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What is the minimum amount of jail and community service required for a 2nd dui Santa Clara county, CA?
I received a 2nd dui 7 years later and would like to know the minimum amount of jail time and community service I could potentially receive. I have heard anywhere from 48 hours to 90 days is required no matter what. I am seeking a gauge to know what the range is.
Three to five years of summary probation. A minimum of 96 hours to a maximum of one year in a county jail. Between $...
If I have a dui and I'm in probation can I travel
i live in California. Want to travel to vegas can I or I can't ?
You need to ask your Probation Officer. Good luck.
Why would my husband get a court date a month away for a dui??
My husband turned himself in Jan 26..had a court date Jan 27 and was remanded. I checked website and it shows it doesn't have a court date until Feb 27..When I called clerk's office they stated his charges were past DUI and driving without license ..And he had a no bail warrant.. I understand we need to pay the fees..We were behind but we did go all court dates..I'm a little lost on why they are keeping him soo long for a court date?!? How much time can he serve?!? Is there anyway I can help him. DUI was from 2010.
He probably got an offer for admitting a probation violation that he rejected so it was set for a hearing.
How to I get my license back from a DUI that happened three years ago?
Hello, I got a DUI back in October of 2013 and was officially convicted on January 27th, 2014. It was not a wet reckless (I don't know if that makes a difference?) After tomorrow it will officially be three years after. I did not attempt to get a restricted license or get my license back during this time as I had no car. However, I am now looking to get a car for school and thus get my license back. I know that an SR-22 is required for three years after conviction but is it three years from conviction or three years after getting your licence back? If I no longer need an SR-22 what steps do I take now to get my license back?
Call 916 657 6525 to see what you need to reinstate. YOu likely have to pay a fee and MAY have to do a 3 month alcohol...
What are California penalties for an Oregon under-the-limit DUII?
Will go on trial in the next few months for an Oregon 0.05 alcohol-only, breath-only, DUII. Have a good Oregon lawyer, may win or may lose. If convicted, it might be questionable whether a conviction would meet California standards (facts are speeding with no bad driving, 0.05 breath-only at the station, passed at least one FST, results of other two are questionable). How likely is it that California would accept an Oregon conviction? What license penalties would California apply, particularly with regards to IID if I don't live in a California county that currently enforces IID? Looking for someone to help me navigate and minimize the California side of things in case of a loss. Obviously prefer someone who has dealt with interstate compact issues before.
Your questions are purely hypothetical at this point.
Do police reports have bearing on DUI cases?
My husband has a pending DUI case. A couple of years ago we had a physical altercation at our home. No charges were filed, but a police report was made. Police officers said that the report would not show up in his record. Will it show up in the DUI case?
No, this unrelated investigation should not have any impact on his pending DUI matter. Best of luck.
My three year probation for a CA DUI ended yesterday but I still have another probation....
My probation for DUI ended on 1/27/17 for Santa Clara County CA. Is it still on my record? Should I get it expunged? How do I get it expunged? I ask because I am looking to get my drivers license back and get a car for school. However, I believe I'm in a tricky situation. A separate incident from my idiotic youth has me on a separate probation for Kern County for violation of CA V.C. 14601.1 (A). (Other charges relating to driving while on DUI were dismissed). This probation ends on 10/10/17. The fines for both cases are paid in full. I want to go into DMV and try and get my license back but my fear is that if I do go in something might be triggered electronically and notify someone that I violated my DUI probation in another county while it was still in effect and be reprimanded for it. Since the probation period is over as of yesterday for my DUI is that even a possibility? All I want is to finally get my license back and a car but all of these complications and fears are bringing back these traumatic memories. Input? Thank You.
When you're looking to expunge your record you can't be on probation. You have also violated the probation in Santa...