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Dui arrest?
I was pulled over a night after drinking with some friends which I shouldn't had done. I was a minor at that point. I got pulled over and the officer asked me if I was drinking. They did some test afterward and issue me a citation ticket and a form that says I was drinking under age. They then asked me if someone was nearby to pick me up since I couldn't drive, and I said yes. Then when the person arrive, I was free to go. Does this count as a arrest and will it show in my record? I Wasn't taken down to the station and they didn't call my parents, but will this still count as a arrest? Another thing is that a mail was send after a few days to my house from the CHP saying that I was arrested. But I wasn't taken to custody and no picture or finger were taken. does still count as an arrest?
Is CHP California Highway Patrol? Do you have a court date?
I have a warrant for a dui for a missed court date
i was convicted of a second dui in Los Angeles, and missed a follow up court date. didn't realize this had happened until i received notification of a warrant out for my arrest in the mail. i have no money, and my lawyer was very expensive. i would like to get this take care of asap but dont know where to begin.
If you cannot afford a private attorney then you need to go to the courthouse where your case is being heard and go to...
My license was suspended when I got a DUI. How bad will my charges be if I was only cited for the DUI.
I was given a DUI for blowing a .10. My license was already suspended without me knowing apparently since 2013. I had my license on me at the time. What can I do to minimize my charges? This is my first DUI and I have no record of anything this severe.
First you need to consult with an experienced DUI lawyer. The suspended license may not be a problem. In order to prove...
I'm on my 6th year since I had my (first) DUI. Can I have it expunged?
I got a DUI when I was 24, now I'm turning 30 soon. DUI is bad, I understand but I was young and made a mistake, luckily in my case no one was hurt and no accidents were involved. But I don't understand why everyone is treated the same when every case is different. Is there some way of getting it removed from my record? Will getting it expunged remove it from my driver license? How do I check if it's on my criminal/background records? There's two reasons I'm trying to do this, one: it allows for more job opportunities with clean driving record and background/criminal check. Two: Auto insurance is ridiculously high. The DUI put 2 points on my record and I want to at least get it down to 1 point so I am eligible for a "good driver" discount.
You should be off probation now and can file the paperwork to have the case dismissed under penal code 1203.4. Then you...
Does a misdemeanor DUI causing injury (23153 vc) carry a MANDATORY 5 days jail time?
Is there any other way around those 5 days? There's already 2 days credit. What to expect...
YES, it does carry a five day minimum. You might "owe" on more day, but what makes you think you qualify for the...
Why was 23593A (DUI Advisory) added to my 23103A (Reckless Driving) Charge?
I was arrested for a reckless driving charge, Completely sober, Yet they added this to my driving record. They did place me on probation, But I don't get why the DUI thing is on there? I read on here that if it's on your record and you get caught in a DUI or if you're drunk and kill someone in a crash, You're charged with murder. I don't plan on drinking and driving, But why was this issued to me?
Why was this issued to you? Because it's the law: 23593. (a) The court shall advise a person convicted of a...
I have 2 first offense DUIs what do I do now???
I received my 1 Dui in Washington state in June 2012 and then I moved to California and received another 1st offense DUI in January 2013 they never found my first one but I know I violated probation for the 1st one. What am I seeking is where do I go from here my California DUI probation is up this year and I want to expunge it I have stayed out of trouble ever since and I have completed all requirements for both cases except the probation which was just probation to stay out of trouble. I never had to see a probation officer for either cases. I am scared I will have to go to jail for violating probation for my Washington DUI where do I go from here ??? I also have completed all driver license requirements too and there were no accidents in either cases and nobody was hurt.
Start with filing a motion to expunge your CA case under Penal Code 1203.4 as soon as your probation is over in CA....