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California DUI arrest and didn't blow. DMV suspends license for 1 year, are there any options for me?
Arrested in Ventura County. I refused the breath test but agreed to the blood test. DMV sides with officer and suspends my license for 1 year. Do I have ANY recourse or options to drive? I'm a first time offender and I just can't believe there are no options. It's astounding. How do they expect people to work and earn a living?
There are no options when the DMV finds a refusal other than than to challenge that finding via filing a writ in the...
Do you have to show your license and registration at a DUI checkpoint?
I was going through a DUI checkpoint and the officer ask for my license and registration. Did I legally have to show him?
Were you arrested?
Do I have a chance at fighting a DUI charge
I was arrested for a DUI recently with a .2 BAC. I understand how high that was but feel that was higher than what it should have been. As far as the circumstances that revolves around it goes, I was parked on the shoulder of a freeway making a phone call. After a few minutes, CHP pulled behind me to see what I was doing. I let them know making a phone call. I was outside the whole time as they pulled behind me and did not see me driving at all. I understand they can still get me for a DUI but it's a matter if it's worth fighting for to at least reduce charges imposed on me through claims that it should not have been a .2 BAC which was obtained from a breathalyser on the spot. Thank you.
Assuming you were alone and had no passengers, it will tough to beat a .20 BAC. You may have admitted to driving...
Dui blow .07, arrested for speeding on a motorcycle and no license class m what happened in court?
.07 blow at the station. He had no motorcycle license only car. and was going to exceeding the speed limit, my car license it off me and my appointment is official until October this year. I had no problems with Dmv and I already have my license on the way.
.07 is good. how bad is speed? 50 in a 35 not bad. 90 plus bad. license not much of an issue. priors? facts are...
Are police departments required by law to announce DUI checkpoints prior to the date in California?
Are police departments required by law to announce DUI checkpoints prior to the date in California? If not, why do they announce the checkpoints prior to the date? If so, through what medium do they announce?
They are required to announce it. they do through press releases issued to the news outlets and or newspapers.
Petition for Writ of Mandate: Court date is AFTER full year of license suspension is already served?
My California drivers license was suspended for 1 year due to refusal to take blood/breath test when i was stopped for DUI I didn't actually refuse and am fighting the DMV decision by Petition for Writ of Mandate. My attorney just informed me that the court assigned us a date 1 day AFTER I have my 1 year suspension ends. (And the court already denied me an ex-parte). Even if I win, I have already suffered the full punishment. Is this legal? It doesn't seem fair. Is my attorney doing something wrong?
Your attorney isn't doing anything wrong. At least with respect to this. The DMV action is totally separate from any...
My temporary license expired a week ago and I haven't been convicted yet
My temporary license from me getting a DUI had expired exactly a week ago now and I was wondering if I can get another temporary license or something if I haven't been convicted yet.
the temporary license is tied to DMV driver safety administration action and not conviction. if you did not request s...