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Hello, I had received a DUI back in September of 2013. I have already paid off the court fees/fines, finished the classes, and paid my incarceration fee. I only ask this question due to the fact I have gotten my completion forms to give to both the court and the DMV. The moderator at the class told me I would get my license back immediately upon giving them the forms, which, I believe, was a mistake considering I had gotten a restricted license. I am done with my restriction in a month and I was wondering if there is anything else that I am forgetting that I have to do? I am not in need of anything considering the DUI itself. It was a stupid mistake on the night of my engagement and I have already accepted my mistake and only wish to move forward! Thank you! -No interlock is needed
I hope the engement wasn't a stupid mistake but one thing that needs to be done you need to get an sr 22 proof of...
I have a dui in long beach, california. I was sentenced in December 2013 with misdemeanor probation. My midpoint progress report is coming up. I have completed the required DUI classes, AA meetings, and the MADD panel. Part of the sentence requires me to complete 15 days of community labor. I have recently been diagnosed with gallstones which cause sudden intense pain in my abdomen for hours at a time. I opted to do 15 days of community service in lieu of the court fine. I was wondering if there was a way with a medical note and the proof that I have been actively pursued the completion of all of the other requirements of my probation if I could have the community labor changed to community service?
There is a good possibility, only if you have your doctor's notes and medical documentation, then an attorney may be...
I have a wreckless driving on my driving record, how can I get this removed to be able to become a foster parent, is there a way around this?? It's been 5 years since I had a DUI and have not received a ticket since.
you should direct this question to a family law attorney
My DUI probation is over soon and I am looking to expunge my record. I have not been driving for 3 years and did not get sr22 insurance. Will I have to get sr22 for 3 years before I can get my record expunged, or am I still eligible without the sr22?
SR-22s have nothing to do with "expungements." You should know that CA does not have a true "expungement" statute and...
Hi, I am an Asylee and a California Resident. I would like to file for permanent residency as the 1 year period is complete. I was charged with DUI in Seattle, Washington over a year ago. I am 2 months into the "deferred prosecution" and have been compliant with everything. Would this help process my premanent residency application if I file it now or would I have to provide evidence of completion of the treatment program? Is they any other forms I could file to speed the process as an asylee so I could petition for my parents for adjustment as soon as possible? Please advise.
One simple DUI, not being a crime involving moral turpitude, shod not affect your admissibility to the US, but can be...
I am set to enroll in alcohol recovery class on Oct 3rd. Court date is Oct 1st. First 2 charges I went to court from jail and not able to talk to Public Defender and just took plea to get out. Did not know what I was facing. They don't know I relapsed from recovery after 5 years and am working to support my family who will suffer hardship if I do jail time. Worried prosecuter and or Judge will be mad if I don't take a plea. I have also started attending AA meetings as of Sept. 24th and will do one per day until court date at Long Beach Courthouse. I worry that my O/R will be revoked or a high bail will be set if I plead not guilty.
It sounds like you're doing everything you can to avoid having your OR revoked. Be sure to bring proof of AA meeting...
i was driving back home to Vegas from long beach with my fiance. tire blew out on us, She decided to go in the car to sleep while i tried to fix the flat and wait for our roadside assistance, CHP pulled up and arrested my fiance for a DUI. She was asleep in the drivers seat. There were no keys in the ignition or in the car. Keys were never recovered. As they were taking her, i asked if i could finish replacing the tire and be on my way or continue to wait for my roadside. he asked if i had a drivers license, he took it but came back and said CHP had a contract with a towing company and dropped me off at a motel. Also, we are both registered owners of the vehicle. She's on probation for another DUI in Vegas. Funds are low for us, trying to see our best options i guess. with no jail time
You need to consult with an attorney who handles these kinds of cases. S/he can guide you through the process.