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When does a DUI fall off your driving record in California?
I was convicted of a DUI that occurred 11/2010. I just obtained an online Driver History Report through the CA DMV website. It lists convictions as "None", basically as if the DUI did not exist. My husband obtained his Driver History Report and his speeding ticket from 2014 shows in the convictions section. Has my DUI record somehow fallen off or does this Driver History Report only reflect recent convictions? I only ask because when applying for auto insurance, they ask about DUI convictions within 10 years. If my records do not show a conviction, am I obligated to announce my DUI to my auto insurance company? Thanks!
You should speak to a California attorney. However, here is a prior question on AVVO: https://www.avvo.com/legal-...
How long will be served with overcrowding on a felony dui?
Son was taken in on a felony dui warrant to west vly det ctr in San Bernardino, no prior arrests.
Sorry but it is no way to answer that question with knowing more about your sentence. Since you are charged with a...
Dui evidence
Can you use DMV transcripts as evidence which contain police officer's mistakes and verbal contraditions in a dui trial and as exhibits in your motions?
Yes, you can use a transcript to impeach the cop but you will an attorney to help you with this matter.
What date does a DUI come off your DMV record
Hello all, I had a DUI right around 10 years ago. I was arrested in December of 05 but I was not convicted in court until June of 06. My Per Se hearing was in March I believe which I lost. Can you tell me what date the "clock started?"
Your DUI becomes non-priorable 10 years from the date of arrest. from the information you provided your DUI can no...
How does a dui with bodily injuries
I got charged with dui and bodily injuries and they told me I could get time but it's my first offense and ebryine is alright
You need to get an attorney ASAP. Regardless if it's your first offense a DUI with injury can be charged as a felony,...
How tough is North Court on DUI cases?
First offense DUI with .06 BAC. Pulled over by CHP, don't want to get into the details online. Case out of North Court which I've heard is so awful that they might not only file the case but refuse to even offer any reduction even though I was below .08. I've also read going to trial in Orange County on a DUI is close to a guaranteed conviction. How bad is North Court and is it even worth talking to a lawyer?
North Court tends to be pretty tough on DUIs, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to fight and prevail over there....
I have 3 dui...
i have 3 dui one was almost 10 years the other one almosy 6 years the other 4 months ago . my first two dui all pay everything i did everything that they told me to do comunity hours etc . im still in process in my 3 dui. i got marry with a citizen .its there any way i can be resident??? cause my dui??
You have a third DUI. You face a minimum of 120 days county jail and up to a 10 year loss of license. You need...