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Am I going to have to get an IID (Ignition Interlock Device) installed in my vehicle for my first DUI?
Recently got my first DUI Nov 8, 2013 got court on March 11, 2014 in Riverside, CA. My license is suspended & I'm currently working on getting my restricted license. Already have my SR-22 just need to enroll to the first offender program so I can get the restricted license from the DMV. I want to know if the court is going to require me to install an IID in my vehicle when it comes to that day? My friend said that is only required for 2nd offenders but my insurance agent said it is now required for first offenders in California. What I'm I facing at court? Don't know if I need an lawyer. My record is clean, attend college & work.
So far, Riverside hasn't started imposing the IID on first offenders outside of their pilot counties. As far as my...
Is it possible to not receive jail time on a 3rd DUI in San Bernardino county?
I received my 3rd dui last week. I am not sure what I blew. He had trouble getting a match on the breathalyzer. They took my blood in jail. I am willing to receive treatment for alcohol since I have had such trouble in my life. My family relys on me to work and provide for them. I work 65 hours a week at a salary job. I am terrified of losing my job due to jail time. Plus I have need to travel often for work. I would be willing to do any classes or treatments possible. I know I need a lawyer but haven't hired one yet. What should I do?
You already had the answer -- you need to meet with an attorney to review the facts of this case and to develop a...
Can I still work in law enforcement if I was arrested for a dui at 19 even though the courts never charged me with it?
I got pulled over because I drove on the bike lane trying to pass a car infront of me going slower than the speed limit their happen to be a cop on the other side of the street and he pulled me over and ask me to get out the car he ask me were I was coming from and I said from a friends he than proceeded to do a few soberity test I passed all of them Perfectly the officer went to His patrol car and got a breathalyzer he said if past this one iam free to go I blew a 0.01 and at the station the blood came out to 0.02 the reasion they also gave me a hard time was because the car was unregistered and uninsured because I just happen to buy the car not to long ago they didn't wright that on the ticket 2 months pass I go to court no charges against me the DA drop the case the problem is my suspend license I can't get it bac for a year will this affect my chance to becoming a peace officer I don't have any other misdemeanor offenses
You're going to have to get the license suspension cleared if you expect to work in law enforcement. I mean if you can'...
I got arrested for a DUI on 11/11/2017?
license was suspended for 30 days. DMV contacted me said to come in and apply to get my license back which I did. They said I did not need an SR-22. Court date moved to from January now to the end of February. I have not seeked any legal advice. First DUI, passed my field sobriety tests and had a breathalyther test done. was taken in because I admitted to have had 1 drink at 11:30pm. I was stopped at 4:45am
Do you know what your BAC was? You'd be surprised how many times I've had clients say that they passed the field...
Can I see my case file for a DUI if I have an attorney she says no but how do I know what it says to participate in my defense?
When I retained the attorney I have for my first dui she agreed to file motions to suppress due to many procedural errors. Gave her a retainer and she says she appeared for my arraignment but with no recording or reporter I don't know what she said. Then she appeared for the pre-trial and continued it and once again no recording or reporter. Now before the pre trial date she says that I should take a deal because my BAC was .12 but I saw the machine and got a printout showing .08 and she will not file any motions or ask for any of the evidence that we discussed. I am worried that she already made a deal because she is telling me how much my payments are for the fines and what the classes cost each. She was suppose to be in San Bernardino and I find out she is in North Hollywood. She has almost $2,000 of my money and when I asked for an accounting of the money she said its a flat fee. I know that is not right.
i’m not sure what your question is. If you were unhappy with this satisfied with the lawyer you can discharge her at...
First time felony dui and with injury consequences?
I hit another car while on xanax they took the couple to the hospital for precaution they’re not hurt. The cop took me to jail I was there 5 days and bailed out. What is the consequences for a first time dui like this I’m scared I do not want to go back jail I have a job home and baby I can not leave pls help me what should I expect from this.
You need to hire a very experienced dui-mediation Attorney.
I just got my second Dui and my first 3 months ago, what can I do?
My first Dui i was pulled over for swerving and had a BAC of .16 My court date was on 12/14/17 but was pushed back to july of 2018. My second was 3 months later which was yesterday 12/23/17 i rear ended an suv at BAC .08 The driver was fine, his car was ok but mine was totaled. my court date is in 3 months. What can i do to avoid jail time? should i get an attorney and if i do, what would he fight for? I understand there are consequences for my actions and i admit i have a problem. should i join AA meetings now or should i wait until I see a judge? i just really want to avoid jail time and would accept any other alternative to make things right. Thanks in advance.
Start going to AA everyday and keep a record of attendance. Consider out-patient or residential treatment. Get an...