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Can I get dwi charges reduced even drop?
Got clean record, no violantion, I'm a mom of three. Friday husband stayed home. I went for girls dinner. I had a few drinks. Now I got a dwi. Gave me refusal for breathylizer but that's not true the report show 7 attends with failure the machine was not working properly. Any chances of less charges or even drop? Thank you.
You have both a DWI and a refusal. It is illegal in NJ to plea bargain a DWI so expect to hire a lawyer to see how to...
Can I be proven guilty for a dui from just failing the field test ?
I have a dui for "marijuana" no marijuana was found on me or in the vehicle . I failed the field test I am 99% sure . Went back to the barracks . Passed the breath test . Than sat and waited until I was released . I saw the expert and I think the only test I failed in the barracks was my pupils . I am prescribed suboxone and have a letter from my dr stating that it can make my eyes appear "high" and "small" . I never Took a urine or a blood test . Ever . I was wondering if they can prove me guilty just from the field test ? Bc how else could they prove that I was under the influence if they took no urine/blood ?
The prosecutor will attempt to prove you were under the influence by using the Drug recognition experts testimony and...
Dui when not driving.
My friend was driving and got reckless driving and I tried to take the blame but didn't realize at the time how bad it was. I wasn't on anything but police kept telling me I was drunk which breathalyzer came out to 0. Got tested and they found pot in my system ( not from that day but they're not going to believe me) my friend parked at a IHOP and a cop turned its lights and he hopped to the back .My public defender told me that they can still charge me with a dui cause it's intention to drive. I was in the back seat when they got there though and got out the car. Is that still intent to drive when I was in the rear of the seat? I thought they weren't gonna find anything in my system ( smoked literally a month before) that's why I told him I was driving. Is that enough proof?
Ask you public defender as he or she knows your case best and has all the discovery (evidence the state has against you)...
Can a diabetic get any leniency on third dui
My friend caught his third DUI. He is a type 1 diabetic. He didn't understand a traffic signal and was pulled over for turning left on green. he admitted to having a drink, and blew a .2. is there any hope in getting the charges changed or dropped.
As you are undoubtedly aware, third offense DUI are charges are incredibly severe. He will be wise to exhaust all of...
Will i go to jail for my 3rd DUI if my 1rst one is out of State?
My first one was in NY State,my second one August 2007 and i just got 3rd one in February 2017,so its not 10 years,just missed few months. I do have a lawayer but it looks like he is giving up and keeps telling me i will go to jail. I am ready to go to rehab and hopefully 90 days of rehab is enough or i still need to go to jail after? Is there any deal with prosecutor he can make to keep me out of jail? I already paid him 5,000 but it looks like we didnt do much and i am waiting for my trial now. Can one from NY be thrown away so this is my second? I am ready to meet with new lawyer if someone thinks we can do something,thanks.
Your Attorney is right that the NY offense would count as your first and the NJ the second making this your third...
Can I serve my DWI sentence from PA in NJ?
I currently have 2 DWI's out of PA that I have left unresolved based on the fact that there was a high probability of having to serve possible jail time. I got two within a year! So I moved! During my duration of time away, I have gotten sober, completed an eight month out-patient program, along with going to AA meetings on a regular basis. I'm hoping that I would be able to make any and all amendments to the PA court system from NJ. I have an established a network of friends and family, I just signed my lease for my second year! Huge accomplishment for me! I want and need to make things right! Any help on this situation would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
You almost certainly have arrest warrants from Pennsylvania that will be executed on you if you are found by police or...
Going to trial with 3 co defendants, 1 co defendant died, the other is on the run. The needle was not on me but in the car.HELP!
The driver was pulled over because the other passenger was heard making a drug call. I was in the back seat and there was a bookbag with a needle and suspected drugs, We were all charged with possesion of a needle and drugs but the labs came back not positive for drugs. I was also not charged right away but asked to come back 5 hours later since the story of the driver changed saying she didnt know whos bookbag it was. This is in small court and I go to trial in 3 weeks. Im scared because of a leangthy record. The other co defendant is on the run and the judge is saying a trial with out him or dissmiss. The lawyer seems confident we will win but I'm scared should I just plea out? The bag with the needle was not mine
Talk to your attorney that is what you are paying them for.