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Hello, I had received a DUI back in September of 2013. I have already paid off the court fees/fines, finished the classes, and paid my incarceration fee. I only ask this question due to the fact I have gotten my completion forms to give to both the court and the DMV. The moderator at the class told me I would get my license back immediately upon giving them the forms, which, I believe, was a mistake considering I had gotten a restricted license. I am done with my restriction in a month and I was wondering if there is anything else that I am forgetting that I have to do? I am not in need of anything considering the DUI itself. It was a stupid mistake on the night of my engagement and I have already accepted my mistake and only wish to move forward! Thank you! -No interlock is needed
I hope the engement wasn't a stupid mistake but one thing that needs to be done you need to get an sr 22 proof of...
Hi, I am an Asylee and a California Resident. I would like to file for permanent residency as the 1 year period is complete. I was charged with DUI in Seattle, Washington over a year ago. I am 2 months into the "deferred prosecution" and have been compliant with everything. Would this help process my premanent residency application if I file it now or would I have to provide evidence of completion of the treatment program? Is they any other forms I could file to speed the process as an asylee so I could petition for my parents for adjustment as soon as possible? Please advise.
One simple DUI, not being a crime involving moral turpitude, shod not affect your admissibility to the US, but can be...
i was driving back home to Vegas from long beach with my fiance. tire blew out on us, She decided to go in the car to sleep while i tried to fix the flat and wait for our roadside assistance, CHP pulled up and arrested my fiance for a DUI. She was asleep in the drivers seat. There were no keys in the ignition or in the car. Keys were never recovered. As they were taking her, i asked if i could finish replacing the tire and be on my way or continue to wait for my roadside. he asked if i had a drivers license, he took it but came back and said CHP had a contract with a towing company and dropped me off at a motel. Also, we are both registered owners of the vehicle. She's on probation for another DUI in Vegas. Funds are low for us, trying to see our best options i guess. with no jail time
You need to consult with an attorney who handles these kinds of cases. S/he can guide you through the process.
There was a object on the freeway that broke the tire and then hit the metal curb guard (it was the connection of the 710 and 405) no collision with other car. I couldn't find my cellphone to get help and after waiting for a while and no one showed up to help I decided to walk. I was then picked up by CHP on the 405 freeway about 1.5 to 2 miles from the car. Accident happened about 2:00 am picked up by CHP close to 3:45 am. Booking time 4:39 am in Long Beach City Jail. What are my options? Thanks for advise!
Depending on your BAC certain issues could potentially be disputed. Based on the facts and timing of your case your...
My informal probation is for 3 years for a second DUI. A year had passed and when I returned to court I got a probation violation and had to do 30 days in jail. I served that but a year later I get my probation revoked again but it wasn't purposely. They said I wasn't paying but it was because I did not realize when I changed bank accounts they weren't deducting. I know I set it up on my new account online though and I have proof of opening my account at that time. I've now paid off the whole 1300 fine but I still have to go see a judge for my second violation of probation. Will it be bad sine it's my second violation even though I paid in full and was a complete misunderstanding?
In order to violate you for failure to pay fines, the DA would have to prove you willfully failed to pay. If it was due...
He has a criminal history of 2 DUI's already, possession of narcotics, had completed a drug program and was doing NA classes on his own that he had to get signed off & take to the Compton courthouse. He was reporting to probation officer in Compton. I do not think he was trying to run away from P.O I think he panicked & first instinct was to drive about 1/2 mile to be arrested in front of our house. He is unsure if hiring an attorney will even make a difference at this point since his situation is pretty bad already?
The situation is not pretty but neither are the consequences. He is definitely facing substantial jail time and it...
I'm just trying to figure out where i go from here. i believe since i did blow a bac of.081 i might have a chance to win the dmv hearing and maybe even receive a wet reckless judgment based on my record and how this is my first offense.
You are still on the borderline for DUI and should obtain an experienced local DUI attorney. You may have defenses to...