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What happens if I do not go to the 9 month dui program in california?
I have a serious issue with rooms and a bunch of people
Third time is the charm! While i appreciate that you have an issue with being in a room with a bunch of people, but...
What requirements do I need for a judge to allow me to do 9 month dui class online?
I am moving to Nevada and I do not want to be going to the classes
The judge might accept on-line classes or even a class in Nevada, but the CA DMV will accept neither.
I want to be able to do the 9 month dui class online. Who has been able to get permission and what were the requirements?
I got the DUI in California but I am moving to Nevada, and I do not want to go to the class, I would like to do it online.
You'll need the judge's permission to take an online class or even an in-person class in NV. You can't just do what...
How can I go to Canada on a leisure trip if I had a DUI in 2004?
October of 2004 I got a DUI. I completed probation, paid all fines, etc. That being said I wanted to know which option would be best to go to Canada to visit friends. Also, what are the chances/possibilities of me getting my record expunged?
Your DUI conviction will not serve as a bar to going to and from Canada. You can apply for expungement. Know that it...
Arrested for a DUI and they found over 100 mdma pills in car. No charges filed at arraignment
They were doing an "inventory" of my car and found over 100 mdma pills all together that someone left in my car. The arresting dept was CHP. There was a lot of incompetancy, they didn't advise me that if i refused a blood test i'd lose my license, the arresting officer was new and did my dui test on a very steep hill and i passed my breatherlyzer and 2nd field test while in the police department. They decided i was under the influenced of my legally prescribed adderal. I went to my arraignment and charges had not yet been filed. What does this mean for me? Are they likely to raid my house? I am working on retaining a lawyer but I want to know what to expect and what this could mean for my casse
Talk to a lawyer ASAP - here's why: First - you only have 10 days to set up a DMV hearing or you will automatically...
Getting my license back
It's been about 7 years that my license has been suspended . Got a dui in 08 and failed to do AA classes therefore didn't get a completion certificate from the school. I need to get back in I need my license back , should I go see a lawyer what are my options. (Apparently have no warrant out for my arrest) thanks .
You should probably call the class provider and see what they have to say. Unfortunately, you may find yourself having...
I got a DUI, I wasn't pulled over, need to know what my chances of fighting case are before hiring a lawyer.?
Cop followed me for about 3mins before he cut my off to pull over the car in front of me which happened to be my aunt. As they pulled to the side I pulled over with them parked my car and was going to approach cop, but was asked to remain in my car. After they arrested my aunt they came over to my car & made me do the field test which I didnt want to do bc it was cold and I couldn't even stand still bc I was shivering. I got arrested no Miranda rights. They towed my car not my aunts. I only had 2 drinks and I wasn't drunk, or tipsy. i haven't for blood results, my paperwork says I was under alcohol and drugs. I don't do drugs. What are my chances of dropping DUI charge.? To maybe wreck less driving.?
It's hard to say without knowing more about your case (e.g. police report, the prosecutor, judge, etc.) You may have...