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I got into an accident while driving w/o my interlock. What are the fines in nj
minor accident, not drunk
Re-post this in the criminal/traffic section. Good luck.
What happens if i get caught using someone else's name for my dui?
i got a dui while in florida about 3 years ago, i went to court, paid my fines, went to jail, all as someone else. now the person whos name i used has gotten a dui in the state of new jersey. what should i do? what are my options
It seems like you could be charged with providing a false statement / or identity theft. You should contact a criminal...
Can I get a public defender for a DWI case?
I lost control of my car and crashed into someones fence. I also broke my foot in the accident. When the cops came I was already waiting outside of my car. They asked me if I needed medical attention but I refused, thinking my ankle was just sprained. They gave me the field sobriety tests on grass but I failed because my ankle/foot hurt. Then they arrested me and took me to the station where they observed me then gave me the breathalyzer. Then they wrote the tickets and gave me my cell phone back and called someone to pick me up. I already spoke to two lawyers and both said the case against me looks strong, and that the judge in Tenafly is very strict. I have NO money at all especially since I have not been able to work due to my injury. My question is can I be able to get a public defender? Or is it better for me to just plead guilty and get it over with? My court appearance is actually this Wednesday.
You may be able to do so if you are in a County that it is offered and your income is below certain amount.
2nd DWI after 13 years, parts of penalty confusing?
I got a 2nd DUI after 13 years so it was supposed to be treated like a 1st time DWI. I received some penalties which did not make sense to me. The Judge did not order Interlock, ( a good thing) I am guessing because It was not alcohol ( prescription drug, I bumped a car in front of me, Officer said my eyes were glassy) but I was given a 7 month suspension, not 3 months which I thought was the case for 1st time offenders under a certain limit? How do they determine when it is a drug unlike alcohol that you are over a certain limit regarding the interlock anyway? Why would a judge make anyone have Interlock when it is not alcohol, it does NOT show up on the machine you blow into? Some Laws pertaining to DWI/DUI don't make a lot of sense, seems to be more about punishments/ & money than possibly giving help to those who may be addicted to alcohol or drugs. How does excessive fines and paying for programs and all those funds and the worst the 3k Surcharge over 3 years help? I know you must pay a price but depending on the situation, not a one size fits all.
It is about punishment and not about helping the addicted. As far as the traffic laws are concerned, drink all you want,...
What are the consequences I am looking at?
Hello. Just about 5 yrs ago maybe 6 I got ticketa for dui in nj. Rough time in life my mom passed sudden, I found her and just and a 1000 mile stare running wild for help. So after the dui I got scared and wanted help lawyer told me to go to rehab so I flew to FL completed 3 mos rehab followed by 6 mos to almost a year aftercare. Then all of a sudden it's been 5 years and I have just been staying low here and holding jobs. Now I want to take care of it. Do not know if file a motion for speedy trial works in my particular case. Lawyer was going to court with progress notes and then it just got quite. He told me to take the time I needed to get well and happy. Lawyer says now, that i may have to be in NJ for a month max to resolve it but I have a job and I rent a room here. What should I do, what am I looking at for charges? Should I do my homework and see if arresting officer is still in municipality? I want to move on
I do not know all the facts and circumstances. But it sounds like you have generally been on the run from the case for...
My question is ken i get a restricted driver licence
i was convicted on my 3 dwi back on 2013,&i have 10 years licence suspention.i pay all the fee to court and motor vehicle.
There is no such thing in NJ as a conditional or restricted license for DWI, especially when it is a 3rd time. However,...
What are the laws behind the interlock system in a car? Is that the only car I can drive?
I got a DWI and have to install the interlock.
It is not the only car you can drive. But you cannot drive any other car that does not have an interlock during your...