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Hire an attorney? Odds of winning dmv hearing?
Was arrested for 1st dui, breath test .11 and retested at station breath results .12. Went to court for initial court date. Police Paperwork hasn't been submitted yet. Should I hire an attorney? DMV hearing is in 2 weeks. Trying to avoid a double suspension. Odds of winning dmv hearing? Help I'm very overwhelmed.
No one can give you odds of winning. While there could be a rising blood alcohol defense for both the DMV and criminal...
Would I be able to avoid a DWI?
I was pulled over for passing an officer on the freeway. I complied with the field test but declined the Breathalyzer. I had 5 drinks in the span of 4 hours and was afraid to blow over. I was arrested for suspicion and I took the blood test 2.5 hours later. The officers didn't take my license so i don't have to contact the DMW. A DUI is not likely since the officers returned my licence and I'm estimating my BAC will be along 0.02-0.04. Is a "wet reckless" likely? This is a first offence.
You aren't going to get a meaningful answer from a stranger on the Internet, especially without the actual test results....
Getting Temporary Resident Permit for Canada with 2 DUIs.
I have 2 DUIs (one from 2002 and one from 2011), both of which are fully completed/paid for. A family friend is getting married in Vancouver next year and I understand that Canada considers these criminal offenses and could turn you away when trying to enter the country. I spoke with my employer and they said there is a process with which I can apply for a temporary resident permit but if I do so through our attorney, the fee is $3000. Is there a way to do this on your own or is it best to seek counsel?
You should seek counsel. DUIs ARE criminal offenses even in the United States. I'm afraid you'll likely be denied...
Can a lawyer in California help me to obtain a driver's license in California?
I am looking for a lawyer to help me to obtain driving privilege in California. I had a driver's license in Virginia but revoked in 2003 because of my 3rd DUI conviction. VA DMV told me to petition to court, get evaluation from ASAP advisor and some other things in order to restore my driving in Virginia. I would like to apply for the CA driver's license regardless of my situation in Virginia.
You need to clear up the mess in VA.
Will the California BRN always reject a RN graduate on DUI probation licensure?
Currently on DUI probation with an RN graduate degree
Not always... but you're going to be FAR better off if you retain a lawyer familiar with the BRN licensing process (...
Why am I just now hearing about this? I could be 12 months in. I also can not afford the time it takes up (single mom, two jobs)
I was convicted of a DUI 12/14 in the state of Minnesota, my home state and my second DUI. I was living in the state of California at the time. My probation was transferred to the state of California. My probation officer just now told me - 12 months after conviction - that I need to enroll in an 18 month sb-38 program. This is the first I am hearing of this and it was not part of my sentencing in Minnesota.
I don't know why you're just hearing about this, but you have to do what probation requires.
Should I go for a bench trial or jury trial if it's a very factual DUI case?
There isn't enough space here, so I'll summarize. I called the police to press assault charges, but they also gave me a DUI because 30 minutes prior to their arrival, I parked my car across the street. I had drank 3 minutes before driving, the arresting officer observed me 1 hour after driving, they gave me the field test 1.5 hours after and the chemical test 4 hours after driving, where I blew a .20 (I know, very high). I represented myself at DMV hearing and got the suspension set aside, but hired an attorney for criminal case. Now here's the thing - since this is a factual case and none of it is disputed, I want a bench trial, but my attorney is insisting on a jury trial. He's convinced that there's no way to prove the "B" count, but he says without a doubt, the judge will give me the "A" count because I had some alcohol in my system. I find that very hard to believe. How could anyone say beyond a reasonable doubt that I was impaired during those 7 seconds of driving, and that I did something a sober person wouldn't do if no one saw me or complained about my driving. I drove very safely across the street, parked, and 20 minutes later called 911. Do you think he's correct?
1. You should have a lawyer. 2. Jury trial. A bench trial is commonly called a "slow plea." Retain counsel...