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Daughter was on way home 3:45am. Car broke down and she was standing outside the car when the Police pulled up.The keys were in her pocket. She tryed to tell them a friend left her there to go and get help they called her a lier. Her and her friend was not thinking or she would of walk to a phon cause her phone was dead and she was drunk.We also live in a small town Rossville Ga.So she is dealing with a 1st DUI
What's your question? You didn't ask one.
This is my first time ever in any type of trouble. I wasn't pulled over for swerving, my ex husband called on me at his house. What can I do?
When you say "taken from a DUI" do you mean from a DUI plea, or because you refused to submit to a breath test?
My court date is tomorrow, & my family cannot afford an attorney & I want to know what to expect. Will I go to jail? Will I lose my license? Will it be in my record? Help, please! Thanks!
I advise that you apply for a public defender, and that should hopefully buy you some time to sort this out and be able...
Will he be able to get decent representation from a public defender and what are the probable penalties
There really needs to be more information here. Is this his 3rd offense in 10 years or his 3rd offense lifetime, for...
Cannot afford a lawyer , will i go to prision?
If you are still on probation, you will more than likely have a probation revocation hearing where the judge could...
I have completed hrs . of community service . I have completed a Drug and Alcohol Assessment which also had to complete a 12 week Drug and Alcohol class . Also completed DUI school . I have paid about $ 1500 of a $ 3000 total fine . I was on a 3 year probation . This happened on 9 / 11 / 2011 . The warrant was issued in October of 2012 . It was issued because I did not call in . And still have not called to this day . If I could have paid $ 500 . more by 9 / 11 / 2012 , then they would have let me off two more years of probation and a 1000 . 00 . What is the best thing for me to do ? Lost my job at Waffle House June 2012 was told not to come back until I got my panic attacks under control . Whats your advice ?
You should consult with a local criminal defense attorney. Most offer free consultations and are happy to discuss a...
he was held in catoosa county for over six months. He had no arrainments nor did he receive any paper work while he was there. Catoosa after the charges were dropped to misdermenors sent him to walker county because this violated his probation. In walker county he finally was assigned a court date in catoosa county for the misdermenor charges. On the court date catoosa did not show to take him to court. Court said he was not on the arraignment list. Catoosa county jail said they had no paper work to come get him for court. A week later he had an arrest warrant for non appearence in court. This past week, The da's office my sons attorney and my son agreed on a plea for community service, dui classes and time served reenstated his probation and he was to come home fridayall documents were si
A plea offer is like a contract offer. Once the offer is relied on by the defendant (for example, he begins community...