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Refusal of breathalyzer
The police officers took me to the station for a breathalyzer test they told me taking the test was optional and never informed me of the consequences of refusal is there anything I can do. I'm not from New Jersey I'm from Virginia so I'm unaware of what I can do
In NJ, motorists are required to give samples of their breath. The Police are required to read a statement to...
How can I find/prove there is a DUI conviction on ex spouse?
Ex has attendance records for attending the Intoxicated Driver Program. He states AA documents his time by using those certificates. The IDRC told me the program is for a DUI. How can I get the DUI record on my own? I am Pro Se. I need to show judge proof of a DUI in order to protect my children from traveling with him. If ex postpones court date, does that stop the DUI from showing on his record?Any information about DUI and IDRC would be helpful.
You need to get a driver's history abstract from the DMV or the local police/municipal court. If there is a divorce...
I was pulled over and passed the field sobriety. I was still arrested and at the jail I failed the breathlyzer. Any options
Made a illegal u-turn. Officer 1 gives me a field sobriety test and I pass and he lets me back into my car. Backup officer still arrests me. Do I have any options?
They can based on observation
NJ job application asks if I have ever been convicted of or pled guilty or no contest to any crime or criminal offense? DWI
I got a DWI a couple of years ago. Pled not guilty, charges were reduced to 3 months license suspension vs the usual 7 months due to a technicality (cop forgot to read me something when I refused the breathalyzer). Do I need to disclose this information on a job application? Is it considered a crime or criminal offense? It says not to include minor traffic offenses, but DWI is hardly considered a minor offense. Thanks.
In New Jersey, DWI is a traffic offense. It is not a crime.
Took an ASAM-PPC-2R assessment after refered by IDRC for a 1st time DUI offence. Am I doomed for treatment?
After attending a 12 hour IDRC course following a DUI conviction and stupidly answering the questionaire completely honestly (marijuana within the past month), I was refered for a follow-up evaluation. I am not a big drinker by any means (a couple times a month, tops), but I blew a .23 the night of my arrest. I quit smoking after that because I got a job that preforms random drug tests, as well as not wanting to risk it anymore. Not knowing what to expect, I took a supposedly reliable cleanser 2 days prior, and another 2 hours before the eval (I wouldn't have passed). The interviewer seemed suspicious of how long my urine took to reach the right temperature. He told me that if I tested positive for thc AT ALL I would have to attend treatment. Do i have any chance to not qualify?
You are not looking at this right. I have been practicing law for 18 years and have represented hundreds of people...
Can we sue bar/establishment for safety and over serving aggressive drunk guy, also sue the assaulter? 2 simple assaults he was
My fiance and I was assaulted from a overly drunk person at a bar/restaurant. The establishment knew he was drunk and over served him. We was their about 30 minutes when we started getting harassed. Bartender seen the guy push me and he got involved. I told bartender I was leaving as this guy is drunk. He said he will take care of guy. Me and my fiance leave and get in car. Next thing we know is drunk guy is opening passenger door of car and dragging my fiance out by wrist. I get out of driver seat and try and get my fiance. The drunk patron (he is pretty big guy) punched me and tackled me to the ground. I told my fiance to call 911, which she did. Police got their rather quickly, but drunk guy ran off. Police looked for him, but could not find him. From the assault, my fiance reviewed a sprain wrist (right one from being dragged out from passenger side) but main injuries was to me. I received a dislocated shoulder, torn tendon and a fractured rotator cuff. Police called for ambulance and told me to come down to police station when I can. 2 days later (pain was that bad) we went down too local police stationed, informed them of what happened and described the guy to them.
Speak with a local personal injury attorney about this. Hopefully, the cops will find out who the guy was and he will...
Was stopped for registration and was forced to urine for a DUI and the paper said I didn't have to and I put not app on line
Was stopped for registration and was forced to urine for a DUI and the paper said I didn't have to and I put not applicable in signature line of permission paper will that help in court if I do have prescription narcotics in me
The only thing that will help you is a good DWI Lawyer. No the fact that you wrote NA will not help.