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What is the minimum amount of jail and community service required for a 2nd dui Santa Clara county, CA?
I received a 2nd dui 7 years later and would like to know the minimum amount of jail time and community service I could potentially receive. I have heard anywhere from 48 hours to 90 days is required no matter what. I am seeking a gauge to know what the range is.
Three to five years of summary probation. A minimum of 96 hours to a maximum of one year in a county jail. Between $...
What should I take for my court ?
I have a DUI is a second DUI and I was still on provation for the first one , I don't want to go to jail it I would like to know what can I take to court I'm going my AA CLASES. I WILL TAKE my sheet of the sign me. What else can help me no to go to jail ? To give a good presentation to the judge so he can't put me on jail !!
Well, the best thing you can do is hire an attorney who can help you gather helpful information for your case, build a...
I have a court on thrusday i would like to know if they can put me on jail, for no license and no insurance.
my court is for a accident the i have. not a dui, i cannot get license cause a illegal, like 2 years ago i got a DUI so i been on provation with suspende licence.
They can put you in jail. But they probably won't on this type of a charge. Ask for a public defender when you go to...
I don't like the DA offer for dui should I go to trials and fight for it?
I been charged with hit and run and Dui. This is my second dui. Case had been pending for a while. Da final offer going dismiss hit and run but want me charge with dui really high. 60 days work program., $2500 plus fine, 18 months dui classes. It is high offer. I have next court date next week. Should I go to trials or take that offer my case is 50/50. My lawyer not really sure if we going to win that case at trials or not. If I lose at trials will judge give me harder punish in San ta Clara county, ca. Should I take that offer or go to trials. My case is 50% wining and 50% losing case...
I don't know. What does your lawyer say about this? What's your reported BAC?? Do you have any reasonable defenses???
Injured self in DUI crash. Felony or no?
I crashed my car into "no parking" sign and broke my leg. No other persons were involved in the incident. Is this a felony because i injured myself? Everything i have read online states that it is a felony if an "other" person was injured but doesn't say about the driver.
Depending on your previous history of DUI convictions this may or may not be a felony. Confirm with local counsel.
Penalties for multiple (4) driving on a suspended license in Santa Clara County? License was taken from DUI 8yrs ago.
My husband was ticketed again for driving on a suspended license, this is his 4th I believe. He got 2 DUI's 8yrs ago when he was 18 and 20. On his last court date the judge gave him 25 days of weekend work and I believe $300 fine. This was approximately 7 months ago, so now I am wondering what potentially are the options going into this again? How much jail time, fines , etc. Also we are leaving the country in about 4 weeks is there a way to get court and jail time over before then or should we ask for an extention? How should we go about doing this? Any info helps Thank you
Up to a year of jail, but i doubt he'll get that much. Why hasn't he gotten his license reinstated? This will go on...
2 dui's. Dmv didnt mention interlock device for restricted liscence. If i get one will it still be restricted?
2 dui's, enrolled to the 9 month program that was requested by the judge, but the dmv wants 18 momths.
The interlock device is not an alternative to a restricted license. With regard to the court and DMV, you must comply...