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How long do it take for charges to be filed for a DUI
My daughter got arrested for an DUI September 14 she was told to appear in court on October 14 she goes to court and they say no charges has been filed but they want her to call every month
If it's a misdemeanor case, the District Attorney has up to a year to file. If your daughter didn't request a DMV...
Do i still need to do DUI classes to get my license reinstated if my DUI was 13 years ago?
I got my first and only DUI in August of 2013 and when I went to court the judge asked me if I wanted to go to jail for 30 days instead of doing all the other things they make you go through. I did that and I assumed that fulfilled the legal requirements. Because of where I live, I didn't really need a car and just used public transport and social ride shares. Recently I inherited my brothers car and am applying for a job that requires a valid CA license. Does the DMV still require that I go? Or does the time elapsed wipe all that away? I requested an online version of my DMV history and under license status it says, " "suspended or revoked" "Surrendered by subject" I have no other convictions, moving violations, failures to appear or accidents. Someone told me I'm able to just go and pay the suspension fee and get my license back. Any truth to this? The dui happened in LA county and I still reside in LA county.
If you were convicted of a DUI and you lost your DMV hearing (or, didn't request a DMV hearing) you cannot be licensed...
I got a DUI 4 years ago..do I still need the iid machine?
I got my first and only DUI in nov. 2012, .18 alc. Level, I paid all dues and fees..completed classes. Stayed out of trouble. I haven't driven since or had a car. Now I am considering buying a car. Do I still need the court appointed iid machine? Or because its been four years I do not need to install it?
The DMV requires 1st time LA County DUIs to install an IID for at least 5 months. However, you state that the IID was "...
When the court order u to drug test cause you smoke weed and wanna see were your levels at do they test u for just that drug?
Dcfs stayed in my life for 2 years fo.Dv they found out that i smoked weed and ask me to drug test i had my license and they just wanted to see were my levels was. They ask me to do some classes befor it became a case and i agree to it me and my husband did they had no problem with us working things out as long as we did what was ask f he ends up going to jail and i became homeless a week after we agreed to do classes , but in a week .being homeless i got had got a job and back on my feet with my own place they said they was taking me to court cause i didnt do what was ask. They never felt like the kids was in danger so they kept them with me but court order me to do some classes that i dont feel like i need and drug test cause they seen i smoke on demand and random juged told me that they wasent taking the kids from me cause my levels was going down but still order me to do on demands and random idont understand why they putting me threw all this if i had my card to smoke and kids was find up to date with shot and feed and in school i been going back in fourth to court and they will put me for a court date for 6montha every time idk what to do i have no choice to do what they ask
No, they can and usually do test for all drugs. I think that answers your question.
I was arrested for a DUI with a BAC of .06%. What are the chances the charges get dismissed?
I wasn't able to stay straight in my lane as I was trying to find my car charger in my center console. Shortly after I straightened out I was pulled over. I did the field sobriety test and blew on the breathalyzer at the scene. They took me in and again I blew in a machine, but at the station at which I blew a .06. I have no prior DUI charges and no other tickets in the last decade.
When someone is stopped on suspicion of DUI they can be charged with with VC23152B (having a 0.08 BAC or higher) and/OR...
Hello there! I plead guilty and was convicted of a DUI in February of 2010. can I get a real estate license in CA?
I also was convicted of a drunk in public 3 months prior to the DUI and then again 4 months after the DUI. It was clearly a problem. In fact, I let the first drunk in public turn into a FTA but cleared that up after the second drunk in public. I have since been sober for the last two years. I have also gotten married and now have a child(11 months old). I have completed a 12 step program and have a sponsor. I also routinely volunteer at my church and I'm active in other activities at the church. I've held my job at my current company for 9 years and have been the plant manager for the last 4 years. With all this said, can I get my real estate license in CA?
This is an administrative law question, not a DUI question but previous DUI clients haven't had issues getting their...
I got a DUI in 2005 in Colorado. Can California DMV charge me with having a DUI 11 years later?
I got a DUI in 2005 in Colorado with a California DL, but I was living in CO. Anyways All of a sudden CA DMV says I have a DUI suspended lic. Their exact words were "clear up whatever is holding it in CO", and I did. then I applied for a CA lic. they tell me I have a DUI. and I have to take a year of classes. I never got a DUI in CA. and keep in mind this is 11 years later
Call the DMV Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento for further clarification. Something's amiss here--you may not have "...