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Looking for legal advise regarding 2008 minor D.U.I in LA with TX id. Didn't take D.U.I class and now its been over 7 yrs.
At the time of incident, I still had TX license. Cop did not detain me or take my out of state id. After appearing in court and paying fines and etc. I was given a 1 yr suspension and dui classes. Its been 7 years since this incident yet i haven't taken dui classes. I can't look up my record in LA because i do not have a CA identification number and was given a special reference number which does not exist when looking up driving record status. Is the DUI class necessary after so much time has passed and i have been in good standing to date? I was told mandatory actions unit has a way to waive the class but wasn't advised on how to proceed by dmv worker. Please advise
You willnhave to complete the dui classes before license re instated. You were given an x number for icentification....
Received 2nd DUI in CA but moving to FL soon, what would be requirement to acquire license once in Florida?
I will not have completed my 18-month DUI program in California by the time I move to Florida. My 2nd DUI was with a refusal. I have been unable to contact Mandatory Action but will continue to try. I have already completed the other conditions of my probation with courts I'm just dealing with DMV at the moment.Was just hoping to get some info here.
You should cotact the license authority in FL, I believe the requirements are in their website. You may also ask them...
Expunge DUI
7 years ago I was charged with DUI how can I expunge my record?
Technically in CA you can't. Under the penal code you can change your plea to not guilty. See 1203.4
DACA renewal and DUI
I had renewal my DACA on August. On September the 11th I haved gotten a DUI, what are the chances I can still get my DACA & is there a chance I can fight to keep renewal my DACA for the next 2years?
A DUI will preclude your getting DACA renewed. I would get a good criminal attorney and try to get this reduced to...
Does a OWI conviction for an out of state driver in a non-DLC state get reported to the drivers home state?
CA licensed driver. Charged with OWI in MI. Waiting for blood test results before getting the warrant (they will be over .08). If I am convicted will it be reported to CA? If I plea to lesser charges (OWVI) would that change anything? If I receive certain license suspensions/restrictions/fines/community service as part of the plea, will those transfer to CA (or would the harsher CA penalties be enforced)?
If you do not already have a DUI lawyer in MI you should get one. You need to talk to a lawyer in CA, as well. My...
Well a dismissed DUI conviction allow me to travel to Canada?
I was convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in California a few years ago. I recently had the conviction expunged/dismissed. I heard that you are not able to easily travel to Canada with a misdemeanor DUI. Does this still hold even after the case dismissal? Or will I be able to travel to Canada the same way I could have prior to the DUI conviction?
You may want to contact Canadian authorities (embassy?) before attempting to enter their country. You're right....
Will i serve my full sentence?
I got a dui when I 20 last october ..this year in March I was pulled over for the car blinker not working and recieved 2 tickets 1 for driving on a suspended license&2 for not having a breathalyzer in the vehicle. My court for that ticket was yesterday Sep 18 and I was taken into custody and released with a Surrender date to serve 75 days in the los angeles county jail.. The only reason the judge agreed to a surrender date is because I'm 5 months pregnant and have an upcoming dr app.. Will i serve the full 75 days? A police officer and few inmates told me i would probably just serve 2 weeks.. Is there any truth to this,?
75 days for a first time 14601.2 (driving on suspended for a prior dui) seems really harsh. Seems like something else...