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I had a DWI conviction on a plea deal in prince William county in 2012 and fulfilled the sentence
My job at risk my reputation is questioned. Is there I way I can still fight it knowing that the officer stopped for stopping at a green light wanting to turn but changed my mind, there was no video recordings on a dashboard to release by police.he mentioned I was straddling lanes which never happened, my friend as a passanger witnessed it. No accidents no injuries happened
No. You pled guilty. The time to worry about your reputation was before trial when considering the plea agreement and jail.
My bf got an off base dui. He is a captain in the army & got told he won't move until next summer. Is he getting kicked out?
He is a captain in the army, no previous offenses, and was supposed to move to Fort Hood Texas in September. He just found out today that his note now says that he will not be moving until next summer. He will most likely get the charge dropped to a misdemeanor in civilian court, but is worried that it will still affect his possible promotions within the army.
In a down-sizing military in 2015, a DUI threatens his career. He can expect to 1) get a written reprimand from the...
Arrested for a bui where I blew a .08.. Totall bs!!!
Arrested, an after all was said an done I got ASAP plays 30 days suspended jail time an $250 fee... So I had no idea what ASAP was went an blew #'s at 7:45 am after a fun weekend drinking on the river..,missed my second intake appt due to family emergency, an my court appt for said violation... Did however call the court before hand to let them know I was out of town, an only got notification of court date the same day.. I was issued an additional $250 fine but the person I talked to said I didn't have to do ASAP??? As I still haven't completed the intake, can that be possiable? The ffx ASAP people are jerks an I don't want to deal with them... What happens if I choose not to go?
If you don't go it is likely a violation of your probation and you will go to jail.
I planning on getting my concealed weapons permit in Virginia, but i had a DWI in 2006 in Virginia, will I be denied??
any information will be gladly appreciated
If the DWI was a first DWI, ie not a felony, then this alone will not prevent you for obtaining a concealed weapons...
I recently failed an interlock test in my car after probation. Can I get in trouble?
I failed a test a couple days after my probation was over. I still had the interlock device as ASAP had not sent Draeger the remival permission. Can I get in trouble after my probation had ended?
It is not clear whether or not probation has ended. If it has not, you will have a violation of probation. If it has,...
What are my minimum and max punishment for subsequent DUIs? Is how harsh your punish is, is determined by the judge that day?
I have a friend with a DUI case pending in Fairfax County, received another DUI 4 months later. First BAC .19, second BAC .13. He's scheduled to graduate in May 2017 with a major in criminal justice and hopes of joining the Air Force reserves. He has no prior criminal records and he has always been doing great things up to this point. I don't understand
DUI law is not user friendly. Both 1st and 2nd offense are class 1 misdemeanors with a maximum possible penalty of 12...
Can i admit into U.S with a suspended jail sentence?
I am convinced of reckless driving, fined and lost my license & a year in probation. My case status says i am convicted of driving over 80 mph and 365 days of suspended jail sentence. If I visit my country and come back to U.S (i work for an IT company and currently in H1B) after spending holidays will i be stopped by Immigration? I heard recently homeland security has stopped couple of people for 'Criminal History' who has SUSPENDED sentences on their history. Please suggest when can i Visit ot If i can go outside of U.S and come back. Will i be really stopped entering for a moving violation? PS- my GC process is pending, filed I-485 recently.
Your criminal history, if any, may certainly effect your ability to enter the country if you leave. Whether you're...