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Will a new CA drivers license be linked to a TX drivers license? Can TX surcharge suspend my CA license for not paying?
I had gotten a DWI in TX in 2014, my licensed was suspended up until Nov. 11 2015. I have paid the fee for the license along with a fee for not paying my surcharge. I was under the impression since my license was suspended I would not have to pay the surcharge, I am now paying Tx surcharge monthly. I have recently moved to California, I am applying for a new drivers license, since I do not have my Tx dL I was told to redo the written and driven test in California. Will the new California license be linked to my Tx license? I am not giving them the number since I do not have that or the ID. I am also curious if I do not pay my TX surcharge will the state be able to suspend my California license? Is it really necessary to keep paying the state of TX when I do not reside there any longer?
almost all states provide info per name and date of birth and other details to an interstate compact. when a person...
In arizona got pulled over blew a .6.. I was not arrested or booked but .put in jail 4 the nite DO I need a lawyer?
Can they take my license away
First, look at the documents you received the night of the arrest. Do any of them charge you with something? DUI?...
Dui Question ?
My bestfriend was involved in a hit in run this past weekend. He hit a parked car and was stopped by the police moments later. He had alot of beers and mixed drinks.He refused the sobriety test. They took him to jail and release him 18 hours later. He had 4 dui within the last 10 years. Whats the best and wrost case scenario ?
If he is truly your best friend, get them into rehab or at the very least daily AA meetings before he kills someone....
Do i still need to do DUI classes to get my license reinstated if my DUI was 13 years ago?
I got my first and only DUI in August of 2013 and when I went to court the judge asked me if I wanted to go to jail for 30 days instead of doing all the other things they make you go through. I did that and I assumed that fulfilled the legal requirements. Because of where I live, I didn't really need a car and just used public transport and social ride shares. Recently I inherited my brothers car and am applying for a job that requires a valid CA license. Does the DMV still require that I go? Or does the time elapsed wipe all that away? I requested an online version of my DMV history and under license status it says, " "suspended or revoked" "Surrendered by subject" I have no other convictions, moving violations, failures to appear or accidents. Someone told me I'm able to just go and pay the suspension fee and get my license back. Any truth to this? The dui happened in LA county and I still reside in LA county.
If you were convicted of a DUI and you lost your DMV hearing (or, didn't request a DMV hearing) you cannot be licensed...
Can I get a restricted class A license after a DUI?
I was arrested for a DUI and given a temporary license (pink sheet). I have requested a DMV hearing, and been told my license will not be suspended until after the hearing. Is my class A license still valid as well as my class C? If my license is suspended can I get a restricted class A license?
If you were just arrested and demanded a "stay" and a hearing then you should have a temporary license that will remain...
How do I get representation for a drunk and disorderly arrest?
I was living in CA in August 2016 and was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct in Bell Garden CA. Spent the night in jail then moved back home to FL. I was living on the street after being released for a few days and lost all the paperwork from the police. Called Bell Garden police and was given my case # and told to call county court house. Called several times and never got to speak to anyone. I have no way of getting back to CA to appear for my court date and am trying to figure out what to do. I cannot afford an attorney either as I am unemployed and trying to straighten my life out after that horrible relapse. Can you help or advise me? Thank you Andrew Givens
Fortunately if it is a misdemeanor (and it should be) an attorney can appear on your behalf without you needing to be...
What are my chances of beating this DUI? Car out of gas, sat in the driver seat, arrested for DUI.
I was sitting in the backseat while my friend was driving my car home because I was drunk. There was even a video shot with the timestamp minutes away from the arrest, where I was sitting in the backseat. The car ran out of gas at a corner. I moved from the backseat to the front. CHP pulled up and took me arrested. My car was towed and released the next day. I was charged with a DUI and released the next morning.
No attorney can guarantee anything but it does seem like you have a good chance of a dismissal or lowering the DUI to...