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I am writing to inquire if my boyfriend can get a modification on his jail sentence
He got a dui for drugs 8 or 9 years ago then another in Sept.29 2011 and yet another on Jan 20 2012.He spent time in jail for the Jan offence. But we took the one in Sept 2011 to trail.On that one we didn't see the judge until Dec. 2011. He got 210 days and 52 days for the fine and is only getting 1/3 time off his sentence,hence my question. Can he get a modification? Thank you for your time Tele # 805 819 0009
It depends. Would there be some factual basis to support a showing of good cause for the court to grant such a request ?
Is there ANY case law for diabetes and DUI?
Not familiar with how to use the law library,is there any case law with an insulin dependent diabetic and a DUI on file? or can any one tell me which PC book may lead me to this investigation?
It happens from time to time. It happens so often that it is taught in the police academies because officers are much...
Are only felony suppression hearings recorded or documented
i just found out from my PD,that ONLY felony 1538.5 hearings are recorded/documented,and she did NOT tell me we have only 30 days to appeal,long past,i was going to ask for a marzden at trial,but also found out today that i will have a new attorney at trial,HUH?. am i the only one here that thinks something is wrong? i am at a total loss here,and am not at all sure what to do,been going with PD,but now thinking i was left high and dry.
Felony PC 1538.5 motions are recorded by a court reporter. If it is a misdemeanor, it is usually recorded by audio...
Are suppression hearings recorded/documented?
my 1538.5 hearing was not recorded by a court reporter,we did talk near microphones,why i ask is,during proceedings the officer stated more than once that he was stopped/parked at an intersection,2nd car,when in his report,he states that he was traveling southbound,my PD DID NOT! catch this,i should be able to receive a copy,correct?,and is that worth challenging?, thank you for your time.
You raise a good point and it would be good to have that court record. I suggest that you raise that question to your...
How can I obtain all evidence from a DUI arrest?
I would like to get video/audio evidence from the police vehicle and all documentation from that night including police reports, hospital blood draw records and any other information I may need.
Do you have an attorney? If you can't afford one, the court will appoint the public defender to represent you. All...
If I ask for an extension on my at my first court appearance & request all evidence from my dui arrest will that be granted?
I would want all evidence including documentation from police/hospital blood draw and video/audio from police cars on scene. What is the chances my arraignment extension will be granted and can I get all those documents?
Get a lawyer. You might not get the arraignment continued; it is within the court's discretion, but you should GET A...
I was arrested for my first dui in california i have a clean record and was never arested before. i am a ilegal? what wil happen
since its my first dui do i have to worry of being deported or should i get a lawyer to take my case?
Because you don't have legal immigration status, you are at constant risk of being deported; interaction with the...