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How do i get my license back? I got a dui in november 2015 it is now March 2017 and i have never been convicted?
I went to pick up my nephew from a bar and got pulled over and arrested for a dui i wasn't drinking at the time but did have a few beers at dinner earlier that night. The officers took me to the hospital to get a blood test since i couldn't donthe breathalizer due to asthma acting up after that i was taken to the local jail where the officer said he would release me in two hours which he did. A minth later i went to check on the dui and nothing was on file and have not heard anything about it ever since.
It sounds like your license was suspended through a DMV administrative procedure because you failed to request a...
Will I be tested for Santa Barbara county swap on last day?
On my last day of swap will I be tested
I can't tell you if you will be tested as you complete the Work Alternative Program, but you need to ensure that you...
Is there ANY case law for diabetes and DUI?
Not familiar with how to use the law library,is there any case law with an insulin dependent diabetic and a DUI on file? or can any one tell me which PC book may lead me to this investigation?
It happens from time to time. It happens so often that it is taught in the police academies because officers are much...
How can I obtain all evidence from a DUI arrest?
I would like to get video/audio evidence from the police vehicle and all documentation from that night including police reports, hospital blood draw records and any other information I may need.
Do you have an attorney? If you can't afford one, the court will appoint the public defender to represent you. All...
If I ask for an extension on my at my first court appearance & request all evidence from my dui arrest will that be granted?
I would want all evidence including documentation from police/hospital blood draw and video/audio from police cars on scene. What is the chances my arraignment extension will be granted and can I get all those documents?
Get a lawyer. You might not get the arraignment continued; it is within the court's discretion, but you should GET A...
I was arrested for my first dui in california i have a clean record and was never arested before. i am a ilegal? what wil happen
since its my first dui do i have to worry of being deported or should i get a lawyer to take my case?
Because you don't have legal immigration status, you are at constant risk of being deported; interaction with the...
I just got pulled over and I have a suspended licence for getting a second dui. i also had no registration no insurence. help
what will happen when i go to court?
You need to contact a criminal defense attorney. I am assuming the officer arrested/cited you for a violation of...