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I have a Wisconsin license. I know if supervision is satisfied, the DUI is not reported as a conviction or to insurance companies (although some states will count supervision as prior DUI if I receive a second DUI ...meaning I would have two then). However, is the summary suspension reported (even though Wisconsin can't ban my driving privileges in WI for IL summary suspension)? I'm worried about WI suspending me based on summary suspension even though supervision is satisfied and no conviction is reported.
Yes. Moreover IL DOES report DUI supervision and leaves it to the receiving state to decide what to do with it.
No, it means that the police officer has charged you with two different types of DUI, most likely "driving under the...
Home state of Illinois. Will I be able to take a course to get this one in dismissed as well?
I assume you mean an underage drinking citation. If so, a dismissal is not as likely as an amended charge if you...
I was told I cannot by a bar owner and want the facts.
He can do what he wants. it's his bar. And maybe his insurance and or the dram shop law prohibits it. I know I have had...
On my second DUI. My license is eligible for renewal. I was not classified as an alcoholic but was put in the significant risk category. I was abstinent at the time of issuance of the MDDP but last evaluation I admitted to drinking 1 to 3 drinks per month. I still have yet to go to a 3rd formal hearing. I have no BAIID violations for the past 9 mos.
I am pretty sure the contents of your MDDP application will not be the subject of your formal hearing. You were a...
Minor consumption of alc. Negligent driving. Driving off roadway. Leaving scene of property damage. Possession of fake id.
The chances of the charges being dropped are slim to none. You need a lawyer.
After moving back to I'L from KS last year I was pulled over. It was at that time that I found out I had a warrant out for my arrest for two and a half years. After serving 22 days in county jail I plead guilty to a mis. attempted forgery. I was told I had used a fake bill to purchase food at a Buffalo Wild Wings. I did not knowingly use any fake money! When I was in county I went to court three times without ever meeting my p.d., finally at my fourth appearance I was able to talk to her right before I went in front of the judge. That is when I was told about the plea deal, and was informed "take it or sit in jail." With my health at the time being quite poor and not wanting to sit in jail for 180+ more days to go to trial, I took the plea.
Failure to comply with conditional discharge on a class A misdemeanor could result in being resentenced up to the...