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Will DUI affect my citizenship?
I have lived in US for 22 years. I want to apply for the US citizenship. However, 15 years ago, I caused traffic accident and there was no injury; besides, there was a small amount of drug found in my car. I joined the program for the first offender. In my case, will DUI affect my citizenship application?
Assuming you were only convicted of a DUI and no other charges relating to drugs, a DUI from 15yrs ago should not...
Will I get an extension for my DUI requirements?
I was sentenced in March of 2016 at the LA Metro Court of a first time misdemeanor DUI with aggravating factors and converted fines to community service (can't do labor due to disability). I was given one year to complete my requirements. I still have to complete: 200 hours (out of 400 hours) of community service, 3 months of my 9 month alcohol program, MADD & HAMM classes. I had difficulty with paying for my alcohol program / moving / divorcing, I started all my requirements late due to moving last summer. The lawyer saw in November my progress, and was okay with everything, I'm at the same progress as then because of finally getting a job. The MADD & HAMM classes are not offered where I live (Santa Maria, CA) and it's difficult for me to get to Los Angeles where I was convicted. Will the judge give me an extension? How long can I ask for? Should I contact the court BEFORE my court date?
YES, the judge will probably give you an extension but you should ask for it ahead of time. Be proactive. You already...
Can I get my DL back after 10 years from d.u.i suspension in CA?
7 years since my arrest for a D.U.I paid all fees & attended the 3month program that judge asked. But DMV wants 6month program! There was a clerical mistake at court. Took classes in 2011 is it still valid?
You should go back to court and have them correct the clerical error and send a new "abstract" to the DMV with the...
Completing dui terms and conditions on time?
I got a dui about 9 months ago. The court gave me 1 year to complete all the terms and conditions of my probation. I have completed the dui class, the HAMM and MADD courses and paid about half of the fine. If I am unable to pay the complete amount of the fine by the last day it is due what should I do? Appear in court and request an extension? Do i have to see the judge? Thanks
Sounds like a trip to court is in order. Either you or your lawyer will need to go. Better your lawyer.
What am I looking at for a Dui and over .08% limit?
I'm here as a resident, green card have a good driving record no tickets. Got stopped asked to perform all sobriety test , and then did the breathalyzer test was over the limit by a little. Didn't crash or anything else. Was taken in to sober up.My ticket only shows dui and over limit as comments. I did have a passenger in the car, I was driving their car. What am I looking at, I don't want my green card revoked, or denied in the future when I want to renew. What should my next step be, any to keep my license to drive to work.
I practice both immigration and criminal law and you are facing some very serious issues. First, any attorney would be...
What happens after DUI for marijuana in California ?
I was smoking marijuana in my car with my friends(one was in the car with me others were outside the car) in a low key spot we always hangout. Police came saw us and told us to leave then when I did leave i was driving up the street from where we were and he was hiding waiting for me to drive by and when I drove by he pulled me over and gave me a dui. I have a medical marijuana recommendation so before I left the spot I put everything in my trunk. One other fact was that I know the police were out of jurisdiction because they are known cops in my city of Glendale.. but the spot I was hanging out on and the st they pulled me over was NOT in Glendale but in Los Angeles. Couple blocks away. What do I do now? Is my license suspended?
You need to fight this. You need to hire an attorney who HAS and does handle drug (marijuana) DUIs. The DMV should...
How do I get a DUI removed from my driving record?
I was arrested feb 5 2016 for DUI and the da never filed any fcriminal charges in court. The statue of limitations had passed now so how do I get the DUI off of my driving record?!
Not sure what you mean, if the DA did not file charges then the DUI is not on your record. If you refer to removing...