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How would a Missouri Boating While Intoxicated effect a 4.5 year old DUI in Illinois. The Illinois DUI there was no conviction
I got arrested for BWI in Missouri with no accidents or bodily harm just a stern light out. The officer said they do not report that to the IL Secretary of State because in MO they say a BWI has nothing to do with my motor vehicle record. I am back home now in Illinois and still have my license. I am concerned that Illinois could try and do something on the criminal side of my old DUI if I don't beat this BWI charge in MO. Technically they are separate offenses so one should have no bearing on the other. Also I didn't blow on the BWI which the officer said that only matters on DUI and DWI.. I hired a lawyer from MO and he is 95% sure it shouldn't be an issue in Illinois. I was just curious what anyone else may think. I haven't found too many situations like this between IL and MO..Thanks
If you weren't on the Mississippi, you are probably all right for NOW. Here's the problem, eventually, I believe the...
Can I get a statutory summary suspension changed from Operation Commercial Vehicle Alcohol Concentration over 0.04 or more?
I had a DUI driving my personal car in 2011 in which I was given court supervision and completed all requirements. However the statutory suspension reads Operation Commercial Vehicle Alcohol Concentration over 0.04 or more. Is there any way to change this on my DMV report since I was not in a Commercial Vehicle? I am a CDL holder. Thanks
If you held a CDL at the time the result would be the same-DQ-unless you were not in a CMV and blew less than .08.
Ohio license, DUI in while visiting California, but was about to switch to Illinois residence
I have an Ohio license set to expire and was planning to change to Illinois before that expiration (1 Oct) because I moved to IL for grad school a couple of years ago, and have an established address there. I got a DUI while visiting California this month. When/if I am convicted, I understand that California will notify the Ohio BMV, who will likely suspend my Ohio license. Since I have not been convicted yet, and my Ohio record is still clear for the time being, would a change to an Illinois license possibly keep me from a suspension? Or would this be an unwise move? Illinois has a longer suspension and harsher DUI laws (1 year suspension), but might not find out.
Illinois will most likely revoke your drivers license upon receiving notice of an out of state conviction for DUI. In...
Can I Drive in Illinois if breathalyzer required in Missouri
I got a dui in Missouri but live in Illinois. To clear my records in Missouri I had to get an IID installed. When I got my Illinois license they don't require the iid but I have to keep it 6 months and report to Missouri. Am I allowed to drive any car in Illinois? I have a feeling I must be in my car with iid installed if driving in Missouri but not sure about when in Illinois since they didn't require the breathalyzer to get my license.
You should be good ii Illinois. Hope the MO was not a conviction or IL. Will take action Even if it would have been...
Mandatory jail time for driving on a revoked license?
My license has been revoked for 10 years last month I received my FIRST driving on a revoked license when I wrecked my girlfriends car in the Meijer parking lot. Tomorrow is my first court date, I don't have a lawyer yet, can I ask for a continuance to obtain one? Will I have mandatory jail time? Will they put me in jail on my first court appearance? I have zero prior convictions
You will not go to jail tomorrow but you seriously need an attorney. Ask for a continuance and hire a lawyer in as soon...
License reinstatement for out of state dui
5 years ago I got a dui in Missouri. 1st offense. Now I have been cleared to get license back in Illinois, but Missouri is saying I need a breathalyzer installed for 6 months to get Missouri driving privileges back. Can I still get my license back in IL and just not drive in Missouri?
Call the Illinois Secretary of State at 217-524-0664 BAAID Unit and clarify your eligibility to apply for a driver's...
What can happen if I am driving on a Restricted Driving Permit with a BAIID device installed, and I have a BAIDD violation?
I recently got locked out of my vehicle for three unsuccessful attempts to start it within 30 minutes, with the BAIID reading .05 or more. The reasons for this are actually fairly innocent as I was only trying to back up my vehicle to throw garbage in it on my own property, and didn't think I had enough alcohol in my system to set off the BAIID, but I realize the Secretary of State will most likely not believe this excuse. So what can happen to me? This happened about three weeks after the BAIID was installed, so does it even get reported? Should I tell them the story or just not respond when I get a letter? Will this be considered one violation, or two? I have read the law but am somewhat confused by what to expect.
Assuming the facts are as you state and that you are on an RDP and not an MDDP, the likely outcome is a three mos....