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CDL eligibility after multiple OWI,DUI
I have never had a cdl , I have three DUI's one in 2012 and two in 2014. It was a bad time in my life and I have then been much more responsible. On the rare occasion if I drink I dont drive period. I dont question how many drinks or how long, its anything and no driving. I am running a successfull construction business but need a cdl to transport my equipment legally. Wisconsin says 3 major violations result in a lifetime cdl ban, even if you were in a passanger car. I didnt have a cdl, does this disqualify me from ever getting one? Expungment is out of the question , wisconsin does not do that. The law is unclear if the driver has never had a cdl to begin with.
The federal regulations are not unclear. § 383.51 ("Disqualification of drivers. (a) General. (1) A person required...
If I got a DUI in Illinois but am a Wisconsin resident, can I still drive in Wisconsin?
I'm supposed to have my license suspended for 6 months for a DUI I got in IL as of 6/16/16 which was 3 days ago. I contacted the WI DMV and they said my license is still valid until IL reports the conviction to WI. But I thought Wisconsin wasn't part of the driving compact? So can I just pay to get my driving privileges in IL reinstated after the 6 months and just not drive in IL until then? Will I need to follow any process in WI to keep driving? I'm in the process of applying for the BAIID that IL requires but I don't want to start payments until I know I absolutely need it.
I'm going to change your practice area from Government to DUI/DWI in the hopes you get more responses from DWI...
I have just recently received my second DUI and am worried about what my sentencing will look like.
I am so ashamed of myself. I rear ended someone leaving a restaurant after a meal and a couple drinks (4 drinks to be exact, I was not completely hammered). After coming to a stop I got out of the vehicle and asked the passengers if they were okay and they both said they were fine and they denied EMT service. Barely any damage (if any) to their vehicle. I politely refused the breathalyzer knowing that I would be a little over the legal limit (still not sure if that was a terrible decision or not). While sitting in the police station the passengers I hit called the cop who arrested me after refusing to blow and said that they had been "shook-up" by the accident. Now its a personal injury case and they got a warrant for my blood. The test results haven't came back yet but I'm quite certain I won't be very far over the legal limit. No ridiculous BAC to aggravate the case but still over the legal limit. I'm pulling my hair out what is going to come of my sentence. Can anyone please tell me what i am to expect? PS. The officer charged me with a first offense DUI. My previous DUI (for cannibis) may have been dismissed. But for the sake of preparing for the worst, let's call it my 2nd
There are different penalties for a first offense and a second offense. Decide which offense it is and the attorneys...
Will I "ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO" to have the ignition interlock device installed if I move from WI to CA, not on National Database.
I got a 3rd DUI offense in Wisconsin (10 years apart) but blew over the limit and I am required to have the ignition interlock device. I am done with the 2 years of no license, but now I am required to have the device for 2 more years. I am looking to move to another state for work, and the following applies: 1. Wisconsin is a "non" participant in the Interstate Drivers Compact. 2. I AM NOT ON THE NATIONAL DRIVERS REGISTER (Checked By the California DMV, as I use to live there.) My main question is: 1. Can't I just apply for a brand new license, and register a new vehicle in another state without the ignition interlock device if I am not on the National Drivers Database? 2. When I called California, she said there was no restrictions on my old license (if renewed) and I was not on the National database. So, couldn't I move there and start over? P.s. I have been sober for over 2 years now, and I am justr looking to start over. Any help or advice is much appreciated. Thanks!
You need to check with a CA lawyer, but the answer probably depends on the questions on CA application for renewal....
How can I avoid this underage going on my record?
My friends and I were on our way home last night from a country festival and was pulled over for speeding as our DD was unaware it was a construction zone. The officer stated the reason for being pulled over was speeding then asked if we were just at the music festival and we answered "yes". The cop immediately swung the door open to the back seats and searched the car without asking if he could search the car or having a warrant. He found alcohol in the car while searching and asked my friends and I to step out and brought us over to be breathlyzed. I blew a .01 (the lowest of everyone) so the officer only asked me what I had so I explained I had lemonade and tea.. then I was cut off by him raising his voice at me so I nervously said vodka after being yelled at. I was the only one who had an alcohol beverage written by my name. The officer failed to breathlyze our DD and did not even make the passenger step out of the car but breathlyzed that person in the car. We were also yelled at for not carrying our liscenses with us even though we are under 21 and not driving so not legally obligated to carry them on us.
If you received a citation, it will have a court and court date listed for you to appear and contest or negotiate the...
Could I request Wisconsin DMV to consider reducing my DUI ticket and / or reduce duration of suspension of license ?
I was arrested for DUI and over speeding. Total fine on me is around $900. I do not want to challenge breath analyse test but could I place a official request to consider reducing my DUI ticket and / or reduce duration of suspension of license ? This is my first DUI incident.
First, whether you want to challenge the breath test or not, you need to challenge the administrative suspension based...
Should I be worried they will run my plates and send me an underage or anything like that?
Hello, I was at an underage party at some friend's land, yet I was completely sober. The party ended and I went home with a friend, leaving my car there for the night. Apparently the cops showed up after everything had ended (no one was there) There was only mine and one other car there when I came back in the morning.
I don't think so. Assuming that the car is registered to you, there might be an inference that you were at the party....