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DWI reduced
I blew a .11 at a checkpoint I have a perfect driving record and have never got in trouble. I did get a lawyer for 2500$ and I don't think he is really trying to get this reduced. He stated that it would merely be a favor he would ask of the judge because he knows him. I have went to counseling she stated that I do not abuse alcohol and talked to the director of ASAP she stated that I should wait because its 450$ no money back and if I get it reduced I may not have to do the class at all... Also the officer said I was extremely polite... Not sure what to do I don't have the 450 to spend on the class but really need this reduced... What should I do and Is it really that unlikely that it wont get reduced?
You should talk to your attorney - I know that a .11 would be very difficult to get reduced in our jurisdiction but...
Can I prove my DUI was because I was stopped because it hasn't affected me
This is my last ditch effort to clear my DUI. I have already been convicted. However, I have read of several instances online that because alcohol takes 20-30 minutes to effect you, that if you were stopped within approx. 5 minutes from your last drink, that the stop itself may actually put you at Driving under the Influence. If you can testify you drank something right before leaving the bar, and that if you had driven home without being stopped, you would not have been affected while actually driving. Is this true, and/or is it a valid defense? Thank you in advance for any legal advice.
Your opportunity to challenge the government's evidence was at trial. Trial is over. You have been convicted....
What can I do to contest a DUI charge in Virginia?
I submitted to FSTs and roadside breath. Refused breath/blood at station. Transported to the hospital after having an anxiety attack. I am also in the military and facing several issues as well.
You can retain an attorney. It's futile trying to do anything on your own. If you knew the law you wouldn't have...
Legal Liability DUI - post separation
My wife's a drunk. She hasnt had a DUI yet, but drinks and drives all the time. I used to take her keys away and lock them in the safe on a regular basis while we were together. During the 6 years we were together I think she was hospitalized for falling down the stairs twice and for alcohol detox with DTs 3 times (Or something like that, I lost count). Now that we're getting separated and I've found a place to stay, I kept her keys because I feel that I would still be liable if I let her drive. Is that correct? Can I address this in a separation agreement or do we need to re-title the cars and re-do the loan first? What if she gets a rental car on her own credit card?
Are you talking about civil or criminal liability? If you are this concerned then I suggest that you get into a...
Can I lose custody of my children after getting a DUI with my children in the car?
My ex husband and I have joint physical custody of our children. During the week when the children were with their Dad, he received a DUI and was arrested while the children were with him. What are my chances of gaining full custody?
Anything can happen in a custody case. They are extremely driven in fact. Hire an experienced attorney.
Can a DUI charge be expunged with money in Virginia within 30 days?
A friend of mine recently got charged with a DUI in Brunswick County, Virginia with a BAC of 0.23. A local lawyer offered to get the charge reduced to speeding and completely thrown out for $27,000. Is this actually possible? He said that there would be no record of it anywhere, if he acts within 30 days of the charge. I got a DUI myself in NC (terrible mistake from which I've learnt) but I never got offered such a deal. It sounds a bit shady but the lawyer has a very good reputation. I'm just looking out for my friend from throwing away money he can't afford to. Thanks!
Too good to be true. No way to promise the outcome. Odd figure $27,000.... I suspect your friend is pulling...
Will I still have to take VASAP if it has been 4 years since my conviction date?
I was convicted of a DUI on June 12, 2012 (offense dates was Feb. 17, 2012). I have been without license since then and would like to reinstate. Will I still have to take VASAP if there has been that much amount of time between my offense and wanting to reinstate?
Dear Charlottesville - Likely the answer is "YES" you will have to complete the VASAP program, because judges require...