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What happens when I'm on probation for a DUI charge in one county and get charged with a petty theft charge in a diff county?
I was convicted of DUI in January and I am on 2 year probation and my stupid self just for caught for petty theft in a different county. Is this still a probation violation and will I be looking at Jail time? What will happen to me?
Third degree theft is a criminal offense. As a condition of your DUI sentence you are prohibited from committing any...
Can I get my drivers license in wa with a semi old warrant? And not be denied .
I've lived in longview wa for 3 Yrs and have had a felony probation warrant for not checking in and has been about a 1yr since it's been filed. Need/want to get my license so I can get this stuff taken care of along with other life needs!! I cannot be taken to jail over getting a license?
First, you should look here to see what you need to do in order to get your license back (if you had a WA license):...
Can I defer my DUI ticket or do a diversion program?
I am 18 and got a DWI/DUI ticket. I got arrested then bailed out and have court tomorrow. I blew a .088 the first time and .093 the second time. What should be my next step? Can I do something so this won't be on my record?
Your next step(s) are to show up to court and plead not guilty and get an attorney. You can hire one or, if you can't...
Will I have to do the class right away? Will I be taken in to custody right after court?
I was charged with a dui, first offense. I have court in a couple days. My public offender said ill have to do a 24 hour class. I was reading online and came across sating I would be eligible for a defferd prosecution. I feel my attorney didnt even fight for me
Even though you may be eligible for a deferred prosecution, that program is not recommended for first time offenders...
Can i get Deferment or a diversion program for first offense DUI
I was driving on a suspended licence when i got pulled over and eventually was arrested for DUI and driving while suspended in the 3rd degree. I will be paying my previous fines off (why i was suspended in the first place) so i can have my licence back when i go to court for my new charges. This is my first offense related to alcohol. or ever going to jail. I blew a 116 at the time of arrest and then a 114 when i got in the jail
A DUI arrest with a blow over .08 triggers an automatic administrative ninety day suspension, above and beyond your...
I got my first Dui with 3 counts of reckless endangerment. No past record. What are possible things that could happen? Thank You
My children were with me, got a warrant to draw my blood..then let me go tiil a date.
There isn't enough room here and I don't have enough time to explain all the possible things that could happen with...
Yesterday I was arrested for a dui and 3 counts of reckless endangerment.(9A.36.050) what kind of charges am I facing?
They took me in and had court ordered for a blood sample. Then let me go, they will be notifying me a court date.
It is tough to say without knowing the blood sample results or reading the police report. Be patient.