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I was unable to make the court apperance, and sent a letter explaining this, but never got ANY response. now there is a warrant. I am not a criminal - i own a buisness, and have kids. i dont even drink anymore. I have a new child on the way and i need to get this straightened out, but cannot afford a lawyer. how long am i going to be jailed for this? what can i expect? I cannot find anyone who can talk to me about this!! help!!
If you cannot afford to pay for a lawyer, apply for a public defender and have one appointed. You need to recall the...
after my trial for dui/physical control charge had been continued for 7 months after arrest date and having ineffective court appointed counsel, I plead guilty and accepted a plea bargain from the prosecution. Still not feeling I am in fact guilty of this charge as I was not in the car at the time of encounter with the authorities and I maintain a safely off the roadway defense. I would like to either retract my guilty plea or ask the courts to reconsider and change judgement/charge to reckless driving. I am not being represented by counsel and even though I expressed my desire to my probation officer and former public defender to submit said motion within days of sentencing...it has now been 4 months since sentencing. Do I even have options at this point? Has this right been waived?
The answer to this question was answered when you stated above "plead guilty and accepted a plea bargain". You don't...
I am not looking to retain legal representation as I'm indigent and forced to use the public defender. I use Marijuana for medical reasons that do not fall under the legal definitions of Washington and fear more trouble if denied access as per the rules of probation. I feel confident that I can control myself in the confines of my cell for the maximum sentence however I know added fines and sentencing for probation violations could exceed the original sentencing terms. I get what I did was wrong and am willing to take the punishment but not over the course of however long they keep me under their thumb. I really feel I'm on a slippery slope into a life of absconding from justice if I'm forced into it. Please help! Can't I just do the maximum and then leave with only fines to repay Was?
I really don't understand your question. You can have the court deny probation and sentence you to the max sentence....
I am a 16 year old who was convicted of the DUI.. i am part of the district court but under juvinial probation officer and all. i was put on supervised probation for up to 2 years, but i could lower that amount of time by finishing all of my treatment, impact pannel, juvi, assessments, and classes. once i finshed that i am 'off supervised probation' and on 'supervised probation.' what does this really mean? i have finished everything i need to do and im even back driving again, with an Interlock of course. will they still drug test me randomly? will i still pay for supervised probation or 'bench monitoring fee'? for the next two years do the probation officers decided when to take you off u.a's (Drug tests)? please help me with my questions, thank youuu very much!
You should ask your probation officer.
i live on a little island in Washington. i recentally got a dui and all this lawyer, and law kinda stuff is really all confusing. i have never been convicted of any crime or gotten a ticket while having my licence. i have so many questions about it but mainly: 1. will this come off my record in the future? 2. will i be alowed to buy cigarretts, tabacco items, or loto tickets, once i turn 18? 3. is a Deferred Prosecution a good idea for my first offence? 4. how long with the cerfew of 8 o' clock continue to be enforced? 5. how long will the u.a's be enforced, and how often? 6. is community service usually required as well? 7. is there anything i can do, (extra clnasses/ community service, juvi, anything) to make the five years shorter? any answers will be a big help. thanks you lots
First, things first, get a lawyer. If you can't afford to hire one, ask the court to appoint a lawyer to represent you....
I got a dui in August 2011. My license was suspended on October 1st 2011, and will be suspended for 90 days, so till December 11, 2011. i was planning on getting my ignition interlock devise installed on Novermber 8th 2011, so in a few weeks. can i still get it put on then or do i have to wait till i December when my license is revoked? the DOL said also in the letter that my license will be revoked for 1 year but then says i will need the Ignition Interlock device must be kept AT LEAST until 9/30/2013, so why so long?. so please help me with these questions thank you!!
What makes you think your license will be suspended for only 90 days if "the DOL said also in the letter that my...
At 2a. He left bar (4 shots) to rescue his friend who's was at a party, friends phone died, he was looking for him on side of road. (Slow down & speeding up while looking probably) he must have looked suspicious then he took off when he saw a cop thinking he'd get a dui cop sees him short chase, guy blows tire out or wrecks truck so he gets a dui blown on scene at time 0.7...but charged with dui legal limit 0.8. What is the malicious mischief charge for? do they give anyone who alludes cop & wrecks car who had even 1 beer a dui? What are the chances of this being less than $5000- he just paid 6k on all his old debts tickets Charged w felony 1 alluding police, dui & malicious mischief. He was gone from 2:30a h called me from jail at 5am
First, jail phone calls are typically recorded. It's really not smart for your friend to make any statements about the...