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Does massachusetts require a breathalizer a motor boat
I have a breathalizer in my car do i need one in my motor boat in massachusetts
The law requires interlock on any registered vehicle, but excludes installation on motorcycles. Though I've not...
In ma i have to call in for random drug tests today i called and they said i had to go in.....what happens if i miss this
On probation with random drug tests the recording told me to come in
You will be in violation of the terms of your probation and might be subject to being surrendered. If you don't go in...
The right to operate a motor vehicle is revoked for lifetime in MA. Can I attain a license in another state?
I had three dwi's in past last was 1985 refused a test in 12/2016. Mass sent a letter stating revoked for lifetime? I'm up in age (56) and planning on leaving Mass to retire. Just curious to what state may be suitable.
It is highly unlikely you will be able to obtain a license in any other jurisdiction, but you would have to inquire in...
My probation form says that i am subject to alcohol tests. But it says nothing about drug tests. Am i subject to drug tests?
The box for alcohol tests IS CHECKED OFF AND I HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED THAT I AM SUBJECT TO ALCOHOL TESTS. The box for drug tests is not checked off though. does this mean i am only subject to alcohol tests, and not drug tests?
Best to ask the probation department our guesses really won't help.
Will I be given a probation violation for recieving a drunk in public fine while being on probation?
I am on probation for a dui offence and have a no drinking order in place and have only been on probation for a short period of time so far
Yes you can have your probation violated for this. Whether you are actually violated or not requires a hearing. You...
What can I do to get a hearing about this. Smart Start has many problems especially with their apparatus and still I am paying.
I am a resident of Massachusetts.I have had a Smart Start breathalyser as ordered by the DMV in my car for 5 years. It was due to come out May 16, 2016. I am in the middle of a divorce, have cancer and am 64 years old. On May 15th I parked and locked the car and entered the local Panera. I did not receive a prompt to blow into the apparatus prior to turning the car off. If the apparatus is even close to require a reading it will say so. It did not.. The result was in that short period of time ( 2 hours) I had 12 violations for not blowing into the device. The apparatus told me to take the car for a reading and pay for the lockout and a final calibration which was done yesterday, May 16, 2016. Then , as directed, I took the reading to the Springfield DMV and was denied the removal. I have had no alcohol in my system for 7 years - my Psychiatrist will verify this.. I called Consumer Affairs who referred me to DMV for a new hearing. I was told the law is the Law and no matter the circumstances there would be no hearing. I found your site and am looking for advice.
There is a whole lot of issues here. Get the printout of your monthly calibrations from Smart Start, for each month....
What happens if I fail upon start up, turn the ignition off, and don't try blowing again Will the device still go into lock out
I live in Massachusetts and have life-safer interlock system install in my vehicle.
If you fail the initial test, your vehicle won’t start. You must wait a designated time — called the lockout period —...