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Expunge DUI
7 years ago I was charged with DUI how can I expunge my record?
Technically in CA you can't. Under the penal code you can change your plea to not guilty. See 1203.4
Will a 2nd dui offense (under age drinking) be found out by my school (college)?
This is my second duo without any accident or traffic violations. I was pulled over for suspicion. I was pulled over in LA county for crossing 3 lanes because I almost missed the exit and was pulled over. I passed all sobriety tests, just blew a .14. I leave for school in Washington in 3 weeks right after my court date but I am trying to see if I can do work release and driving programs in Washington without serving jail time without my university finding out. I also turn 21 in a week and a half.
We have no idea if your school will find out. Anything is possible. Your primary focus should be hiring a lawyer to...
DUI's in NJ are not considered misdemeanors, but what will the state of California classify them as?
Will the offenses for the DUI's I received in NJ be re-classified and show up as misdemeanors in CA? Or will CA keep their status as only traffic offenses?
It depends. Why do you ask? CA cannot "reclassify" another state's conviction, but you may experience difficulties...
Can my 2nd DUI as my 1st since I have not been convicted of the 1st?
I received a DUI arrest on 6/23/15 and was scheduled for arraignment on 7/14/15 at the Van Nuys Courthouse. The court however did not have my records and I received a proof of appearance and was told that I would be notified by mail as to when my arraignment would be. I unfortunately received a second DUI on 7/12/15 in Humboldt and was not issued a ticket for my records. I have contacted both court and the CHP but have not found out when my arraignment date is. If my 2nd DUI arraignment in Humboldt county happens first and actually goes through, can I push to have it tried as a 1st offense seeing as how I have not yet been convicted of the first?
The one you are first sentenced obelisk beach first. The other will bea second.
Dui expungement
I had a dui 8 years ago and submitted the forms to expunge the record with the help of a public defender when i do recieve a court date whay type of supporting evidence should i provide
Your public defender would be able to give you that information. Most importantly make sure you've successfully...
What is my course of action regarding my DUI?
I got a DUI from the CHP in Arcata, CA but received no ticket upon my release and therefore do not know my arraignment date. I have called the humboldt county courthouse and they said their has been no case submitted. I do not know when my arraignment date is (if I have one at all). Who do I contact to find out where my case is? Police Dept? City Attorney's office? Should I contact anyone at all?
You need to contact an attorney ASAP. Assuming the officer seized your license, a hearing must be requested with the...
Can I file a habeas in court on the suspension of my license? I never receive the denial from mandatory actions unit.
I lost the DMV Administrative decision to suspend my license. I filed a appeal to mandatory actions. I never received a decision from them. Today I called to find out if it was still being appealed. I was told they made a decision back in February. I never received that decision. My time to file a writ in court has passed. I believe it was done intentionally because the police testified to facts that was not in the police report and they both gave conflicting testimony. Example one officer said that it was no car on the street the other office said it was. this goes to probable cause. Ccan I file a habeas based on the suspension of my driver licenses since I can not file the writ of mandate now? I believe this was done intentionally. I called in March 2015 I was told case pending.
I don't believe DMV issues are properly contested via habeas petitions.