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I am not sure what to expect.
After waiting (drinking water and eating) for four hours after having four drinks, I was on my way home and pulled over for speeding. I did admit to he officer when he asked, that I had a few drinks over four hours ago. He had me breathe in his face and still smelled some alcohol on my breath. He asked I do a roadside test, I stated I didn't want to due to a spine surgery because of balance issues, he asked I just humor him. I failed, along with the hand-held Breathalyzer. I blew a .17, I consented to a blood test. He took me to the station where he had me sit with him while he did the paperwork. When he ran my record, he stated I'm in a better position than I think I am due to having a 100% clean record. He said when the DA calls he will recommend a plea deal and will be shocked if I'm charged with a DUI. Less than four hours later he took me to detox. They let me go almost immediately because I blew a .05 as soon as I got there and a .04 15 min later, which confuses me even more on the results of the roadside breath test. This was in Adams County.
Unfortunately, I'm going to have to give you the classic lawyer answer. It depends. It depends mainly on what your...
DUI judgement 8 years ago, have not driven but need to get my license - What are the steps?
Need to get my license activated/DUI judgement in Boulder 8 years ago, completed all community service, MADD presentation, almost all alcohol classes(missed one) and mandatory sentencing -have not driven, but need to get my license reinstated. What do I need to do next?, have heard multiple answers from others - hopefully this is possible, it was my first and only DUI. Is there a way to get it off my record?
First you cannot remove the conviction from your record. As far as dmv, I would suggest calling dmv personally. I would...
What is a DRINK AFTER DRIVING Charge???
On aug 4 I bumped a neighbors car, unloaded groceries and was going to talk to her, but my Mom was in the hospital at 85 and dying (and passed later on) I was having a bad day, am fully insured, it was taken care of in 3 days w/ a ck (which she gambled away) I, and another nosy neighbor called the police, they came to my door, traumatized me with a DUI arrest. I had drank at HOME and had past dui in 2010 but that day I couldn't deal. They are pushing for a dui and I am pushing back but don't really want trial! at a motions hearing today they stopped and will discuss a Drink After Driving charge with my public defender/she said I won't lose my license as I had won the DMV hearing all by myself and that dmv officer said I was credible.so please explain to me what is that new charge??
There is no CO criminal offense that I am familiar with that is called "drink after driving." In fact, it is legal to...
I just recieved a DUI for marijuana. I was sober but smelled of marijuana (this was after a concert). What should I do?
I was driving home after I dropped my friends off (I was the DD). I was going 95 in a 75, very tired had been driving for 2 hours, either way very dumb on my part. I get pulled over and do the routine license, registration deal. The cop then asked me to get out of the car for a sobriety check. He brings me to the front of my car then we procede to do the check. He brings a breathlizer with him. He told me I smell like weed and that my pupils are dialated. He then procedes to show me how to do the tests. I feel I pass all his tests with flying colors including standing on one foot while counting one one thousand, two one thousand, all the way to 30. The cop gets more and more frustrated as I pass these tests. After all the tests are done, He doesn't breathalyze me, and I get arrested.
Your scenario raises potential constitutional issues that require more factual detail and a criminal lawyer to evaluate....
3rd DUI and refused tests
I was recently pulled over for swerving into the other lane because my alignment is bad on my vehicle. I was also driving without insurance as I was unable to pay it because I just started a new job. I am working full time and I am a student. I received a DUI in Nebraska when I was 18 and again when I was 20. I am now 25 and will be 26 in July. I am worried that I will get jail time for a year. I've looked into some lawyers. I wanted to know if there is anything I should do before court to help my case and if refusal of the tests will make this problem worse or if I have a chance to fight it and get it dropped.
You need to retain an attorney and you need to do it right now. A third conviction within 7-8 years will not end well...
A 16 year old had possession of marijuana and a pipe in his car but was not driving. No DUI. First offense. What will happen?
He got ticketed of possession. Lives in Colorado he was just sitting in the car smoking when he saw the police.
Assuming that this is a first offense, he will likely be offered some sort of diversion program and be required to...
What happens if i loose a trial on a DUI would they take me to jail right there?
he said i refuse a ba when i blew 3 times
Longmont: They could take you straight to jail. However, if you have the consent of your surety, 9 times out of ten...