I have sent court papers showing I had 3 prior dui's in my past? I am petitioning for my husband's Ir1/CR1 visa.
I am the petitioner for my husband's IR1/CR1 visa. I have had 3 prior dui's in my past. I already asked here and found out that my dui's should not affect my husband's case, unless, I have a history of domestic violence, or child abuse history, which I do not. I was also advised to tell my husband about my history just in case he is asked at his interview, which I did. My question now is, was I supposed to send in court documentation or police report showing my history? There was no requirement that I saw that listed my criminal history be sent in. I would just like to confirm. We are at the NVC stage and are awaiting an interview date. Thank you.
No, you should not be required to send those court papers to the NVC, but if they request them you may send them.
My juvenile son (14) got arrested for driving while intoxicated. Do I need a lawyer?
My son who is 14 decided to ride his mini bike on the street after he and some friends were drinking. He got arrested and had .03 BAC level. They released him to us that night and didn't hear anything for about 6 months. We talked to the probation officer who didn't feel that he should get more than probation, but I can't be sure of that. I'm sure they will not allow him to get a license and that sort of thing, but do I need legal representation in court? His court date is next week. Please advise...Thank You.
absolutely you should get an attorney. I have handled these cases many times before. This case should go to juvenile...
If a drunk driver hit me on a head on collision, and I dont have a license, will the car be covered by the insurance
I was my girlfriends car and I was coming around the corner and I realized the car was on my lane, and we hit on a head on collision resulted that he was drunk
Your license status is irrelevant. So long as you were using the car with your girlfriend's permission and were not...
Was charged both statue VC23152 (A) -M and VC23153 (B) -M so what does that mean
I was just around the cornerof my house before I got stop was able to pull up my drive way had to do the breathe test about 5 times on my property then got tooken in for custody is that even ok
VC23152(a) is a misdemeanor (hence the M) for driving under the influence. VC23152(b) is a misdemeanor for driving...
How should i plea on my first dui case?
Hello i got pulled over just a few nights ago, and was arrested for my first dui. i barely failed the field sobriety test but when they took me back to the station and booked me, they gave me a breathalizer test i blew a .18. i was totally compliant with the arresting officers and the jail guards. now this is my first dui and my first ever criminal charge ever! But i cannot afford a lawyer please help me i need to know how to plea so i can explain my situation to the judge?
Pled NOT GUILTY and request the services of the public defender.
I was charged with a 23152(a) I was able to plea to a 23103. Wreckless driving. I still have the DMV hearing
Can DMV still suspend my license for 30 days? I have to have a valid CDL to perform my job duties. This was my first and only offense. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Yes, the DMV can still suspend your license if you lose your DMV hearing. The DMV hearing is like a completely...